Six Bone Chilling Tales Of Bizarre Beauty And Awesome Horror Lurk In The Dark Of The Soul, Waiting To Be Called Upon By The Demons Of Nightmares, And Let Loose In The Frightened Mind Only HP Lovecraft Could Conjure Up These Testaments To Evil That Will Live Inside Of You ForeverContentsThe Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath Na Beyond The Wall Of Sleep, Arkham, Celephais Ss The Rainbow May The Silver Key Randolph Carter Ss Weird Tales Jan Through The Gates Of The Silver Key Randolph Carter Nv Weird Tales Jul The White Ship Ss The United Amateur Nov The Strange High House In The Mist Ss Weird Tales Oct

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    The Dream Quest may not be Lovecraft s best effort, but it is undeniably one of his most significant It is a bridge and a key to his two greatest periods Paradoxically, it is also both his most far flung fantasy and his most revealing personal work.Before The Dream Quest came the short stories influenced primarily by Poe and organized around a single effect The Outsider to Pickman s Model, 1921 1926 and after came the Cthluhlu mythos novellas set in haunted, particularized landscapes The Colour Out of Space to The Haunter in the Dark, 1927 1935 In between, though, there is this rambling dream fantasy stretching over valleys, seas, and caverns, all the way to the titanic black sculptures of the farthest North which begins on the model of Vathek, in Dunsanian style, boasts an Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars style plot, and ends with a Wizard of Oz moral Dorothy, there s no place like home H.P s life was in transition too After his beloved mother s death, he married Sonia Greene, seven years his senior, and the thirty year old Howard and his take charge bride moved to Manhattan to seek their fortune But her business failed, his stories fizzled after a couple of years, she relocated to Chicago, and he returned to Providence The Dream Quest was written not long after H.P s return to Rhode Island, and it is filled not only with an enthusiasm for finely detailed landscapes and the flora and fauna which inhabit them, but also with a nostalgia for his own New England landscapes and the characters and spectres of his previous work, to which he frequently alludes For example, the eponymous hero of Pickman s Model appears here, under the name of the ghoul who once was Pickman Around the time that H.P was writing The Dream Quest, he remarked, in a letter to Clark Asthon Smith Like Antaeus of old, my strength depends on repeated contact with the soil of the Mother Earth that bore me This elaborate dream fantasy, in an odd way, brought him even closer to this insight Lovecraft s next major work was the short novel The Case of Charles Dexter Ward It is set in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, realized with particular descriptive detail, and its hero whatever his origins looks a lot like H.P Lovecraft himself.

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    Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer commercial take 17 Randolph Carter Hi, I m Randolph Carter, star of Lovecraft s Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath Cthulhu And I m Cthulhu and need no introduction CUT Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer commercial take 26 Cthulhu I drink Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer because it tastes great.RC and I drink it cause it s less filling It s the Dream Cycle side of Lovecraft s canon, while referencing the darker Cthulhu stories, it is fantasy than horror Cthulhu that s right Nancy CUT Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer commercial take 42 RC Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer, clean and refreshing, harkening back to a whimsical, fantastic time of Edgar Rice Burroughs and L Frank Baum Cthulhu Yep, it is to my mythos as lemonade is to Jack Daniels as to my Old Ones as Air Supply is to Black Sabbath CUT Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer commercial take 61 Cthulhu I don t always drink craft beer, but when I do, I like to drink Arrogant Bastard Ale CUT Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer commercial take 77 RC Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer takes you back to dreamy, fantastic yarns of an older, innocent time, inspiring later writers like Jack Vance and John Varley Cthulhu And the Care Bears and Smurfs So drink Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath craft beer, if you like your fantasy hoppy as an IPA and not too boozy or horrific.

