In the wake of “Batman RIP”and BATTLE FOR THE COWL Stephanie Brown the vigilante formerly known as The Spoiler and Robin has taken on the identity of Batgirl as she begins her nocturnal crusade to take back the night from the underworld Now she has become the target of both Gotham City’s heroes who don’t take kindly to a new person wearing the cape and the cowl and its villains who want to see the entire Bat family six feet under

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    I feel sorry for Stephanie She was Robin for about five minutes before being murdered by Black Mask Does she get a memorial? Nope DC editorial says she was never really Robin Then she comes back from the dead and gets to be Batgirl for about five minutes Then New 52 comes along and she gets replaced by a de paralyzed Barbara Gordon So where's Stephanie now? Don't know DC editorial forbids any appearance or mention of her I bring all this up because I really really like Stephanie as Batgirl She enjoys being Batgirl even though she makes than a few mistakes It's the way that she reacts to her mistakes that really endears her to me a moment of crushing embarassment followed by diving right back in And huge huge bonus points to the artist for not oversexualizing her Babs plays a huge role here as Stephanie's reluctant mentor Their relationship dynamic suabbling sisters covers it is very fun to read Almost as much fun as watching Damian interact with Stephanie I just wish there was Stephanie to read There are a couple trades of her as Batgirl sure But all things considered DiDio seems really hostile towards her as a character I doubt her next appearance if it ever comes will end with her in a box

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    Didn't know much about Stephanie Brown before I started reading and I'm honestly not sure if I really like her voice all that much yet However this is worth reading anyway because 50% of the book is Barbara Gordon's perspective on things as she reluctantly takes Stephanie under her wing Overall this was a really enjoyable origin story for a new Batgirl

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    Sometimes there's nothing better than an afterthought selection from the library and libraries rock BTW that turns out to be an unexpected andor hidden gem Batgirl Rising for me at least was one of those books You know zero prior knowledge zero expectation results in five star ratingAlthough I'm familiar with her as Spoiler I thought Stephanie Brown was really engaging as the new Batgirl It's not uite an origin story so much as the 'first week on the job' type of tribulations for a new crime fighter Whether verbally sparring with Damian's Robin sounding amusingly like siblings who can't share the same sandbox or breaking the ice with Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon to receive her blessing and assistance I'd say this volume doesn't take a wrong step In fact forget Batman Robin Brown's Batgirl and Babs the new dynamic duo When Batgirl swings into action during the first story's finale with Every night we make sure everyone else gets to see tomorrow HERE WE GO you damn well want to read her further adventures

