Tales Of Zothique Is A Collection Of Fantasy Short Stories By Clark Ashton Smith, And Edited By Lin Carter It Was First Published In Paperback By Ballantine Books As The Sixteenth Volume Of Its Celebrated Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series In JuneIt Was The First Themed Collection Of Smith S Works Assembled By Carter For The Series The Stories Were Originally Published In Various Fantasy Magazines In The S, Notably Weird Tales The Book Collects One Poem And All Sixteen Tales Of The Author S Zothique Cycle, Set On The Earth S Last Continent In A Far Distant Future, With An Introduction And Map And Epilogue By Carter Contents Introduction When The World Grows Old , By Lin Carter Zothique Poem Xeethra Necromancy In Naat The Empire Of The Necromancers The Master Of The Crabs The Death Of Ilalotha The Weaver In The Vault The Witchcraft Of Ulua The Charnel God The Dark Eidolon Morthylla The Black Abbot Of Puthuum The Tomb Spawn The Last Hieroglyph The Isle Of The Torturers The Garden Of Adompha The Voyage Of King Euvoran Epilogue The Sequence Of The Zothique Tales , By Lin Carter

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    I ve spoken before about the constant invention and reinvention of the Mystical East in Western fiction, but by and large, the reason authors do this isn t to malign the East, or to produce propaganda these are just the secondary results indeed, it isn t really about the East at all, it s about the author and their own personal self invention.It is the dark and coursing undercurrent of European perversity, sensuality, and violence which inspires these writers It is an obsession with transgression, with things that cannot be openly and plainly discussed The technique here is to express and explore these forbidden topics, but then to blame them on the image of the East in order to create the necessary safe distance, providing the author a buffer, a layer of deniability.There are whole structures in our language built to produce just this kind of distancing We talk about French kissing, or Greek love we named buggery for the Bulgars, and mutual female desire for the residents of Lesbos Even as we discuss, request, and engage in these acts, we blame them on someone else Even as we perform them, we typify them not as our own behaviors, but the behaviors of others.It s not as if our desires to do these things are going to go away, so instead, we personify and externalize those desires A man sees an attractive woman on the street, he desires her, and he thinks of her as the source of that desire but while it might be true that she inspired the desire in him, it is still he who is desiring, the desire comes from within him Her role is passive, because she can inspire such desire without even being aware of it.And yet, there are men who will blame her for that desire, who will project their own desires onto her she wants it, if she didn t, she wouldn t dress that way, it s flattering, girls like being appreciated It is just an attempt to justify this desire, to justify feeling it, or even acting on it.The same pattern of justification is evident in colonialism that the colonized power must want to be colonized, must need it Again and again, the argument was made that they wanted to be ruled, that they couldn t make it on their own, that they were immature, brutal, uncivilized, and that to be ruled was a gift Domination stems from a desire for power and control, for profit, to take advantage of others, everything else is merely excuses, projections onto the passive party to blame them for being acted upon.As such, the notion of the East became a natural site for displaced desires Pulp stories are sites of sex and violence, which has long been their bane, as it makes them a target for censorship and blame As such, it makes sense that pulp authors would use projection and justifications of this kind to take the heat off , to present sex and violence with a naturally built in buffer, a socially accepted rationale we re presenting it not simply to revel in it, but to present cultural dynamics that we all know are true But this means that, beyond simply condemning such presentations of the East as racist and convenient, we can look at them as they actually are messy representations of the Western id run rampant, presented under a thin veil of obfuscation After the colonial adventure tales of Kipling and Haggard slipped out of popular venues and were related to study in classrooms, the vision of the Mystical East on which they relied found a new home in Sword Sorcery fantasy, and there may be no pure and evocative representation of it than here in Smith s Zothique.The prose is precise, unusual, powerful the voice of a poet It is neither the plodding dulness of Lovecraft nor the sometimes grasping repetition of Howard This is the true and unique world of Sword Sorcery fantasy which some other authors labor to inhabit, rich and perverse and full of deathly passions Lovecraft cannot match it, nor Burroughs, nor even Howard, its most notable practitioner The lineage of influence stretching from Smith to later fantasists is obvious, for instance the sense of humor that pervades these tales, which Vance reproduced in a tone much dry, and Leiber in one very much less.Even they were not quite able to capture the pervasive world Smith presents It may be painted in crude images of ebony skinned, thick lipped, obese enchanters, but if it s crude, that s only what it s meant to be A complex, nuanced