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    Opens the door My friend, The Dreamlands of Dylath Leen, Ulthar, Oriab, Celepha s, even the accursed Plateau of Leng and the unknown golden city of Kadath awaits your pre I love Lovecraft s tales from Cthulhu cycle, but his Dream cycle tales and I have a rocky relationship And Dream quest of Unknown Kadath is THE Dream cycle tale It tells the odyssey of Carter through the vast dreamlands to find the mysterious unknown city, Kadath As Carter progresses through his quest, he gets kidnapped and gets taken to the moon, makes allies with cats, gets kidnapped by flying monsters, makes allies with ghouls, gets kidna Okay, I m going to stop now Lovecraft wrote this novella in the 1920s, and just like his novel The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, Lovecraft never published the story in his life because he thought it was crap Now, I disagree with Lovecraft about the quality of Charles Dexter Ward, but his instinct about Kadath is quite accurate.It s crap.Okay, that s a bit harsh It s a vast, imaginative story filled with diverse creatures, gods, civilization, and worlds But ultimately it s pointless and even unreadable at times Nevertheless, Dream quest is an important tale as Lovecraft weaves characters and stories from his previous works to this gigantic dream He brings our protagonist from The Statement of Randolph Carter 1919 , supporting characters from Pickman s Model 1926 , Celepha s 1920 , The Cats of Ulthar 1920 , The other gods 1921 and probably that I missed Lovecraft has never connected so many short stories together like this in any of his other works I just wish he had a better story to tell.The cats are cool though There are also five short stories included in this collection, all from dream cycle The Silver Key and Through the gates of Silver Key is soft sequels to Randolph Carter s Journey, and while The Silver Key is fun ish, the latter is a cosmic mess with a decent ending.The White Ship and The Strange High House in the Mist are the two decent short stories in this collection, and it tells the stories of men who brushed with the wonders and gods of other worlds Verdict When it comes to Lovecraft s Dream cycles, the shorter the stories are, the better.

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    I remember thinking Lovecraft is not really my cup of tea when I first tried to read some of his stories To a twelve years old curious about science and about voyages of discovery, the mystical and obscure master of horror could not compete with the likes of Jules Verne, Karl May or Alexandre Dumas So it took almost 40 years and a homage novella written this year by Kij Johnson to make me come back to these nightmares realms ruled by malefic gods.At the start of the quest, Randolph Carter looks to me like a scion of John Carter of Mars he goes to sleep and wakes up in an alternate world, where he is carving out a kingdom for himself with daring sword and unflinching courage Lovecraft may share the starting point with Burroughs, but the focus of the story is not pulpy planetary romance alas no scantily clad princess of Barsoom awaits Randolph in the Dreamland but an indepth exploration of the hidden and often scary depths of our subconscious mind Carter resolved to go with bold entreaty whither no man had gone before, and dare the icy deserts through the dark to where unknown Kadath, veiled in cloud and crowned with unimagined stars, holds secret and nocturnal the onyx castle of the Great Ones While John Carter lies down in the desert and dreams of distant stars, Randolph Carter goes in his sleep to a magical city of indescribable beauty, a twilight wonder of marble halls, slender columns and twisting alleys by a topaz sea, a city that is locked against him by the hands of invisible Great Ones It was a fever of the gods, a fanfare of supernatural trumpets and a clash of immortal cymbals Mystery hung about it as clouds about a fabulous unvisited mountain Vaguely it called up glimpses of a far forgotten first youth, when wonder and pleasure lay in all the mystery of days, and dawn and dusk alike strode forth prophetic to the eager sound of lutes and song, unclosing fiery gates towards further and surprising marvels Is Randolph on a quest to rediscover his youthful enthusiasm for the world, his thirst for adventure and for distant shores How did the world of adults betrayed him, disappointed him What made him reject the