Jason Carrillo Is A Jock With A Steady Girlfriend, But He Can T Stop Dreaming About Sexwith Other Guys Kyle Meeks Doesn T Look Gay, But He Is And He Hopes He Never Has To Tell Anyone Especially His Parents Nelson Glassman Is Out To The Entire World, But He Can T Tell The Boy He Loves That He Wants To Be Than Just Friends Three Teenage Boys, Coming Of Age And Out Of The Closet In A Revealing Debut Novel That Percolates With Passion And Wit, Alex Sanchez Follows These Very Different High School Seniors As Their Struggles With Sexuality And Intolerance Draw Them Into A Triangle Of Love, Betrayal, And Ultimately, Friendship

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    The only reason I ve read this book is that Matt Bomer s face is on the cover.

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    Jason, Kyle, and Nelson are all coming into themselves and coming out of the closest All three high school students are incredibly different from one another, but all three find themselves struggling with their own identities, relationships, love, and intolerance Honestly, I have no idea why I haven t read this already because it s an absolute must read When this book came out I would have just been going into high school, and I think this novel would be brilliant and do the most good in the hands of those students regardless of the novel s age now Even though it s definitely dated in some regards and there has been some progress today, it still manages to feel very timely with what Jason, Kyle, and Nelson go through and would still make a wonderful resource for teens I am planning on continuing this series and seeing where our core cast is taken I have to admit, I d want to know how these guys are doing now If you haven t read this novel yet, what are you waiting for By the way, that is Matt Bomer on the cover

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    This read like an exceedingly bland public service announcement At some point in time Rainbow Boys would have been groundbreaking in its positive portrayal of gay teenagers, but by 2003 the characters and scenarios are at least within queer pop culture common at best A progressive illustration doesn t quite cut it as an excuse for banality.

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    Rainbow Boys, a story about three gay teens, was published in 2001 In 2001, not a single state legally recognized gay marriage, and Don t Ask Don t Tell was still accounted as perfectly acceptable Queer as Folk, my favorite television series about a group of gay friends in Pittsburgh, was just in the middle of its first season.Allow me to remind everyone that every opinion, review, or comment contains bias whether that bias be influenced by personal experience, inherent beliefs, or time If I had been 16 as opposed to six in 2001, I probably would ve appreciated this book based solely on its existence On the second page one of our protagonists cannot imagine that someone could be gay and laugh about it it s thanks to this book and myriad other works of art that that has changed.However, now that it s 2013 and there are several splendid GLBT YA books available Aristole and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, What They Always Tell Us, Suicide Notes, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, etc Rainbow Boys doesn t stand out when compared to the rest of the pack The characters felt extraordinarily ordinary, which I don t mind, but they didn t pop out of the pages like other YA protagonists gay or straight The third person perspective may have distanced us even from Jason, Kyle, and Nelson Alex Sanchez s writing had only a surface level quality to it and I couldn t connect to any of the characters or the plot events beyond a mere aw, I wish that didn t happen to X character or aw, Y character and Z character are pretty cute together Some of the slang was outdated such as putting the make on someone and crank calls And one strange incident occurred one of the main characters slept all night with his contacts in but felt perfectly fine the next morning Trust me, you do not want to sleep with your contacts in Your eyes will feel like they re on fire the next morning.Overall, it is with great remorse that I give this book a shoddy summary of my opinions as opposed to a legitimate review I really do love Alex Sanchez though and I think he s one of the best YA GLBT writers out there his book Bait, published in 2009, shows that his writing has grown in depth and precision over the years.