view of the imagined East would deny its presentation as a photonegative of the West or at least, of how the West likes to imagine itself The oversexed, overly violent projection of the id can hardly be presented in subtle terms.The fairy tale must be drawn in broad strokes, lacking the subtlety that allows for various interpretations It denies the reader access to the inner workings of the piece, denies them the privilege of interpretation Instead, it is done as propaganda, simplified enough that the sides are clear.This is why the post modern habit has been rewriting and reimagining these fairy tales, looking at them through the eyes of the villain , looking at the absurdity of the symbols on which the allegory relies, symbols which inevitably fly apart when analyzed closely The story deconstructs the tale by going through all the same steps, but refusing to make the same assumptions.As such, is it possible to recreate the invented East in a modern tale, or is that the equivalent of taking the allegory it represents for granted Does injecting any kind of subtlety, realism, and other such space for interpretation make the wild, strange, exotic setting impossible I d be curious to see a skilled author try it.Perhaps it was inevitable that, as evocative as his uncanny realm is, it tends to dwarf his characters, making it difficult to get into their heads, or to care much about them This was one area where Howard outperformed him, producing figures of suitably gigantic melancholy and gigantic mirth to fit their grand stage and Leiber took the same formula even further.To some degree, this is a deliberate aspect of Smith s style he is not interested in whether his characters thrive or survive, indeed their wry downfalls are often part of the charm Yet, these are not quite the tonal explorations of Dunsany, where characters are entirely secondary to description, rhythm, and feel We do spend time with Smith s characters, with their thoughts and feelings, their desires and motivations, and yet, for all this, they rarely manage to stand out.And while this collection has some very strong stories, the presentation sometimes suffers The final story has a strong premise, interesting themes, but Smith presents them simply, in straightforward narration, making it feel like an outline or summary at times than a story Though he has a strong poetic voice and interesting language, in comparison to an author like Dunsany, he lacks a light touch, the subtlety that weaves magic throughout A story s theme should become clear to us based on the events described, the characters, the details, the use of words not just explained to us in so many words.Though he is certainly a writer with flaws, the sheer idiom of his style draws us in the strength of his voice, and the unusual, playful way that he treats his tales In the few stories where either the characters manage to sparkle, or Smith simply allows them to subsist in the background as the true protagonist, his setting, takes its rightful place, this series contains some true gems, visions which have inspired not merely other authors, but the very innovators of fantasy, writers who have changed its course, and who have created unique worlds in their own right Smith is a stylist and a grandfather to stylists, demonstrating that often times, the only way to write is to take things too far, to indulge, to get lost at play, to produce a repast so rich and overwhelming that we cannot savor it but neither will we forget it.

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    A collection of Smith s Zothique stories.If you haven t read Clark Ashton Smith, very quickly know that Smith was one of the great fantasists of the early 20th century American pulp era, contemporary with his friends H P Lovecraft and Robert E Howard Like them Smith wrote weird tales, stories of mystery and horror, often in outlandish locales Like Howard, some of his stories involve medieval ish kings, swordsmen, magicians, etc Like Lovecraft, Smith is fond of extreme vocabulary and arcane texts Unlike them, Smith preferred a dark sense of humor, where stories end by harsh irony Narratives end not with shrieking madness HPL nor heroic tragedy Howard , but with twisted, mordant melancholy.If you have read Smith, Zothique is a dying Earth world, of the sort subsequently developed by Jack Vance, Gene Wolfe, and the Nausicaa anime It s late in our planet s history, and the world looks different continents have reassembled into a new form of Gaia, magic sometimes works, and ruins are widespread.Most of Zothique s stories involve exploration, voluntary or otherwise, which gives Smith the chance to show off his fabulous language and fertile imagination Protagonists run into demons, cultists, necromancers, and tricksters But plots don t drive these tales so much as the lush, fervid atmosphere.On Zothique, the last continent on Earth, the sun no longer shone with the whiteness of its prime, but was dim and tarnished as if with a vapor of blood New stars without number had declared themselves in the heavens, and the shadows of the infinite had fallen closer And out of the shadows, the older gods had returned to man the gods forgotten since Hyperborea, since Mu and Poseidonis, bearing other names but the same attributes And the elder demons had also returned, battening on the fumes of evil sacrifice, and fostering again the primordial sorceries.Relish these stories, or dive through the lot and check the skies for a low, red sun.