present day and take refuge in fantasy A brief foray into the biography of the author, a sensitive man, alternatively passionate and depressive, tormented by life in the metropolis and yearning for a return to his home in Providence, Rhode Island, may offer an answer to these questions, but it is not a prerequisite for enjoying the journey Randolph Carter embarks on So to Celephais he must go, far distant from the isle of Oriab, and in such parts as would take him back to Dylath Teen and up the Skai to the bridge by Nir, and again into the enchanted wood of the Zoogs, whence the way would bend northward through the garden lands by Oukranos to the gilded spires of Thran, where he might find a galleon bound over the Cerenarian Sea These names are resonant with promise of adventure and marvels, but right from the start the quest is threatened by the true rulers of the Dreamland, lesser and higher gods that dance to unknown tunes and bicker among themselves while turning a blind eye to the pityful affairs of human ants To unlock the gate of the sunset city, Randolph must address his plea to the highest supernatural authority in the universe Problem is, the higher you climb up the god s ladder, the fickle and irrational the gods become I am not truly familiar with the Cthulhu Mythos, but I believe there exists in the Lovecraft oeuvre a coherent vision of the things that lurk in the shadows of the waking world The present novella is a prime example of this vision Always upward led the terrible plunge in darkness, and never a sound, touch or glimpse broke the dense pall of mystery A quick browse of the florid prose favoured by Lovecraft in describing these superior beings can partly explain his lasting influence on readers and writers interested in the study of the supernatural unearthly immanencetyrannous godselder witcherycrypticalsinisterCyclopeangargantuanprodigious voidgigantic, blind, voiceless, mindlesscrawling chaosgrotesque Makes you wonder what kind of nightmares haunted the dreams of Lovecraft, what existential dread sent him into despair and made him imagine that there is no ultimate answer to the question of life, nothing but a last amorphous blast of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the centre of all infinity I didn t much like this bombardment of lurid images, this insistence that we are doomed by invisible chaos, not when I was twelve, and honestly not so much now in my fifties But I can at least appreciate the monumental struggle of the individual against the darkness waiting to engulf him every night, the heavy price paid by the artist, by the dreamer who dared to descend into Hell and bring back to us a clarion call of warning and an entreaty not to loose sight of our private sunset city, this symbol and relic of your days of wonder Lovecraft, like Randolph Carter, was constantly plagued by night gaunts, ghouls, gugs, ghasts, zoogs, moon beasts, shantak birds and evil priests, but parts of the Dreamland are still reminiscent of his youthful days of wonder The author s utopia bears witness to the less savoury things I heard about the author a W.A.S.P exclusive resort, male only, darkies to be used as slaves or servants or cannon fodder Cats are allowed favored nation status, but that s about it as far as Lovecraft is concerned Most of the racial insensivity is not particular to Lovecraft, but a mirror of the larger views held by his anturage and by a lot of philosophers and political leaders of the period the story was written Same can be said about the purple prose, something most of the readership expected in their Weird Tales I would never recommend banning an author for his private views, especially since his contribution and influence on the genre is undeniable.Since October with its Halloween themed reads is just a month away, I plan to further explore the universe of Lovecraft I am sure there are haunting gems to be discovered among his stories Perched on that ledge night found the seeker and in the blackness he might neither go down nor go up, but only stand and cling and shiver in that narrow place till the day came, praying to keep awake less sleep loose his hold and send him down the dizzy miles of air to the crags and sharp rocks of the accursed valley The stars came out, but save from them there was only black nothingness in his eyes nothingness leagued with death, against whose beckoning he might do no than cling to the rocks and lean back away from an unseen brink

