A New Year Is Beginning At Wickham Boarding School A New Chance At Life, At Reversing The Evil In My Past But Nothing Is Ever As Simple It SeemsLast Year, The Love Of My Life Died Performing A Ritual To Fulfill My One Wish And Make Me Human And Now I Ve Performed The Same Ritual For My Friend Vicken And Survived Why Am I Here, Back Safe On Wickham Campus The Strong Magic I Used In The Ritual Did Than Just Make Vicken Human It Drew Someone To Lover S Bay Who Does Not Belong Here She Wants The Ritual Then She Wants Me Dead And She Will Take Down Any And Everyone In My Life To Get What She WantsAs If That Weren T Enough, The Ritual Has Also Summoned The Anger Of The Aeris, The Four Elements And Most Fundamental Powers On Earth They Have A Surprise And An Unbearable Punishment For Me Like Stepping Into The Sun For The First Time, Only To Be Put Into A Cage And Now I Have To Make An Impossible Choice Between Love Or Life, Yearning Or Having, Present Or Past

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    Is that a tear running down my face Why yesI think it is 3.5 stars Even though I had some serious issues with how everything fit together, I did appreciate an ending which made me rethink my original rating Hey, at least we re improving upon the first book here smacks forehead It all makes sense now. I wasn t sure what the point was for having certain characters and instances in this series, up until the last few chapters happened.Then again, I m not exactly positive that everything had been plotted out from the start to fall into place exactly the way that it did either Something about the way the turn of events happened almost seemed like a conveniently happy accident in writing Was it really the plan all along to take certain characters in the direction that they went in, or was some of the story improvising on the fly as book 2 was being written I guess I ll never know Believe me when I say that I m not complaining about where things are going I just sort of feel like the vibe of book 1 didn t really match up with the direction of book 2 You can call me conflicted over the Vampire Queen concept This is another case of good bones, shaky execution going on I m still happy with the historical parts of the story, but find myself somewhat confused with Lenah herself Is it just me noticing this, or has this chick adapted to modern times far too easily As well, am I wrong in thinking it s a little too convenient that Lenah was the queen in the first place And now, someone else might want to conveniently snatch the title up for grabs What kind of society doesn t have a waiting list or heir to a title I m so perplexed at what to feel about the whole of it I m entertained by what s going on, yet the story doesn t always feel like it lines up the way that it should Why would one of the main characters even BE at a high school Just to watch over Lenah I think that part could have been dealt with differently.It s the little details that pick and pick at my brain and make me question it all Why is Justin such a baby Why was Vicken a potential love interest and then he just wasn t Why put so much emphasis on building up bonds and connections, only to break them later but then the last several chapters happened and I was floored I was angry I was sad I was happy I was angry again I was sad again FFS, a few tears escaped Heck I was so angry at what Lenah had done that it was making me shake But then the epilogue happened and it gave me some hope.Huge kudos to that epilogue because I m assuming that there will be a book 3, and because of this, that ending was KILLER in a fantastic way However, if I find out later that this is how the series ends, I will come back and rant to high hell the way I did over My Name Is Memory to which we re STILL waiting for a sequel There is absolutely no book info for installment 3 of the series, but since there was a 3 year wait between books 1 and 2, I m going to safely assume that it will be a while before we know what s next to come.In the end, this was just shy of a 3 star book all the way up until that phenomenal ending, which was a 5 star way to go out If the next book takes that ending and makes this an epic journey to right the wrongs which have been done, I could easily see myself re evaluating my feelings about the entire series and giving extremely high marks If this really was all a pre planned setup, then I tip my hat to the plan because now I know we re in for a crazy ride ahead.

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    Ok, I ve been highly anticipating this book since the first book came out and I have to say that I am really annoyed that the release has been pushed back to 2012 Ugh, I can t believe this I have already pre ordered this through Borders Not cool at all.