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    Book Info This collection contains Batgirl issues #1 7ABSOLUTE RATING 255 stars Rounded UpSTANDARDIZED RATING 25 starsStephanie Brown – former superhero Spoiler and current Batgirl – is starting her freshman year of college at Gotham U She's still getting into the swing of things as an official superhero and must learn to juggle schoolwork and regular nightly patrols while avoiding raising her mother's suspicions about her extra curricular activities Meanwhile Barbara Gordon – also known as the high tech vigilante Oracle – struggles to find a productive way to channel her anger and escape the daily tedium that has become her life Following Batgirl's intervention during a hostage situation in Gotham's western uadrant nicknamed Devil's Suare Barbara uickly catches wind of Stephanie's involvement and the two eventually strike up an uneasy partnership Acting as mentor and intelligence analyst Barbara helps Stephanie uncover the larger picture surrounding the Devil's Suare incident as well as begin to find purpose and fulfillment again in her lifeI guess I'll just start this review by discussing the general atmosphere of the book If you're someone who loves positivity in your comic books and prefers an easy read chances are you'll absolutely love this It's kind of strange I should choose to read this so soon after Invincible but aside from that I can't easily think of any superhero comic I've ever read that matches this one in terms of it's light hearted tone But take that with a grain of salt; if you know anything about me you'd know this isn't the kind of comic I generally seek out and read so I probably wouldn't be the person best euipped to compare this to whatever else is out there But to someone like me confronted by all this fluff and cheeriness this felt almost like an an assault of positivity and while that would have been bad enough for me already there were several other detrimental issues that made this book a chore to readMiller's apparent sense of humor was a significant part of what I think contributed to the writer's intended feel for the book While I'm sure he also hoped that his jokes would actually be funny at least they did help the book escape being very serious In my opinion Stephanie's narrative voice simply isn't suited for good humor and the times she tries to be clever or cute lead to – at best – corny punchlines I'm not saying every joke had to be funny but Miller tried a lot and succeeded almost never I also got the impression the attempted chemistry between Stephanie and Barbara was meant to have element of charm and wit to it but I didn't really feel either and was always relieved when the writing gave me a break from it all no matter how brief I think I'm still young enough to know that this isn't the type of joke that would either make a full classroom of college kids laugh nor is it likely to attract the attention of a guy Most students who could muster the energy to snicker would probably be doing so to be polite and the whole class should forget about it within the next 30 seconds Unfortunately this is the level of humor abundant throughout the book and it really seems the writer expects it to be funnyTo be clear this wasn't a book where everybody's holding hands and singing Kumbaya or anything but for a non children's book this was pretty watered down Just like in the case of Invincible's Mark Grayson Stephanie Brown is a protagonist that doesn't really have any serious problems or challenges to deal with as a fledgling superheroine I mean yeah I did mention some stuff in my intro to this review that sounds like she's got stuff to worry about but Miller never really takes things far enough to be interesting Instead what he does is place Stephanie in a philosophy class and uses that as a platform to give readers the impression he means business uestions about the nature of free will and sacrifice are brought up several times throughout the first arc ie issues #1 3 but they're never explored beyond a very superficial level If you as a reader honestly don't see this as corny I'm not really sure what to tell you But this is the kind of moralizing dialogue often used in children's cartoons Just take it from me nothing Stephanie is facing here is particularly threatening or dangerous It's just common criminals and very many writers know better than to play it up to be something it's not I guess he just did it because he thought it would sound cool It didn'tAnd when Miller does finally try and turn up the heat a bit during the second arc ie issues #5 7 I never really was able to take these situations seriously because I already learned he didn't have the stones to put Stephanie in any real danger Oracle is always around to bail Batgirl out of trouble and beyond losing sleep missing some homework assignments and her compulsive thrill seeking Stephanie's everyday problems seem trivial and mundane even though they logically shouldn'tThe characterization in this book wasn't exactly terrible but I definitely wouldn't call it inspired either On the surface and considering all she's been through over the years it does sound like Babs should have some inner struggle going on but Miller doesn't exactly handle that in the best way The way I see it she must have had uite a while and many tests of character between her accident with the Joker and now to come to terms with her situation; than virtually everyone else she ought to be the adult in the book So by picking on and discouraging Stephanie out of some childish jealousy about being replaced as Batgirl the woman proves herself to be an emotional cripple as well as a physical one Out of everyone I think I enjoyed Damian's character the most of all; his combination of fearlessness pride and clever retorts made his appearances the most fun and humorous points in the bookIn general I think too great a portion of Miller's writing consisted of pretentious narration weak humor and somewhat frivolous teenage drama At this point I've checked out uite a few young adult superhero comics and have really only been impressed with Ultimate Spider Man Although that comic does have many of the elements present in this one ie young people jokes adolescent insecurities and a laid back vibe Bendis actually does a decent job of adding some fun and substance to his stories led by a protagonist whose struggles I can actually get behind I know it might sound a bit strange for me to say but it's like Stephanie is having a little too much fun for me to have all that much while readingPostscriptTo further illustrate the lackluster writing in this book let's explore the following two parts in the first arc one of which I mentioned earlier by way of exampleYou'll have to forgive me for again hammering poor old Barbara by way of an example but what can I say – she's just such a tempting target In both cases we have Ms Gordon being called out for inappropriate behavior by two individuals that see right through her selfish tantrums In the first instance she made the silly mistake of letting her guard down at the worst time possible and unintentionally bearing her vulnerabilities to a girl with little than half her life experience You'd think that the combination of her increased age and superhero field experience as well as the psychological barriers constructed as a result of these things would be enough to allow her to hold her own against someone like Stephanie I'm sorry but as a disciple of Bruce Wayne this was nothing short of utterly pathetic It wouldn't take some kids below the age of seventeen to do a better job than thatThe second situation portrays Barbara's first face to face encounter with detective Nick Gage As the image would imply she and Dick Grayson just recently had a bit of a falling out and now Babs decides to take her anger out on Nick Makes sense to far right? To surmise that Barbara was just using him as a punching bag also makes sense but for Nick to then say she was pretending he was someone else is pushing things I suppose one might just chalk that one up to his experience interrogating criminals and reading people but let's be real here; he had way too little information about Barbara at that time to jump to such a conclusion Isn't it possible she was in a generally bad mood and pissed off with no one in particular? I don't know about you but that's sure happened to me before If I had to guess Miller just has trouble writing credible dialogue and didn't really think these issues over before he sat down to write And to end off Can somebody please tell me how this rookie Batgirl can face off against big time villains like Livewire ie a Superman level threat and Scarecrow ie one of Batman's most dangerous foes with no plan and walk away with only minor injuries? Not only are things like this blindingly nonsensical – especially in the case of Livewire – but they also serve to trivialize the DCU in its entirety How do you think Batgirl's suit fares against Superman's skin in terms of electrical insulation?

