Rex Feral kills for hire Daring Unafraid Professional Now he dares to tell his professional secrets Feral is a hit man Some consider him a criminal Others think him a hero In truth he is a lethal weapon aimed at the enemy of the one who pays him He is the last recourse in these times when laws are so twisted that justice goes unserved He is a man who controls his destiny through his private code of ethics who feels no twinge of guilt at doing his job He is a professional killer Learn how a pro makes a living at this craft without landing behind bars Find out how he gets hit assignments creates a false working identity makes a disposable silencer leaves the scene without a trace of evidence watches his mark unobserved and An expert assassin and bodyguard Feral reveals the details of how to get in do the job and get out without getting caught For informational purposes only

10 thoughts on “Hit Man A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors

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    Very dissatisfiedI took a hiatus from school to try and make my way in the world of contract killing with this book as my guide Despite following every guideline rule suggestion and example I didn't complete one hit Or even attempt a hit Actually I never even received a call for my services So now I'm back at school learning worthless things my dreams of a life in the criminal underworld regrettably unfulfilled