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    Lovecraft Illustrated Volume 1Contents ix Introduction by S.T Joshi003 The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath by H.P Lovecraft141 HPL and PVS by Pete Von Sholly

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    Better on audiobook Not an entry level volume Dream quest is a strange first choice since it was a Lovecraft first draft This advanced mythos touches on several stories not present here This volume would be better if it contained the, Cats of Ulthar and other tales No doubt this has to do with some publishing brouhaha A better collection can be had for free online Beware, Dream quest has subject matter repugnant to many The Silver Key and Through the Gates of the Silver Key, are my two favorite mythos stories As for you, find a better collection Celephais, White Ship, and the Strange High House in the Mist, are reviewed under their titles.Here is my preferred order, assuming you read all of the Dreamlands Hypnos as best introduction then chronological, Doom that Came to Sarnath, Quest of Iranon, the Other Gods, Hypnos, Cats of Ulthar, Celephais, Strange High House, Dreamquest, Silver Key, Through the Gates, The White Ship.

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    Ovo apsolutno i definitivno nije knjiga od koje treba po eti s itanjem Lavkrafta, utoliko pre to su neke njegove stvari zapravo sasvim okej To na stranu ta re i, ovde Lavkraftove mane u pogledu jezika i stila dolaze do punog izra aja Sve je u asno, stravi no, jezivo i udovi no I smrdljivo Ali, varijacije radi, sa mnogo sinonima i to uglavnom latinizama da bi lep e zvu alo Samo da su izba eni izli ni epiteti jer zaista nema potrebe da se svaki put kad se pomene bi e koje se hrani le inama istovremeno pomene i da je neprijatnog mirisa, imajte malo poverenja u itaoce aman knjiga bi bila solidno kra a.Pravde radi treba re i da je Lavkraft solidno ma tovit i da ume da izazove pravu horor jezu iako opet ova knjiga ni na tom planu nije najbolji primer Zemlja snova kojom Lavkraftov junak ovde cunja ne bi li na ao Kadat a potom i bezimeni grad za kojim zapravo traga nema u sebi gotovo ni eg oniri nog, sve je nepomerljivo i trajno, nema pretapanja i alogi nosti karakteristi nih za snove kakve mo emo na i kod recimo Kafke ili Kortasara fantasti ni svet koji nam se predstavlja ima mnogo vi e zajedni kog sa pri ama lorda Dansejnija Ima, dakle, upe atljivih slika, ali one potonu pod teretom neumereno kitnjastog jezika.I kona no klju ni i zaklju ni problem view spoiler zavr etak je maltene jedini momenat kad postane zaista bitno i prisutno to to Karter SANJA celu svoju potragu I taj momenat se iskoristi samo za neverovatno antiklimakti nu varijaciju a onda sam se probudio zavr etka uz obilat dodatak sentimenta koji je bukvalno kao preslikan zavr etak arobnjaka iz Oza A to nije pohvala hide spoiler

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    Well, that was painful At least I can say this book didn t beat me I read the whole damn thing pats self on back.I used to think back in the first half of the last century that authors were paid by the word If you read some of the old stuff you ll see how they tend to ramble a lot However, I think in this case he was paid by the adjective and adverb Seriously, you couldn t fit another one in this story if you were using size 8 font and a crowbar Does everything have to be described so intensely I think not You could probably cut 50 pages out just by stopping the over descriptiveness.To give you some idea of Lovecraft s writing, at least in this story, imagine Neil Gaiman and his most fantastical story ever Now pump him full of LSD and magic mushrooms et voila, Lovecraft.So, the story as descriptive as it was, and as weird as it was, was overwhelmingly boring The protagonist, Carter, has discovered a city in his dreams that he can see but cannot get to but he really, really wants to go there This is the story of his travels through dreamland in search of this city My dreamland is better than his Really, everyone s dreamland is better than his It was dark and full of monsters, and cats apparently Lovecraft had a fondness for cats.Would I recommend this Hell no Not to the average reader anyhow Only people who ve previously read Lovecraft should look at it The rest of you, step away from the book.

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    4.5 The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath is a wonderfully creepy horror story of one man s quest to find and reach a forbidden place with an unexpected and great ending The lack of dialogue shouldn t be a surprise to any Lovecraft lover, but the imaginative way this story is told and filled with unearthly creatures while the protagonist is searching for a way to get to his destination should be enough to overlook that.The main character is Randolph Carter who meets many strange and terrifying beings on his journey beings like zoogs, ghasts, gugs, nightgaunts and so on Whatever Randolph Carter encounters, whatever happens to him on his journey, he never stops going forward There isn t a single place or a tavern where people don t try to warn him off his quest to get to Kadath He never wavers One of the beautiful things is that he gets help from unlikely sources.There are so many references to other Lovecraft s stories here, I am certain I missed a few Some of well known characters play an even greater role than you might expect Here you ll find out what happened to Kuranes and where exactly Pickman ended up after he had disappeared The cats of Ulthar don t just make an appearance, but rather give this story a fairy tale touch Even Nyarlathotep has a role to play.Now, you can choose to read this story partly as a commentary on society I ll simply read it as fantasy.

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    I think Lovecraft often gets a bad rap People read that he influenced the modern greats, everyone form authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker, to movie makers like John Carpenter and Wes Craven, and then dive into his books expecting the same fare He wrote for a different era His mind bending, first person surrealistic approach to a creeping, nameless horror stunned and fascinated huge segments of early century America The America that read, that is, which wasn t nearly what it is today I enjoy his approach, even if some of it is a bit florid, but his ideas are dauntless They broke conventions and rearranged the way a future breed of horror authors would look at the world Even today, I find them stunningly original, and well worth the read If any sound familiar, it is only because they have been copied, usually far less efficiently, by later day authors.