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    Finished this book in a day Yes, a day It was an easy heart warming read Alex Sanchez really did an amazing job to entertain and to lecture at the same This is one of my life changing books cause it really made me realize the facts I am facing today.Well enough of my problems Though there might me a lot of parts where it just kept changing from one scene to another it really is a must read for every one

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    This is a great book, a wonderful resource for teens who are gay, questioning or are simply interested in the perspectives of gay teens and how they can be supportive of their gay peers.I was recently warned that I may be in danger of hell fire for promoting books such as these because students may turn gay after reading this material This is ridiculous A student does not turn gay simply by reading a book There are many factors that contribute to an individual s sexual orientation There is also an increasing amount of evidence that one of the contributing factors shaping sexual preference is genetic in nature I read something that was very disturbing to me the other day A high ranking fundamentalist was posed the question of what he thought should be done when the gay gene is finally isolated His solution was to actually tinker with people s DNA to eradicate the problem This is very disturbing to me.Whether you agree with these lifestyles or not, the truth is that teens and parents need resources and support Teens need to know about things like coming out and the risks involved in unprotected sex Teens need answers, but most importantly, they need to know that they are not alone.

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    I loved being introduced to these 3 boys So different yet they each have a connection Watching their story unfold left me wanting ETA Second time reading and still as good as the first I love how we get a look at all three boys and their differences, while seeing them all at the same time Its hard to pick a favorite as they all have good and bad points But I think despite how whinny he can be, Nelson is the one I feel most attuned too Not the flamboyant sassy Nelson, but the insecure lonely Nelson What really makes a change in this book was there was no evil mother, instead we have two dead beat dads lol.

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    I first heard about Rainbow Boys ages ago Well now that I think about it it was probably about 15 years ago Eek That s why I don t do math D So when I mentioned to a couple of friends of mine that I was finally reading this, I wasn t too surprised to hear the same statement pop out of their mouths Oh, I love that book, but it is so dated But how can I explain that the dated ness is one of the biggest reasons why I love this book Young adult fiction now contains piles and piles of LGBTQ fiction addressing sexual orientation and coming out, but there was a time that there were none to be found Some of my favorites like Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe stood on the shoulders of this book Rainbow Boys is a groundbreaking piece of literary history I don t use the word pioneer very often, but in my opinion Alex Sanchez is a pioneer I think every reader should read this book A book that forged ahead, fought to be published, and battled for the right to be on our school library shelves so others could follow Rainbow Boys was first published in 2001 and you will feel the time warp in the slang and technology, but sadly the emotions and issues are as current as ever.Mr Sanchez introduces us to three young voices Jason, Kyle, and Nelson We hear from each boy in his own voice about his fears and joys of trying to find himself, friends, and love all while trying to survive the horrors of high school Everything from bullies at home and school to self esteem and safe sex can be found in these voices Voices that came to life in simple, direct, realistic lines and words The language feels simple and easy to read, but the emotions they evoke will bowl you over I loved all three boys They made me laugh, grin, proud, and gasp in awe and shock Nelson I wanted to hug you and keep you safe, but you had a kickass Mom for that Kyle You sweet, big hearted boy Your love for Jason made me smile so hard And remember I remembered the awkwardness and embarrassment and hugeness of first love I smiled and gazed off into lala land remembering the joy and adrenaline of holding that special someone s hand sigh And Jason Your courage and strength to stand up for yourself and be yourself is an inspiration.I suspect a few young readers will look at some characters and say No way He wouldn t or couldn t say that Like the school official that said I have nothing against students who consider themselves gay My concern is the club would distract others from learning But teachers and school officials did say and do unbelievable things at one time and probably still do in areas I m not that na ve to think that this ugliness and discrimination has been conquered But LGBTQ support groups are seen and believed to be a given in high schools now Kids should know that at one time we had to fight for them This book shows all that fight here I can t emphasize it enough I think everyone should read this book to see how much has changed and how far we ve come But also to see how much hasn t changed Will the fear of coming out ever be a thing of the past Will we always be afraid to be ourselves in this world Sorry I ll stop preaching now I just get carried away Please read this book This sweet, powerful, important book is filled with love and friendship that will make you smile and think I ll leave you with one of my biggest laughs view spoiler The light turned on There stood Jason, his lean, muscled body naked in front of Kyle In that moment Kyle thought contact lenses were the greatest invention ever created Haha Naked Jason Land D hide spoiler