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    Dicen que es de sabios rectificar Sab a que deb a darle una nueva oportunidad a estos cuentos de Zothique de Clark Ashton Smith, y afortunadamente lo he hecho m s pronto que tarde Ahora que los he rele do m s pausada y detenidamente, puedo afirmar que Zothique, el ltimo continente , es una absoluta obra maestra.Esta magn fica edici n de Valdemar, contiene los diecis is relatos ambientados en Zotique escritos por Smith, y publicados en su momento en la ya m tica Weird Tales, los cu les est n desarrollados con una imaginaci n portentosa, y escritos con una prosa po tica, recargada, febril, evocadora y maravillosa la traducci n de Marta Lila es extraordinaria , donde podemos encontrar todo tipo de engendros y abominaciones nigromantes, momias, lamias, demonios, elementales, jardines de oscura belleza, hechiceros, antiguas deidades, necr fagos, extra as entidades, magia, etc, en un mundo en decadencia, condenado, bajo un sol bermejo.Estos son los diecis is relatos, precedidos de un poema, incluidos en Zotique, el ltimo continente , unos muy buenos y otros excelentes, esta vez no ha lugar para la mediocridad tan com n en las antolog as Xeethra Xeethra, 1936 Un joven pastor descubre los jardines de Thasaidon y cae bajo un extra o enloquecimiento Gran relato, que logra transmitir la tristeza de tiempos pasados, a modo de la antigua Carcosa.Nigromancia en Naat Necromancy in Naat, 1934 Un pr ncipe sigue el rastro de su prometida, que fue secuestrada, y llega a la infame isla de Naat, tierra de nigromantes Magn fico.El Imperio de los Nigromantes The Empire of the Necromancers, 1932 Mmatmuor y Sodosma son dos nigromantes que deciden levantar todo un imperio levantando a los muertos Impresionante.El Se or de los cangrejos The Master of the Crabs, 1934 Mior Lumivix y su aprendiz andan tras un gran tesoro, pero parece que otro brujo se les puede adelantar Impresionante.La muerte de Ilalotha The Dead of Ilalotha, 1937 La muerte de Ilalotha no impide que pueda seguir llamando a su amado Lord Thulos desde la tumba Gran relato.El Tejedor de la cripta The Weaver in the Vault, 1934 El rey Famorgh ha mandado a su tres mejores guardias en busca de la momia del rey Tnepreez Tal vez no sea el m s espectacular, pero es mi relato favorito del libro.La brujer a de Ulua The Witchcraft of Ulua, 1934 El joven Amalzain, copero del rey, sabiendo de los peligros de la ciudad de Miraab, decide ignorar las insinuaciones de la princesa Ulua, por lo cual ser castigado Buen relato.El Dios carro ero The Charnel God, 1934 Elaith, la esposa de Pharion, ha tenido un ataque de catalepsia Ambos son visitantes en la ciudad de Zul Bha Sair, donde tienen por costumbre entregar los cad veres al Dios Mordiggian Imprescindible.El oscuro Eidolon The Dark Eidolon, 1935 Namirrha, convertido en una gran brujo, regresa a Ummaos buscando venganza Otro imprescindible.Morthylla Morthylla, 1934 Valzain, asqueado de la vida de placeres que lleva hasta ahora, decide buscar nuevos alicientes en una vieja necr polis, donde dicen vive la lamia Morthylla Excelente.El abad negro de Puthuum The Black Abbot of Puthuum, 1936 El arquero Zobal y el lancero Cushara tienen como misi n escoltar a una joven muchacha, que formar parte del har n del rey En el camino, ser n acechados por demonios Gran relato.El engendro de la tumba The Tomb Spawn, 1934 Dos hermanos, mercaderes de joyas, deciden averiguar que hay de verdad en la leyenda de cierto ser extraterrestre que sirvi al rey Ossaru Impresionante.El ltimo jerogl fico The Last Hieroglyph, 1937 El astr logo Nushain tiene una revelaci n emprender viaje y recibir la visita de tres gu as Gran relato.La Isla de los Torturadores The Isle of the Torturers, 1933 Yoros ha ca do bajo una extra a plaga, la Muerte de Plata El rey Fulbra, desesperanzado, decide buscar refugio en la isla de Cyntrom, pero la traves a no resulta como esperaba La idea de la plaga y su descripci n, es una maravilla Imprescindible.El jard n de Adompha The Garden of Adompha, 1938 El rey Adompha y su brujo Dwerulas realizan los m s aberrantes experimentos en su jard n privado Otro gran relato.El viaje del rey Euvoran The Voyage of King Euvoran, 1933 Euvoran, ante la p rdida de su particular corona, decide salir en su busca en un viaje lleno de aventuras y peligros Gran relato.Esta vez s , he ca do rendido a los pies de Clark Ashton Smith S lo cabe esperar que Valdemar siga reeditando su obra.

