Greg Rucka returns to write the adventures of Renee Montoya – the character he helped transform into The uestion – as a gun running scheme threatens Gotham CityFeatures the art of Cully Hamner RedCollects Detective Comics #854 865

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    B 75% | More than Satisfactory Notes Ending with a whimper it's visually vanilla nothing spicy in the mix just punching heavy action like it's Batman '66

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    Starts great as down to earth crime story still is nice when it becomes of 'capes' caper but the ending feel rushed and unsatisfactory I would blame either editiorial mandate how the story should end or probably when because of the cancelation of then current Detective Comics and new52 rebootFor the coda if not exactly ending of Renee's storyline read Detective Comics Annual #12 Batman Annual #28 It is if only slightly satisfactory than the one here

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    I liked the character of Renee Montoya before she was picked to be Vic Sage's successor as the uestion Greg Rucka writes women characters well and a guest spot by Helena Bertinelli was welcomed The base plot of tracking down and dismantling a multi national crime ring to its sources was well executed I even liked the fact Helena and Renee thought it made sense to buy off the hitman sent to kill them instead of spending endless pages fighting What I did not like was the introduction of Vandal Savage towards the end as the crime ring's head and what I think was editorial's decision to introduce the whole Book of Cain story angel and to shove that onto Renee It makes me wonder if this was part of the reason why Rucka split with the company

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    What starts out as a promising detective story from a fantastic noirish writer declines into a typical superhero story with no real payoff After one chapter the book loses any edge it built everyone puts on a cape and punches bad guys and then it's over The twist at the end of the story comes out of absolutely nowhere meaning it is not justified and relies pretty heavily on the reader's knowledge of minor DC villains I'm giving this ultimately boring trade an extra star for Cully Hamner's art which adds a bit of style where the substance is lacking

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    Story isn't bad but feels a little lightweight somehow even despite the heavy subject matter of human trafficking I'm inclined to think it's the cartoony looking art it's reminiscent of Jock's work on The Losers which is a lot of fun and suits a bright well defined style Here I'd expect something with shadows and gradations of grey not this approach

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    This is what the ultimate action buddy cop story is Perfect plotting and excellent characterisation with appropriately silly action scenesProbably my style than Elegy but definitely not as pretty 3 Renee

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    More good uestion stories though not uite as strong as what had come before

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    Renee Montoya now the uestion tries to live out the legacy by going after the people that might slip between the cracks even in a world with so many crime fighters When she starts going after a ring of slavers the trail leads her to a very Savage turn and even the Huntress might not be enough to help her surviveThis was a whole bunch of just okay and that's the problem Instead of letting the uestion have her own space Rucka brings in Huntress Oracle and Vandal Savage along with a horrible idea that Savage is actually Cain as in Cain and Abel in a world in which the Cain and Abel from Vertigo already exist in cannon due to the linking of Sandman to the wider DCU Vertigo Cain is a lot better than Vandal as Cain If this had been a uestion only story with maybe a DCU cameo or two I'd have liked it better As is it's shoved into larger storylines and loses its appeal for meI do like Cully Hammer's art though I just wish he'd been given to do as this doesn't really give him a chance to sing I don't think I'd read Rucka uestion sadly

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    I snagged this book for only around 15 but I usually see it listed online for around 5o despite this being a relatively thin volume While I enjoy this story arc the story does not seem to be doing much on a larger symbolic level It is much better than Five Books of Blood but Rucka never seems to integrate the complex philosophy often associated with the 1980s version of the uestion into Renee Montoya's characterization I am aesthetically drawn to the uestion as a character but I wish there was to the story here even if this story is enjoyable

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    Renee Montoya's version of The uestion is collected here and at was pretty mundane Whether she has powers or not Montoya's personality has always been the star Here Greg Rucks seems to dial it back some Maybe its because of the format originally being backup stories or something else but it didn't seem like the Renee we've grown to love The plot was by the numbers The art by Cully Hamner was good but not spectacular Overall nothing to make you tune in A letdown