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    I expected Rainbow Boys to be an authentic look at the lives of the three main characters who were all dealing with being gay in their own ways while trying to navigate the high school minefield Yep.The characters were likeable and individual, the narrative alternates perspectives between the three main characters Jason the unsatisfied jock who has a girlfriend but lusts after men, Kyle the easygoing swim team star who is hopelessly in love with Jason Nelson the out and proud opinionated best friend of Kyle.Kyle and Nelson s friendship dynamic was fun and light even though they go through some crap throughout the book.I wasn t overly keen on Jason if I m honest I know he was in a weird place where he s confused about who he is and what he wants and he does have some other issues going on at home but he was just too hot and cold for me.I will read the others in the series.

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    Can I just say that how awesome it is to have Matt Bomer on the cover before he was famous It goes to show you how people are oblivious to the past because if I knew beforehand that he was on the cover of this book, I would have known and suspected that he is gay.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND TREASURE THIS BOOK HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR TEENS AND ADULTS WHO WANT TO REMEMBER THEIR YOUTH INNOCENCEMany years ago when I was in middle school, I was beginning to discover who I am and who I liked I fought against being bullied around in school but I did not let those who caused me harm, to define who I am and that I had romantic feelings toward men It was a scary feeling having these abnormal thoughts and feelings when the majority of the students around me were all heterosexual Since I felt very single out, and in order to feel not left out, I went through a discovery phase in which I watched anything with gay content whether it be a television show or foreign soap opera, singers who supported gay people, famous gay icons, HIV AIDS, and countless other things that made me well knowledge towards my new cultural identity I discovered this book online and remembering reading the first chapter and relating extremely to Jason Carrillo No one in my family knew who I am Currently they still don t except for my sister and I felt like having this secret was like being a spy among my family and friends Now that it has been about 7 8 years now since I discover my true identity and this brought back wonderful feelings of my upbringing and couldn t believe how much I could relate to these characters I thought I was going to read a few chapters the first night but I read the entire book in one night I kept finding myself enchanted by the writing and beautiful storytelling and realizing that this book is a great book for those who are still in the process of accepting themselves or want a simple book about accepting who you are, romance and friendship.In the very beginning of this story, if I had to pick a character that could relate to me, no doubt it would be Nelson When I was growing up, people sense I was very mature for my age and I believe part of it is because since I realize I was gay at an early age, I already went through the steps that countless teenagers are going through in high school and college Nelson is in touch with the gay culture, and not to mention is in love with his best friend of two years I ve never been in a relationship with a man yet and I have my fair share of heart breaks from friends and people I have encountered over the years What made me relate to him was the concept that Kyle could not reciprocate his feelings for Nelson and he got extremely mad and I felt those same emotions in the past Its Nelson s fault that he never made any moves or indication that he was interested in Kyle and the idea of letting go is harder than one can imagine We get caught up with this fantasy of who we want to be with and in reality there is a reason why things do not work out the way they do At least Nelson meets a great guy in the end which in my life that was not the case I related to Nelson in the beginning but felt like a complete stranger midway through because he does dangerous things could have gotten him killed or sick.I love Jason and Kyle I love the dynamic between the two and love the innocent moments they shared as Jason was discovering who he truly is and I feel that many could relate to Jason because he was someone who had a great relationship with a girl and yet slowly he started get in touch with his identity, he realized that something is wrong and that being gay is not a choice.I believe the magical word for this book is innocence These three characters are discovering who they are, who they love, and what it means to be intimate with another man I really want to read the rest of the series and I hope it lives up to my expectations from this first book I am really looking forward to these characters and I felt they have become a part of me Thank you Alex Sanchez for finding characters I could relate.