A hilarious and honest memoir by an ex greeting card writer ex virgin fundamentalist and current This American Life contributor When David Dickerson landed his dream job at Hallmark writing greeting cards he discovered his limited life experience as a fundamentalist raised 26 year old virgin left him woefully unprepared for the worldly sentiments he was expected to deliver Here Dickerson chronicles his bumpy and hilarious journey to relatively modern single guy confronting his past his beliefs his relationships and his virginity

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    I am disappointed that I have to give this book such a low rating because I was hoping for so much The thing that is most troublesome Dickerson is an excellent writer The story flowed without and chunky plot or dialogue and it was very readable In fact if it had been fiction I would have probably given it a four I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a novel by this author even after this book I also like the inside look at how a company is the best in the world at what it does Hallmark Cards actually works I would have enjoyed a book that focused on them That said the problems I had with this memoir are manyFirst of all why the hell is a 20 something writing a memoir? They haven’t lived life yet and consequently their insights come across as self indulgent tripe This book is no exception The title says he is a fundamentalist Christian but when the book starts he is long past that so it is a little deceptive Plus he is extremely dismissive of all conservative values as in he was an idiot who was brainwashed as a child who finally saw the light and became intelligent So if you hold conservative values you are admitting you are not very intelligent or at least not has smart as the authorThen there is the virginity thing He actually puts forward the Bill Clinton defense with a straight face I voted for the man twice but even I can’t do that and I have never seen anyone else do it until now The Bill Clinton defense? That is claiming not to have sexual relations you are just getting blow jobs That is an example of the nuanced intelligence you are supposed to get His girlfriend of six years had been living apart from him while attending grad school up north and she is extremely long suffering He rationalized the only way he bring himself closer to her would be to receive a handjob from a prostitute This is presented as an enlightened growth momentThen we get to see him at work both at his first job and then at Hallmark He tells story after story about his work experience but never seems to see it the way the rest of us do It reminded me of one of my old jobs We were teamed up with partners and one guy among us had been through 5 partners in quick succession always due to interpersonal problems that required an immediate transfer He ended up in my region paired up with a very successful and genuinely nice guy Inevitably they had problems which called for an intervention wherein this young man made the statement about his latest partner “You have the same problem as my last five companions” He never once thought “Is it me?”All of Dickerson’s work stories follow this pattern His boss seems to get frustrated for no reason and calls him on the carpet Instead of looking to change his behavior or at least realize that he was wrong he instead vilifies the complainer They just don’t get him and he is awesome The system is screwed up not him This is a company who through many years of trial and error has made themselves the best in the world at what they do and they are the ones who just don’t get it His way is better because he is him At one point there is a little bit of insight He watches himself on a video made on his 30th birthday and notices that he may have a few socialinterpersonal problems Instead of exploring that and actually gaining some real insight into his life he soon dismisses it as trivial and moves on All he needs to do is shave his head and get some colored shirts Trust me to quote Scott Adams that is like rotating the tires to fix a flatSo at the end I am frustrated You can clearly see Dickerson’s talent as a writer he is very good I also loved the insights to how Hallmark achieves its success I think at the end I just found the author to self indulgent and to immature Liked I began if he switches to fiction I will be right there but this book just wasn’t for me