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    This review is also available over at my blog.______________________Actual rating is 1.5 stars.First thing I want to address is, when I was first starting this book, I noticed that it was extremely different from the excerpt available at the end of Infinite Days It got me thinking that that was maybe the reason why this book s release was pushed back to 2013 They had to make drastic changes In my opinion, I thought the prologue first chapter from the excerpt was a lot better than the first chapter in this one.Anyways, now that I ve got that out of the way, I also want to get this spoiler out of the way which, don t worry, isn t that big of a spoiler cause it happens like, one or two chapters in Rhode comes back Now I had to get that out of the way because if not, this would be a very hard review to write.I shall start off with this This book was a hot, ratched mess.After reading Infinite Days, which I gave a three star rating, my hopes for the rest of the series were pretty low, I will admit that Cause the romance is just mediocre And you all know if a series has a bad romance Rah rah ra a ah xD Sorry, I had to then it gets pretty impossible to make me love said series, so it would have to try really hard.This series, however, didn t try hard enough, and it went zooming down the hill, then proceeding to completely crash and burn.Lenah is one of the most selfish, shallow heroines I ve ever seen in any series In the first book I didn t like her, but in this one I full on hate her As soon as she sees Rhode is alive, she immediately drops Justin like a pile of rocks and goes to full force Rhode Mode, obsessing about him non stop, even imagining him when she and Justin were having a little romantic moment.But of course, twist They are not allowed to touch, and Rhode is being cold and distant Wow, never saw that coming So original I was really pissed off by how Lenah just brushed off her so called love for Justin just like that It just proves how meaningless the romance in this series really is Probably the most shallow romance I ve ever read, really Even worse than Luce and Daniel s romance, and that s saying something.I spent the rest of the book feeling sorry for Justin although I stopped feeling sorry for him near the end you ll know why , and especially Tracy, who loses everything The author especially hates her I was expecting her to just kill Tracy off and be done with it, but I was surprised when she didn t.Anyways, the plot is basically this evil vampire lady from Lenah s past, who happened to be one of the maids in her then home, Heathersage, and who Lenah had apparently turned into a vampire and is now wreaking havoc and killing everyone and things of that nature And then these Aeriswomen came all of a sudden andgah, I barely even remember the plot It was just too stupid to follow for me.Most of the book is just Lenah trying to stop this evil chick named Odette from getting this ritual of some sort and destroying all of Wickham and the people in it Filled with Lenah whining over how she can t touch Rhode and how it s killing her and all that Justin is pretty much just there as a replacement by now.I did like Vicken, though I m glad he didn t count as a love interest any Him and Lenah are just friends now I did like it when he was around though, cause he was witty and pretty charming He s part of the reason I added half to the rating.The other part of why I gave this book a higher rating than it deserves is the twist at the end I wasn t expecting it to happen, and it might have even been interesting enough to keep me reading this series.Might.I still don t know This book was such a huge disappointment that I can t see myself continuing this series, cause I feel like it ll probably just get worse and worse But oh well, we shall see eventually.An ARC of this book was provided to me by NetGalley St Martin s Griffin.

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    I absolutely LOVED the first in this series since it was first published The wait for this one had been excruciating Now that I was finally able to enjoy this marvelous read let me just state that it was worth the wait That ending has thrown me for such a loop I really hope there is a third and it comes out soon I don t think I can handle another three year wait.

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    I really enjoyed this book, even so than Infinite Days Stolen Night started off where Infinite Days ended with Lenah dealing with the fact that the ritual that was supposed to kill her didn t work and that same ritual left her soulmate Rhode alive as well Lenah and Rhode had a difficult relationship and that is shown throughout the book in that they obviously loved each other, but were cursed not to be together and this annoyingly drove Lenah into the arms of Justin, her human boyfriend It was beyond obvious that Lenah was using him and even went so far as to pretend he was Rhode every time they were together Ordinarily, I would feel bad for a character who was being treated this way, but Justin was so annoying and he loved Lenah in a very needy and obsessive way anyway, I found myself wishing him gone all throughout the book Even though Lenah did not love him, her soft spot for him drove her to make some pretty questionable descisions that will most certainly have consequences in the next book This book also introduced other characters in in depth ways, like Vicken, Lenah s friend that she turned human, he became the comic relief that was very much needed and there even was a bit of something that was shown with him and the former mean girl, Tracy and then Rhode, Lenah s soulmate who was shown in bits and pieces in the first book, you really get a feel for him in Stolen Night and his love for Lenah during Stolen night as he is now human and attending the same school as Lenah and Vicken Overall, a very good book.

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    IT S NOT FAIR It s not fair It s Not Fair.I guess I should start by commending Ms Rebecca Maizel for writing yet another superb book Also, Stolen Nights is the first book in 2013 that I ve read This ll be a tough one to beat, I m telling you.This is horrible I look like a real mess right now because dammit it was TRAGIC Everything was TRAGIC Vicken was TRAGIC Justin was TRAGIC Rhode was all kinds of TRAGIC Hell, even Odette was tragic But I suppose Lenah did the things she needed to do in order to forgive herself for all the killings that she s done in her past vampire crazy life which still kinda makes her selfish, right But oh my god, WHY DID YOU GUYS HAVE TO RIP THE PAINTING OF LENAH LIKE WHAT Tony worked so hard on that oh my god TEARS The Vampire Queen Series is my favorite vampire series of all time, HANDS DOWN so sorry for the unorganized review I just finished reading it and snot is literally still coming out of my face so just read it.