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    Zothique, ultimo continente rimasto sulla Terra, dove una qualche forma di vita riesce ancora a vivere Le storie che vengono raccontate qui da Clark Ashton Smith, sono intrise di magia, reami decaduti, stirpi di nobili ormai disotterrati da una valanga di sabbia che non lascia scampo, Negromanti pronti a tutto per conquistare il potere assoluto, animali mostruosiClark Ashton Smith, autore americano, scrive, racconti fantasy horror weird, praticamente soltanto negli anni 30, insieme all amico epistolare H P Lovecraft e il texano Robert E Howard, formano il tridente del fantastico classico di inizio 20 secolo.Clark Ashton Smith il meno conosciuto dei tre, ma io credo che sia un autore davvero straordinario, la sua scrittura pura pittura letteraria, nel senso che quando si finisce un suo racconto, davanti agli occhi ecco apparire un quadro gotico dark weird crepuscolare, insomma un opera d arte dell insondabile, dell incubo, onirico, visionario.Prima poeta, poi scrittore del fantastico ed infine, negli ultimi anni della sua vita si rinchiude in se stesso e si dedica esclusivamente alla scultura.

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    It feels wrong that Clark Ashton Smith s works are included in the Cthulhu Mythos just because he was friends with H.P Lovecraft and was also published in the Weird Tales magazine As much as I love H.P.L s stories after reading Zothique by C.A.Smith it s easy to see that their works have nothing in common EDIT ok, ok, they set a similar atmosphere But let s talk about the book itself, I simply loved it but since I m in love with this kind of literature my opinion is probably not very partial However, I can assure you in an objective way how simple and clearly it s written making it an easy read In Zothique we don t see any heroic kings, quite the opposite, every king in Zothique is depraved and so are the nobles and dignataries This adds a lot to the distopic setting that is the Last Continent but the darker side of Zothique and its evident difference with the fantasy we are used to is the abundance of demons, necromancers, ghouls and other fiends that inhabit it they are not just there to be the Enemy or the Bad Guys, Zothique is their home and therefore, they are the important characters, the heroes or the Good Guys will usually be hopeless, I don t know if fantasy can get any darker than that I always missed involvement and individuality of the evil entities in any fantasy story, certainly Zothique is refreshing in that sense Another refreshing thing about Zothique is the setting it should also be noted that it differs from the usual fantasy setting because it s not based in Medieval Europe but in Arabian and Indian cultures in the same time period, there are also hints about ancient Egypt This also brings a small problem to some people racism and misogyny I d say in C.A.Smith s defense that in the time and place where he grew up both women and people with other skin color were probably disregarded, even supposing this were true we should take into account the setting he was trying to create and the cultures he took inspiration from We re talking about a depraved and evil world, of course there s going to be serious discrimination issues P.D take into account that I m a woman and I could ve feel offended but I haven t

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    A medida que avanzan los relatos se nota la mejor a en la calidad de los mismos y la maestr a de CA Smith en esto de crear unos mundos obscenos, depravados y moribundos que creo yo, ning n autor antes o despu s se atrevi a tanto Y digo esto porque el aire malsano y a la vez pico y hasta paranormal que se respira en cada p gina de esta obra no lo he visto en ninguna otra ni creo que lo veremos ya, es uno de esos cl sicos nicos e irrepetibles de la literatura fant stica que hoy, gracias a Dios y a los iluminados de ed Valdemar podemos disfrutar en una excelente edici n, muy cuidada s lo echo en falta el marcap ginas de cinta roja caract ristico de la colecci n De lo que alucin hasta ahora Xeethra Un cuento sencillo y correcto para empezar el ciclo pero que carece de la atm sfera de los relatos siguientes, de todas maneras es bastante interesante El esp ritu de un rey muerto hace tiempo reencarna o, m s bien, posee el cuerpo de un pastor y hace un pacto con el demonio para recuperar su reino, otrora floreciente, ya