She was once Batgirl but now Barbara Gordon has taken on the role of Oracle the information liaison to the DC Universe's Super Hero community But after Oracle's all female super team known as the Birds of Prey falls apart she heads out on her own to discover a new heroic path Now back in Gotham City as a recluse Barbara loses herself to her Oracle identity entirely And when the evil Calculator seeks the remnants of the Anti Life Euation to save the life of his daughter Oracle will be caught in a deadly game of online war and when the smoke clears her new destiny presents itselfBarbara Gordon discovers a new path in this collection featuring the 3 issue ORACLE miniseries plus BIRDS OF PREY #126 127

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    I must admit that I don't see the purpose for the hate towards this volume To me it was awesome seeing Barbara Gordon pre reboot when she was the disabled and older in her late 20's hacker extraordinaire Oracle really use her smarts to outdo bad guysThe essential story is that Wendy and Marvin a nod to the Wonder Twins were attacked by their Wonder Dog that was some monster and brutally mauled Marvin died but Wendy survived and is in a coma Their father a man going by the name of the Calculator uses his brilliance at computers and other things to test out perfecting the anti life euation that Darkseid recently conuered earth with His goal is to bring his daughter out of the comaOf course to do this he has to kill many people as he tries to test out parts of the formula without telling them of the danger and that he is using them a guinea pigs of course He doesn't care as he wants to save his daughter As much as one might sympathize with him his harming of others as well as his cruelty and sociopathy in doing so motivates Babs to stop himI understand the criticism of those who allege in titles with Barbara Gordon in them that she is boosted too much Far too much But compared to other stories about her this one actually shows her in a somewhat bad light at times She realistically undergoes nightmares heightened awareness wishing she were dead at times lashing out at and hurting others so on among other symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress DisorderWhat I loved than anything was that she managed to take down a threat through her brain showing why even in a wheel chair and without some of her impressive physical abilities she is a force to be reckoned withI really loved this title though the covers did bother me They really were a tad too fan servicey not because I am against it but think that to have a serious title with no fan service and then use it on the covers is a little dishonest and pathetic It also disagreed with the serious tone of the bookI know others don't like the story like I do but I loved it Highly HIGHLY Recommended

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    DC's information broker and former Batgirl Barbara Gordon takes on her evil counterpart Calculator Overall a mishmash of storylines from the Batte for the Cowl and Final Crisis that feel like it was forced into one volume Anyone else tired of hearing how great Babs was as Batgirl in a book that based on her Oracle persona?

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    Some really good artwork for sure but the story just doesn't work for me I'm afraid Too technical and I just can't get into those stories where the Virtual world crosses into the Real world etc And causes peoples heads to explode

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    Oracle disbands the birds and goes off on her own

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    I thought the concept for this and the art were awesome I think it just needed to be longer honestly Still a very fun read

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    I like the dive into Barbara's psyche Didn't love the weird digital world affecting real world gimmick but overall I enjoyed this

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    Not as good as the Birds of Prey I have read I didn't mind Oracle and I liked her back story in fact I mostly enjoyed the plot but I found the art less convincing? Perhaps distracting from the dialogue? It just didn't work for me anyway Also it felt like Oracle got a little whiny at a couple of points; there are ways of having a character reflect on their disability that reflect the fact they're an adult dealing with it without sounding like they're wallowing in self pity and the reason this is a problem here is not that feeling miserable about your disability is a bad thing but it felt out of character with Oracle as a whole it felt like she would mope differently I think and indeed in the end that's what she does I'm not explaining this very well I know

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    In the spirit of my totally out of order Batgirl kick I'm now reading the book where Barbara finds her cure well the thing that will lead to her cure I'm reading it directly after The Killing Joke which is where she got paralyzed in the first place totally skipping the whole time she spent as Oracle running the Birds of PreyThis one didn't impress me much It's just like hey It's time to cure Barbara let's come up with some crazy device that can magically be adapted to do that shrug

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    Definitely a post Gail Simone Oracle book and it shows It's not terrible but between the weird sexualization of Oracle's character lots of sprawled helpless drawings with shirt open andor askew the protagonist angsting about whether it would have been better had The Joker killed her and writing that tries hard but isn't up to the Simone standard it doesn't make for a very satisfying read

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    I like Oracle The Cure because it showed that Oracle was no wimp or coward Despite the calculator out to get her she was willing to do what it takes to help someone who truly needed it The cure was not for her but what she could do for the person she was trying to help