Ten years after Blayne Thorpe first encountered Bo Novikov she still can't get the smooth talking shifter out of her head Now he's shadowing her in New York all seven plus feet of him determined to protect her from stalkers who want to use her in shifter dogfights Even if he has to drag her off to an isolated Maine town where the only neighbors are other bears almost as crazy as he isLet sleeping dogs lie Bo knows it's good advice but he can't leave Blayne be Blame it on her sweet sexiness or his hunch that there's to this little wolfdog than meets the eye Blayne has depths he hasn't yet begun to fathom much as he'd like to She may insist Bo's nothing but a pain in her delectable behind but polar bears have patience in spades Soon she'll realize how good they can be together And when she does animal instinct tells him it'll be worth the wait

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    5 bear cat sexiness StarsSpoilers“Stop” Bo put his hands over his ears and gaped down at her “Good God woman Hit the brakes on the freight train that is your mouth” “You’re an asshole” “You don’t even know me” “On the ice You’re an asshole on the ice And now everyone wants to be assholes That’s expected now” She rolled closer “And because I’m not an asshole I’m suffering Your fault”Beast Behaving Badly is the 5th book in the Pride series and it is awesomely hilarious I really love Blayne and Bo Bo Novikov is a lionpolar bear hybrid He is a totally lovable asshole anti social loner with OCD which I totally understandand a kick ass hockey player Bo needs everything organised and neat He says exactly what he means and is all about being punctual staying on schedule and list Bo set his eyes on Blayne 10 years ago and wanted her then but she ran from him screaming Now ten years later she is asking him to help toughen her up for her roller derby team since he is the asshole of hockey and all Even though he doesn't have time on his schedule he is willing to help Blayne because he wants a chance to be in her life “Don’t you understand?” she pleaded “I’m a wolfdog meant to be free To roam the hills and roads as I see fit Not to be held down by your expensive time keeping devices I can’t live in this kind of—ooh Earmuffs” “Will it make you happy if I do this?” he asked “Yes” she hissed frustrated “It would make me happy” “Then I’ll do it” Blayne blinked her fists unfisting “Just like that?” “Yep I like making you happy”Blayne Thorpe is a wild dogwolf hybrid She is a super perkyhyper sweet all over the place scatter brain but she can turn killer with mad skills she learned from her daddy when she has to She is always trying to help others she goes out of her way to be cheery and nice to everyone Which is the problem she is having her roller derby team thinks she is too nice and will cause their team to lose the upcoming championship So Blayne gets Bo to help toughen her up but she also wants to help him too Blayne can see that Bo is lonely and she wants to help him be nice and make friends cut loose and live a little “I don’t hate you you idiot I’m in love with you That’s why I’m panicking” She marched to the door and yelled “And our children will not be freaks” Bo’s eyes narrowed and his mane dropped to his shoulders “Oh no” her father said next to him with a level of sarcasm even Bo was finding hard to take “Your kids won’t be freaks at all” “I love your daughter sir” Bo said low for Mr Thorpe’s benefit only “But don’t think for a second I won’t snap your neck like a twig if you get on my nerves” The wolf looked up at him brows raised and Bo added “No really”Blayne and Bo together had me laughin so damn hard The way she is all over the place chaotic and it driving Bo crazy I love that Bo learns to let loose and would do nice things just to make Blayne happy I think it is great that even though they both could be other things Blayne could be mean and Bo could be nice they are still true to who they really are I love the fact that Blayne could go from sweet nutty girl to trained killer in 60 seconds flat There is some seriously hot scenes in this book I love a lot of the new characters we meet for the first time in this book and really enjoyed seeing some old favorites from past books I really enjoy how closely the books tie together and build onto each other giving the characters depth A great read and a awesome addition to the series Below I leave a couple of my favorite quotes from this bookHe grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up enjoying her squealed giggles her arms looping around his neck her legs around his waist “And now?” he demanded “And now I’d have to say you have me where you want me Marauder Genghis would be proud” “Then you better kiss me quick before I burn your peasant village to the ground and take all your women as my concubines” “Oh no” she whispered staring at his mouth “I’m trapped between wanting to help my people and keep my innocence What will I do?” “What you always do Blayne” he told her honestly while pressing his body into hers “Help everyone else” She leaned in her hands moving from his shoulders to his face her fingers stroking his jaw “My God” she whispered her sweet breath brushing against his mouth “the sacrifices I’m forced to make for my people”“Bo” “What?” Blayne cleared her throat and said “Uh Bold Novikov I’d like you to meet my father Ezra Louis Thorpe” Praying she was kidding—but already knowing she wasn’t—he looked down the porch stairs Unsmiling black powerfully built in his fifties and still wearing a buzz cut that was mere millimeters from bald Bo knew this was Blayne’s father “Sir” Bo said before raising his gaze to Blayne’s “I am so naked” he whispered What kind of first impression could he be making right now? “I’m almost positive he noticed that” she whispered back “Although if you go inside and get some pants I don’t think he’ll mind”