muerto y olvidado Un final escalofriante que nos deja en ambiente para lo que viene Nigromancia en Naat El primer cuento sobre muertos vivientes del ciclo, en este caso en concreto el de tres hechiceros que campan a sus anchas por la isla maldita de Naat con su cortejo de esclavos zombies Necrofilia, desmembramientos, sangre, tripas y brujer a Un cuento excelente El Imperio de los nigromantes Otro relato que ya coment previamente, uno de los que m s me gusta hasta ahora junto con el que le precede Un ej rcito de zombies se venga de los nigromantes que los trajo de vuelta a la vida como esclavos El Se or de los cangrejos Un mago y su sirviente llegan a una isla lejana siguiendo el rastro de un brujo que escapa en busca de un tesoro, ya en la isla deber n enfrentarse a un ej rcito de cangrejos controlados a voluntad por el nigromante, que por supuesto muere devorado por su propio ej rcito de crust ceos Relato totalmente delirante y morboso, una delicia La muerte de Ilalotha Aqu aparece la criatura legendaria conocida como Lamia, con unas descripciones y un final aterrador El tejedor de la cripta Hasta ahora el relato m s paranormal , si se quiere, donde tres guerreros quedan atrapados bajo los cimientos de unas antiguas tumbas y son acosados por una entidad aparentemente fantasmal que sale del interior de la tierra y va consumiendo sus huesos y carne hasta dejar s lo sus cascos y armaduras.Cuento extra o pero fascinante La magia de Ulua Un joven copero escapa de los encantos nigrom nticos de la princesa del reino de Miraab y se cobra su venganza no s lo destruy ndola a ella, sino a los palacios y mansiones del reino, dej ndolo en ruinas.Una org a de seres deformes, fantasmas y demonios con varias insinuaciones sexuales veladas, muy buen relato.Menci n aparte, claro est , al tenebrosamente bello poema Zothique y al excelente mapa de Zothique provisto por Ed Valdemar No esperaba menos de ellos.El Dios Carro ero Un joven noble y su prometida, de paso por una extra a ciudad, se ver n envueltos en los planes de tres nigromantes que intentan enga ar al Dios de los muertos que domina esas tierras y a sus sacerdotes, un ej rcito de espantosos gules La atm sfera tenebrosa y g tica que consigue Smith en este relato merece una menci n aparte.El oscuro Eidolon La traducci n correcta deber a haber sido el dolo oscuro El relato m s demencial y sangriento de todo el ciclo, y uno de los m s largos Un poderoso brujo regresa a su ciudad natal para cobrarse una venganza personal contra el rey y todo su consorte este relato tiene literalmente DE TODO, desde abominables desfiles de momias y esqueletos podridos, lamias lujuriosas, criaturas h bridas dementes y aberrantes creadas a partir de uniones monstruosas, esp ritus familiares y quimeras deformes de cuatro pechos, hasta gigantes que se dedican a aplastar a seres humanos como parte de un enfermizo n mero de circo, una estatua pose da por el demonio, entes innombrables ca dos del espacio sideral qu m s se puede pedir DMorthylla el cuento m s flojito del ciclo, demasiado corto y no aporta demasiado a la mitolog a zothiqueana, excepto que aparece nuevamente el personaje de la lamia.El abad negro de Puthuum Otra excelente historia macabra, en la que un brujo fort simo que puede desdoblarse en varios como l y crear ilusiones, intenta saciar su lujuria milenaria con una joven escoltada por dos guerreros y un eunuco que no dudar n en defenderla hasta las ltimas consecuencias Una vez m s, me encant y disfrut mucho la atm sfera opresiva que se respira hasta el final.El engendro de la tumba el relato m s lovecraftiano La tumba en la que un rey brujo muerto ha sido enterrado junto con los restos de un monstruo alien gena es profanada por dos muchachos que se pierden en las ruinas de una ciudad abandonada, ocasionando el despertar de la criatura Bueno pero no a la altura de los anteriores.El ltimo jerogl fico Tampoco de los mejores del ciclo, un astr logo debe viajar hasta la morada de un dios demonio al que l adora, para ser part cipe de su propio destino final Y para ir cerrando este viaje de locura y degeneraci n, tenemos La isla de los torturadores Escapando de una extra a enfermedad que azota a su reino, un monarca llega accidentalmente a una isla en la que gobierna un depravado rey de fisonom a asi tica que disfruta torturando a sus prisioneros y que es auxiliado por una especie de diab lico aut mata que decide qu tormentos le ser n infligidos al