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    Initial reaction Definitely not as good as the first book, and there were times when I sincerely though I would be better off forgetting about this book s existence entirely, and just keeping to what I liked about the first one I think what I can say on an overarching note is that neither the writing or plotting of this particular work were sound and it really bothered me There were sparks momentarily of good things here Vicken was cool, and some interesting twists toward the end, but they weren t really enough to save the book in my experience, and I felt very, very disappointed with Lenah s characterization.Still trying to decide whether to give this 1 or 1.5 stars I m inclined to give it the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time, I really didn t enjoy this at all.Full review To commence this review, I ll admit I read Infinite Days last year and while I had certain qualms about it, I still really enjoyed the experience, especially in the audiobook form The premise in itself for that book was very interesting and complex in insinuation considering Lenah is a 500 some year old vampire who, by a measure of a sacrifice, becomes human teenager again There s a bit of self discovery elements in that book which I adored watching, and Lenah juxtaposes her former life as a vampire to her newfound human qualities with surprising and intimate clarity for a YA work True, the romance in that book seemed quite formulaic, but I still really liked watching Lenah s developing relationships with Jason and Tony, watching her internal conflict with those spectra, even considering the latter parts of the book where tragedy strikes and there are no share of hearts left unbroken by the events that transpire The action sequences were well drawn, the stakes were high, and overall I just went along for the ride in that book and would not hesitate to re read it again.Yet reading Stolen Nights seems to undo all the positive elements of the previous book and then some I had to ask myself if this book was written by the same person because not only were the descriptions in this book repetitive the descriptions of apples among other things and lacking intimacy, but it was also so infuriatingly cliche and did so many things to undo what made the first book work I m having a difficult time knowing where to begin because I wonder why this book got so many things justwrong I think the first mistake was bringing back the deceased lover and sidelining the main love interest of the previous book It didn t make any kind of sense.Long story short, Lenah has a particular challenge when her former lover, Rhode who purportedly sacrificed himself so that she could be human , turns out alive in the mix of a new wave of vampire attacks that leave students that Lenah knows for dead So what do you think Lenah does after one of her friends is killed and she discovers Rhode is alive She goes running straight to Rhode, declaring her love for him and leaving her current lover Jason stranded on the beach.That was the first sign I knew that I would have problems with this book Lenah, for at least a good 2 3rds of the book is a love sick girl who neglects and uses Jason only in moments of grief, pines after Rhode, and subjects herself to danger to this new villainess Odette , who just so happens to be one of the vampires that Lenah turned during her days as Vampire Queen.There s even a really ridiculous proposition for an all powerful group asking Lenah to choose between her love for Rhode and reversing the course of history time so that she would never have to become a vampire and undo all the deaths and carnage she had in the wake of her time as a queen up to the present If they had that much power, why for all the love of things could they not have stopped Odette and left it up to Lenah Sense this does not make I really did not feel any kind of romantic intimacy between the characters in this book All of it felt manufactured, forced, and manipulated for the sake of drama, and it infuriated me Even the action sequences felt brief, lacking true stakes, and didn t hold my interest very much.There were a few sparks of interesting turns in this story, but not enough to save the book for me I ll make mention of them though because I think they were worth noting in the context of the story One of them was Vicken, who, since turning human, became a charming, hilarious aide to Lenah in her quest to stop Odette from killing students and targeting Lenah in particular There was also a character death that hit me very hard in the context of the story, and the friend that was left behind grieving really stood out to me, probably one of the few moments in the book where it tugged at my heart I also didn t expect a few twists towards the end that probably would ve been better off if it led to anything substantial though some who may follow Jason may seriously question where and when this transition occurred Then there was the ending, which I somewhat expected and probably could ve had resonance to me if the events leading up to that point didn t feel so contrived.In the end, I think I ll choose to pretend this book doesn t exist and continue to be fond of the first book I don t know if the series will continue from here considering that ending, but if it does, I surely hope it has a better jumping point than anything this novel had to offer It disappointed me that much, and I really think Maizel has talents and charm in her prose than this work showed It didn t even come close to the quality of the first book, in my opinion.Overall score 1 5Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher St Martin s Press.

