When We Last Left The Mighty Wizard Detective Harry Dresden, He Wasn T Doing Well In Fact, He Had Been Murdered By An Unknown AssassinBut Being Dead Doesn T Stop Him When His Friends Are In Danger Except Now He Has No Body, And No Magic To Help Him And There Are Also Several Dark Spirits Roaming The Chicago Shadows Who Owe Harry Some Payback Of Their OwnTo Save His Friends And His Own Soul Harry Will Have To Pull Off The Ultimate Trick Without Any Magic I can only give 2.5 stars plus 0.5 out of my respect for the series Harry was sent back to the world of mortals as a ghost to investigate his own murder When he came back, Chicago changed a lot and not for the good Yet another new enemies appeared, worse than the old ones as usual Oh yeah, we never actually see them Harry s friends changed, too.There are several problems with the book Harry is first and foremost an action hero constantly on his guilt trip, but when this trip happens to be between the action bits, it is not too bad This time he cannot do anything to material things, so what he does the whole book is talking a lot and feeling guilty for anything and everything I was seriously expecting him to find a way to blame himself for Crucifixion of Jesus I kid you not, I would not be surprise if he did The repeating parts of the series finally beginning to get old for me After reading description of Soulgaze for thirteenth time I can repeat it in my sleep I am ashamed to say, I was glad Harry s apartment was destroyed in the previous book as I hoped I will not have to read its description yet again Boy was I wrong Luckily where was nothing about his car in this book, which is a blessing, I guess I really did not like the way the characters of Butters and Murphy is developing Butters was great because he was never an action hero, just a guy with barely enough courage to do the right thing In this book, he is doing an action hero thing Murphy does not want to look into Harry s murder because she is afraid that she would find a proof of guilt of her boyfriend Is this the way a really strong woman should behave Is it too much to ask that villains killed by Dresden stay dead For now only good guys stay dead, almost every bad person entity comes back one way or the other.I might have read too many books of Agatha Christie, but I figured Harry s murder sometime in the first half of the book, so no big surprises in this case.All in all, I consider this to be just a filling material and hope the next book is better. Six months after his death, Harry Dresden returns to Chicago to solve his own murder Can he keep his friends safe in the process I ve got a lot to say about this I ll cover the good points first.The Good Having a ghost come back to solve his own murder isn t a new idea but Butcher did a fairly good job with it here The supporting cast, Molly in particular, developed quite a bit in Harry s absence The new character of Fitz has potential, as does Mortimer, who I don t particularly remember The intrigue with the faerie court is always a plus.The Bad I just can t stand Harry Dresden anyHe s like that friend you thought was hilarious in the sixth grade but wanted to strangle by the time you got out of high school He s an unfunny smart ass with a funny quip for every situation Worse yet, 70% of the characters in the series talk just like him His Star Wars references are really tired and he s had no significant character development since the series began view spoiler Another of the things that bothered be, and they are legion, is that Butcher can t seem to commit to anything that might move the series along Remember that war between the White Council and their unseen enemy Yeah, whatever happened with that That subplot hasn t advanced AT ALL in the last two books Robert Jordan s corpse called He said you should pick up the pace and start wrapping this shit up while people still care about it.Remember how the entire Red Court was killed in the last book at Chichen Itza Not 50 pages into this book, there was speculation that not all of them were killed WTF, Butcher How about growing a pair and sticking with your guns for once Here s another thing that bugs me Harry comes back from the dead at the end He was already the biggest Gary Stu character around before he came back Now that death apparently can t stop him, why should I give a shit about him any Did anyone else notice how the women can t seem to get along without Harry Dresden for six months without falling apart but the men do just fine Just pointing it out.The resolution to Harry s death Whatever It was just there for me and seemed a bit illogical considering he had a daughter to look after.I think my issues with the series stem from the fact that while it s an episodic detective series, Butcher s trying to instill it with an epic feel The problem is that he can tell a detective story or one that advances the overall plot but can t seem to ever do both at the same time hide spoiler So Good. I love Harry I love Bob I love Molly I love the new and improved Butters I loved seeing Daniel Carpenter I love this series It just is such a comfort read for me I had forgotten how much I love this series until I started to read this book The mystery and quest were interesting and unlike much urban fantasy, it was unique nothing I have read before Maybe a little of Harry Potter, but I am okay with that One of the things that is so fantastic about this series is that there are consequences Consequences to dying, consequences to losing loved ones, and consequences to killing Harry is self reflective and looks back on his actions he considers what he should have done and questions his own actions He has regret This is such a rich, beautiful story Action of course there is action, but now too much Some of the Dresden books have too much action in my opinion, but this one has a great balance Some of the characters reactions to situations frustrated me, but they were reacting in a very human way I also enjoy how Butcher revisits past baddies In most books, the baddies die and everything is solved and the heroes move on to their next quest Not in this world In this world, it isn t that the baddies don t die, but there are reverberations so that past decisions to take out the bad guys or remove them have caused new problems to arise Butcher has gotten better at describing Chicago, but I still saw some factual inaccuracies that drive my crazy For example, when he was examining a priest s night table he notes that one of the only earthly goods the priest ones is a King James bible, but Catholics don t read the King James bible and in fact the Catholic bible is slightly different than the protestant bible Minor, but I am shocked an editor or Butcher didn t catch this I just like being immersed in a story but when there is a glaring factual error, it takes me out of the story However, I loved this story so much I am still giving it 5 stars More New Updates woohooo Our GHOST STORY preview continues with Chapter 3 you missed last week s post, you can check them out here ll be posting 5 chapters in all over the coming weeks, plus video of Jim reading chapters 1 4 at the NYCC Fan Dinner last October With a little over a month remaining until GHOST STORY s release, it s time for some sample chapters Chapter 1 2 all, we ll be posting five sample chapters, plus bonus audio of Jim reading the first four chapters at the NY Comic Con Fan Dinner NOTE You should definitely read the text version before listening to Jim read He was reading from an earlier draft, and some aspects have changed slightly They will be posted on the following schedule June 28th Chapter 3July 5th Chapter 4, plus the audio for 1 and 2.July 12th Chapter 5, plus the audio for 3 and 4.July 26th Release day You can pre order GHOST STORY from our store or through the Virtual Signing, which now also includes the DFRPG Our Store Virtual Signing don t forget that the Virtual Signing for Codex Alera map posters ends on June 28th, just over a week away If you want a map signed by Jim and Priscilla, the artist, get your pre order in soon.http priscellie.com store can also download GHOST STORY desktop wallpaper here the month leading up to the July 26th release, we ll have evenGHOST STORY goodies for you, here at Jim Butcher.com In all, we ll be posting five sample chapters, plus bonus audio of Jim reading the first four chapters at the NY Comic Con Fan Dinner It will be posted on the following schedule June 21 Chapter 2June 28 Chapter 3July 5th Chapter 4, plus the audio for 1 and 2.July 12th Chapter 5, plus the audio for 3 and 4.July 26th Release day New release date July 26, 2011Following an in interview announcement by Jim at MarsCon over the weekend, we ve updated the site to reflect the new release date for Ghost Story July 26, 2011.Said Jim paraphrased It came down to, readers could either get a half assed story in April, or a full assed one in July