If the bus hadn't broken down that August afternoon on the road between Dublin and Cork Elizabeth Sullivan would never have met George Gallaher a travelling actor of infinite charm and fatal weakness She would not have been forced to marry nor found herself trapped in an alien landscape

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    What prompted me to read this book is that I saw the movie first And it left me with questionsI think what hooked me in was that there was a relatively strong female character who gets pregnant out of wedlock and then suddenly submits to her parents wishes to marry an available man with four children of his own in the middle of a bleak and distant countryside And then this city girl commences to raise kids look after various livestock and bed down with the always unfulfilling NeeleyHow did she bear it? That's what I wanted to know what strong stuff is this woman made of that she toughened up to make a go with this life I thought the book would offer up the heart and soul answer But the answer that I got wasshe didn't really think about it she just went along placidly with the flow And that is not an answer that one wants from a heroine This book is a little low on heart It describes what the characters did to a small degree what they felt but it offered none of the things that make a novel great breaking open insights into the emotions of ourselves or others Or to present a person on paper that you become deeply attached to and reread again and again just to visit themPerhaps this book was meant to show the strength of woman in their passions and in their loves But Elizabeth still persisted in being a very uninteresting character no matter who was trying to hike her skirt up in the cemetery Alsothere wasn't any Dancers I repeat NO DANCERS The title is a lie