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    It s been two years since I read the first book so I don t really remember much about it or how I felt about it, but I thought I liked it enough to have the sequel on my to read list However, I can t say I liked Stolen Nights very much I know a lot of my review is ragging on Lenah, but if you skip to the last paragraphs, I have legitimate points, at least I think, when it comes to inconsistencies in the end.The biggest problem I had with this book was I could not stand Lenah She was selfish and made some very stupid, stupid mistakes Yes, that was the meat of the story, but my goodness, she irritated the hell out of me And I don t mind love triangles, but what I do mind, is when a heroine HAS decided what she wants and still continues to string along the wrong person THAT just makes me mad.I also didn t like that she was such a weak character I know that Maizel wanted to emphasize that Lenah has been a vampire for, what 600 years now, and it takes a bit to get use to the fact that she took all that strength, ability and power she had all those years for granted, and now she s a helpless human That wasn t the part I had a problem with.The part I DID have a problem with was she was weak mentally I understand now that she is the hunted, the tables have turned, and I don t fault her for being scared for her life However, Lenah came across as a really whiny, why is everything so unfair, helpless, damsel in distress for WAY too long in the book Really This used to be the vampire queen I understand the new state is a bit of a shock from what she used to be able to do, but she doesn t do anything to adapt except feels sorry for herself and wallow in the pity that she is the cause of all these bad things that are happening.The lack of action scenes is also disappointing And when there WAS action wait, when there was an action scene it was missing the kickass part There was a bunch of hair pulling and quick blood draining, and that was pretty much it I was ready for a showdown between two of the most power women in this book, but sadly, that never came.The other problem I had was the end I don t think it was packaged very neatly I mean, I m glad the unselfish part of Lenah found an exception for Rhode, but I think it upsets that balance that the Aeris had been talking about at the beginning.And it was kind of inconsistent, though I can t really explain it without spoiling the book view spoiler I mean, Aeris had said if Rhode and Lenah go back in time, every person you murdered will live again, as will those killed by vampires you created However, at the end, Justin is still missing My theory is that he is behind the current vampire problem, but even if he s not, he should have returned to school as a human because he was created by a vampire that Lenah had created hide spoiler

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    Stolen Night is the long awaited sequel to Infinite Days, by author Rebecca Maizel and this was one of my most anticipated reads, since I read Infinite Days back in 2010 Now after reading, I m completely blown away by Rebecca s writing and utterly shocked where she decided to take this series because honestly, I loved it but it definitely wasn t what I expected When I read Infinite Days, I kind of thought I knew where the next book was heading My prediction was the story would centre around Lenah and Justin dealing with a now human Vicken We d also see Lenah come into her human life , and see some nasty vampires turn up and cause trouble but, I was only really right about the vampires turning up So the rest of my prediction I couldn t have be wrong Everything I once thought I knew from Infinite Days in my opinion, is turned upside down with the return of Rhode We see Lenah battles with her feelings for him and Justin during this book and honestly, I really wasn t what I was expecting It s so hard not to be in love for both of these guys and I thought I was Team Justin, but nope, sorry Justin, move over because I m so Team Rhode s now I actually don t think there is a huge choice for Lenah to make between the two, because it s pretty clear who she s destined to be with This whole love triangle shocked me because I didn t think there was a love triangle to choose from, so it caught me off guard but I really liked it in the end.I felt Lenah really grew in this book, despite her lack of physical strength She s a human trying to fight off evil vampires and I think she did a good job She loses a lot of close friends during this book too, but she remains strong through out I didn t always agree with the choices she made, but she really makes up for them in the end I also really loved Vicken and thought he was a great addition and also Rhode s it s hard not to love him He s broody and dark and just lovable Justin s character takes a few unexpected turns and I m eager to see where he goes next and that ending I need to know what happens The story itself is absolutely heart pounding, intense and heart breaking The trials the characters are faced with are hard and it was quite an emotional read I can see why the author took so long to write this book because there s so many characters to factor into the story, and how can you give them all a happy ending Talk about a hard job but overall, I think Rebecca did a fantastic job It proves she s not afraid to write what she feels and even though I m really shocked with how the story went, I think most readers will agree it was fantastic Rebecca s really raised the stakes for the third book because Stolen Night was so unpredictable that you just don t know which way the story will go Be prepared to be blown away by Stolen Night because it s not one you want to miss A huge thank you to Macmilliam for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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    Definitely not the direction I was sure the book was going to head And I mean that in a good way.If it took so long to release this book, because it was a hard process to finally get to the end of this bookwell then I understand.There is major growth by the end of the book, specially from Lenah, and we are letf with a tightness in our chests, that demands the next book and a Happy Ending in it.Big changes, love lost is found only to be separated again, and we finally get to experience first hand how amazing and huge the love between Lenah and Rhode is Oh my RhodeI feel so much for you And Lenah, it took some guts to make the decision you made at the end You have earned my respect.The humour and funny was brought by non other than the loyal Vicken, whom I absolutely fell for, and showed such a vulnerable side there at the end.All in all..THIS WAS MOST ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT.I really am soooo excited to read the next book Fourth Edit This is up on Netgalley people Third Edit I just saw Rebecca comment on someones review that this was released in the UK already What What about the US When will it be released here I ve been waiting for 2 YEARS for this sequel And now its gonna be 3 I don t know how much I can take before I give up I want to cry right now Second Edit Now it has been pushed to Febuary 2013 If I hadn t loved book 1 so much, I would just drop the serieswhy did I have to like book 1 soooo much First Edit Was this pushed to be released in 2012 What the French Man I was really looking forward to its release this month August 2011 and now..URGH