desdichado de turno Un final perfecto para un relato bien descriptivo, donde el dolor y la traici n, pero tambi n la dulce venganza, campan a sus anchas.El jard n de Adompha otro de los relatos que ser n recordados de este ciclo, pero que no est entre los mejores Un parque compuesto por rboles del averno que tienen vida propia y est n hechos de miembros y extremidades humanas gracias a las artes nigrom nticas del brujo de turno, relato bien escabroso y retorcido.El viaje del rey Euvoran Ya en este ltimo cuento del ciclo, si bien no fue escrito por ltimo recordemos que CA Smith no concibi a Zothique como tal , Smith deja volar su imaginaci n y, m s all de que la historia en s es un tanto pobre, las dos escenas de acci n, un ataque de vampiros o murci lagos gigantes que se ceban con la tripulaci n del rey hundiendo nada menos que siete de sus barcos y el posterior cautiverio de ste en una isla infame gobernada por p jaros del tama o de seres humanos y que se comportan como tal, valen por s solos la lectura del mismo Se nota aqu el descollo de la mente enloquecida del autor, que vaya a saber bajo los efectos de qu alucin geno puede haber escrito semejante relato Perfecto para finalizar el ciclo D

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    Such beautiful decadence I ve enjoyed a lot of Clark Ashton Smith, but this is the collection that has moved me to place him as the best of the Weird Tales Trinity Lovecraft, Howard, and Smith I wonder if part of why he is the least appreciated of the three is fallout from things like the content censorship like the comics code in the 50 s There s a lot of squidgy bits and a not infrequent reference to necrophilia.Every word is carefully placed in these stories that rest between pulp horror and prose poetry The moon, the shadows, and the colors all have their place in building the appropriate mood I loved something in every story I plan to revisit this collection several times in order to unpack even weirdness and dig into the themes .THE GARDEN OF ADOMPHA may very well be my favorite, with the wretched weirdness cranked all the way up THE CHARNEL GOD is the only story in this collection that seems to have good guys, with the proto archetype of the beleaguered slasher film nice couple to whom bad things happen It s a pleasant surprise that the nice people survive, although not unchanged.THE BLACK ABBOT OF PUTHUUM is a bit of a conundrum It s almost as if he wanted to deliberately murk the water as to themes about rage and gender I think it s a bit of a middle finger with the subtitle of Analyze This THE DEATH OF ILALOTHA has some of the most challenging bits about necrophilia in the collection, and I can only imagine how extra provocative this was in the 1930 s.THE VOYAGE OF KING EUVORAN is a delightful take on The Odyssey or Sinbad but with terrible people to whom terrible things happen THE LAST HIEROGLYPH leads me to believe this is a bit of poison pen against astrologers who wronged Smith or his family NECROMANCY IN NAAT is a surprisingly tender zombie love story.

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    I got almost halfway through this short story collection and decided I didn t want to continue There s great atmosphere in most of these passages, definitely some fine writing But there isn t much in the way of plots, characters, dialog, or conflict I have the feeling I m studying Old Testament biblical passages, the histories section, not reading stories, certainly not exciting ones Reading the second half of the story collection will not provide any real benefit to me I don t think the stories are going to get better So I am terminating to devote my reading time elsewhere.

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    Un mundo de muerteLa tierra Zothique esta plagada de desolaci n y oscuridad Los relatos se desarrollan en estos lugares, acompa ados de la desolaci n.Monstruos, zombis, magos oscuros Encontraremos todo esto Y alguna que otra aventura que acaban en islas con sorpresas.Este libro tiene todos los ingredientes que a mi me gustan, pero no consigue el pleno Pues a veces se me hace ardua la lectura al estar la narraci n bastante sobrecargada.

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    This is the first book I ve read that deals muchly with necromancy and dark fantasy I can only say that I was quite hooked when I read the first story A gloriously dark and entertainingly frightful read.