On The Far Planet Wing IV, A Brilliant Scientist Creates The Humanoids, Sleek Black Androids Programmed To Serve Humanity But Are They Perfect Servants Or Perfect Masters Gradually The Humanoids Spread Throughout The Galaxy, Threatening To Stifle All Human Endeavor Only A Hidden Group Of Rebels Can Stem The Humanoid Tide, If It S Not Already Too LateFirst Published In Astounding Science Fiction During The Magazine S Heyday, The Humanoids, Science Fiction Grand Master Jack Williamson S Finest Novel, Has Endured For Fifty Years As A Classic On The Theme Of Natural Versus Artificial Life With Folded Hands Continues The Story

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    1947 s With Folded Hands was a direct libertarian response to the devastation wrought by the two atomic bombs, replacing the obvious threats with very cleverly humanist and helpful sleek black androids that invade to give humanity all it could ever want We get most of the story from a refugee s point of view, how he has been running and trying to stop the pervasive and nearly perfectly benevolent humanoids It reads nearly like a horror novel, a paranoid rambling, at desperate ploy, and it seems perfectly reasonable after having read The Humanoids.I should have read this first I think it was pretty much fantastic Of course we get all the old Asimov Robot stories and even a prototype Prime Directive, and we even get the hints of the Butlerian Jihad reminiscent later in the Dune novels We can t underestimate the influence of Jack Williamson.1949 The Humanoids Of course there have been robots in the golden age of SF, but one little fact should be brought out Asimov s Robots didn t show up until a few years AFTER Williamson s Humanoids We all know the Laws Williamson is the prototype, but rather a slightly darker tale I was first happy to read a novel that is SCIENCE and later the almost pure escapism, watching how humanity either fell in step with the near perfect rule of the Servants or they d be subjected to the drug of Euphoricide I love that name Pure happiness until you stop caring It turned directly into a pretty cool adventure and an almost impossible quest to change the Humanoid s Prime Directive and give people true freedom again, a pure libertarian ideal of Choice, also a timely theme of Free Will against the Godhead The adventure was cool and impossible, but then the plot twist was pretty damn cool and a homage to all the old SF pulp classics The Prime Directive, after all, is the need to make All Men Happy The twist was pretty damn sweet I can t believe I ve never read Jack Williamson before I feel very ashamed This stuff is pretty damn cool.

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    4.0 to 4.5 stars This is an omnibus edition audiobook that combines both the novella With Folded Hands and the novel The Humanoids Both stories are read by Stefan Rudnicki who does his usual superb job with the narration As mentioned below, I found the novella, With Folded Hands to be the superior story With Folded Hands 5.5 stars A chilling look at the dangers of robots trying to keep mankind safe even from itself The writing is crisp, the plot tightly focused and the themes very interesting It also has a superb ending HIGHLY RECOMMENDED The Humanoids 3.0 stars Classic science fiction novel by Jack Williamson that explores the same themes and basic set up as With Folded Hands While this is a good story, I thought that With Folded Hands was tightly focused, created a better sense of dread and was the superior story That said, this is still a good story and worth the read.

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    What a disgusting set of endings What a loser philsophically this Author is MAin hero in second story the humanoids is literally cucked by the bad guy Sickening Disheartening and depression what utter crap Mega disappointed

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    Very enjoyable old school SF, with the laws of robotics turned on their head, leading to horrific results.Great narrator.

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    Excellent story about automation and robotic laws What s even amazing is that story is still relevant and timeless.

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    A short story and I listened to an old radio show version which was the second one broadcasted on Dimension X Kind of a nanny state gone awry with robots.