THE PERFECT GIFT FOR AN ADOLESCENT WHO SPENDS TOO MUCH TIME IN THEIR BEDROOM Everybody does it Nobody wants to talk about it But have you ever wondered if there's an effective way of restraining your idle hands when they are in danger of straying into a your own nether regions?Finally there isChoking the chicken spanking the monkey airing the orchid embarking on an onanistic odyssey whatever you call it all of the images in this book will discourage any urges towards self pleasureThis deceptively simple and strangely addictive book presents a collection of carefully curated pictures guaranteed to throw a wet towel over even the strongest libido or put any soldier standing to attention at easeIt is as effective as a cold shower and will save a fortune in tissues

10 thoughts on “Images You Should Not Masturbate To

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    when MFSO recommended this book to me all those months ago i thoughtfinally a book i don't have to exhaust myself masturbating to a book whose images i can just enjoy platonically without feeling compelled to feverishly pleasure myself with every turn of the page and yes part of me wanted to rebel to be all don't tell me what i can't do about it and to masturbate to each and every one of those pictures triumphantly even if it depleted me forever but now that the book is out i find the advice to be sound one should not masturbate to a picture of a dog in a wig this is good advice one should perhaps not masturbate to a photo of a hole in a tree now i am not telling you people what to do in your own private lives i am very much in the camp of i don't care what turns you on as long as i don't have to watch you do it hell i am the mascot for that campdo not masturbate to me pleasebut i think that if you have to masturbate there are plenty of images even right here on the olde internet that could help you meet your goals a quick google of the words free porn tells me that there are still images of adult humans in various stages of undress for your delectation let this book remain unsullied by your lewd thoughts and actions except maybe this picture this one is just asking for it reallythank you mfsocome to my blog