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    This is a biased review cause I just love the Stephanie Brown character so if you want an objective review you won't find it hereYes Finally her own series how does it read? GreatWorld The art in okay it's nothing special to write home about the character models are good though body position is a little bit off however the facial expressions are great which is very important for a Steph Brown book The world building here is also good following in the footstep of Cain Batgirl and also the events of War Games and Final Crisis the status uo is certainly changed Miller is able to create a little piece of Gotham for Steph to play in and that great it kind of reminds of Brubaker and him creating the East Side for Selina Kyle to play in Story The tone of this book is perfect it matches Steph's character and the writing and pacing is exactly what a Steph Brown Batgirl book should be This book feels very different from Cassandra's book and that's perfect because readers need to tonally feel the difference between a Cain and a Brown Batgirl book The two tales in this book is good because 1 it sets up the new status uo for Steph and also 2 sets up the expectations to readers what to expect from this Batgirl The tone as I said is light but still the stakes are high enough to keep reader's pulses running It's great I won't ruin anything but I can say that the book reads very much like Batman the animated series and also Tim Drake's Robin series which is greatCharacters I love Steph because she's possibly the most relatable of the Bat family characters Cassandra Kate Dick Jason Tim and Damien all are very naturally gifted and it made sense when they stepped into a suit to fight crime Steph is different her upbringing and her past and her drive makes it different she's normal and she's unsure of herself and she's approachable Her internal monologue in this series is exactly what it needs to be and her character's personal voice is very strong Miller really nails the tone and her personality Babs is also great in this book and much like what she did with Cassandra her guidance of Steph is great this partnership is great because not only does it develop Steph as a character but also Babs The rest of the cast so far have been pretty much cameos but they serve their purpose well for the story that Miller is telling Good stuffI love this book it's light it's fun and it's got Steph She's just an amazing character but as I said I'm biased so take my words for what they areOnward to the next book

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    I read Batgirl at whim It exceeded my expectations I love Stephanie Brown and her sister mentor relationship with Barbara Sadly the ending is a bit anticlimactic I love the Batfam so much

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    Smallville's Bryan Miller gets the job of introducing the new Batgirl with former Spoiler Stephanie Brown picking up where Cassandra Cain left off I've always liked the Steph Brown character with all her flaws she's human than a lot of the extended Bat family and a lot vulnerable I'm sad to see Cassandra go though Miller knows how to have fun with his character in these first 7 issues which includes a highly amusing team up between our heroine and the newest and most insufferable Robin Imagine the most annoying ten year old who has ever whooped your backside at Call of Duty while trash talking in a sueaky voice and multiply by a factor of ten and you have the new Robin Miller milks the the whole 19 year old girl teaming up with 10 year old boy dynamic to the full Enjoyable

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    Stephanie Brown as a character owns real estate in my heart and she always will Yes I'm writing this late and it is shameful I adored this book this entire run was fantastic I feel like they hit a great voice for a character that many loved and uite a few didn't Stephanie gains the Batgirl mantle after the previous owner Cassandra Cain leaves upon the death of Batman They don't really touch much on her friendship which is a shame as its a cornerstone for Cassandra's own Batgirl run They do however explore a young woman trying to find herself and her place in a city of crime with a costume she isn't sure she owns Spoiler alert she owns it fine If you like Stephanie or Batgirl in general you'll enjoy this run

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    Why did Stephanie get a small time of being batgirl?Only three volumes?Come onBarbara and Steph teaming up is a one of a kind dynamic duo and make such a good teamI LOVE ITTTT SO MUCH D

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    For some stupid reason I thought there might be boy drama and catty in fighting than there was I'd been told to read this by someone with pretty good taste in books so I probably shouldn't have doubted her The art is crisp and the writing is mostly on point The character is interesting than I had hoped for I'm following Stephanie in the current Detective Comics run so going back to previous interpretations of her had me a little nervous I'm planning to finish of the series today or tomorrow but I'd definitely suggest anyone with an interest in this version of Batgirl to give it a shot It's uite solid