It S Jessie S Sopho Year Of High School A Self Professed Mathelete, She Isn T Sure Where She Belongs Her Two Best Friends Have Transformed Themselves Into Punks And One Of Them Is Going After Her Longtime Crush Her Beloved Older Brother Will Soon Leave For College And In The Meantime Has Shaved His Mohawk And Started Dating The Prom PrincessThings Are Changing Fast Jessie Needs New Friends And Her Quest Is A Hilarious Tour Through High School Clique Dom, With A Surprising Stop Along The Way The Dungeons And Dragons Crowd, Who Out Nerd Everyone Will Hanging Out With Them Make Her A Nerd, Too And Could She Really Be Crushing On A Guy With Too Short Pants And Too White Gym Shoes If You Go Into The Wild Nerd Yonder, Can You Ever Come Back

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    I feel like Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is a book for me, about me, and at some moments could have been written by me The fact that I am here, on Goodreads, and writing a book review is a proof enough that I am an unapologetic nerd And who isn t here, right This is why this novel about embracing one s nerdiness had such an appeal to me.It raises an interesting question why is it so shameful to acknowledge one s nerdiness And I will take it a bit further when did nerdy behavior become so marginal, so out of norm I never thought of it growing up I did good in school, often liked doing my homework, read a lot, had low key parties with my few close friends with pie making and playing Heroes of Might and Magic on PC And now reading and YA lit I am learning that apparently these are not cool things and popular people don t do any of them WTH What do they do then I am a foreigner and I need to know the answer to this question It s 2 on my questions to ask, right after Why Sex and the City is considered to be a feminist TV show I liked Into the Wild Nerd Yonder a lot and spent a couple of fun hours reading about Jessie s road to accepting her new Dungeons and Dragons playing friends great info about DD BTW never knew how exactly it worked and now that I do it seems like a lot of work The reason I can t give this book than 3 stars is because of the narrator s voice You remember how I mentioned this story could have been written by me I am not kidding I felt like many speech patterns and jokes were just like mine For goodness sake, I even have read all the YA books mentioned in it I find myself a tad tiring in large doses.P.S This is a preview of one of the best jokes in the novel

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    It is kind of hard for me to relate to this book totally, because it s about one girl s slow acceptance of her own nerdy ways, and I never struggled with that I was a magnificently huge nerd in high school I never had my own car, so I took the bus to and from school all the way through my senior year, and was thus the oldest person to take the bus although my best friend had a 1960 s Dodge Dart with a sweet teal paint job and a passenger door that would swing open unexpectedly during sharp turns, so I did get to risk my life going out to lunch occasionally In addition, my advanced calculus teacher decided to schedule the class in the super early crack of dawn time slot so the class time would never be affected by assemblies so I had to take the early bus As a result, I was finished with my entire schedule by lunch time, but the bus didn t leave to take me home until 3 00pm So, I had three hours to kill every single day Without fail, I could be found each and every day in the library Now, that might seem boring and repetitive to some although maybe not to my excellent goodreader friends but those hours in the library were possibly my favorite part of high school My friends and I would get together to do homework, eye up the Brazilian exchange student who we never spoke to or knew the name of, choosing instead to call him the green hat guy , read novels, and revel in our shared nerdery I realized quite early on that the people I could connect with the most were the quiet ones, the odd ones, the sincere ones So, I really couldn t wait for Jessie to hurry up and get over her prejudice about nerds While I was continually exasperated with her disavowal of the nerd label, I quite enjoyed the rest of this book It s a light, funny, entertaining read.Jessie is a complete and total nerd she excels at math, she listens to audiobooks while doing everything, and she has sewn a brand new gaudy skirt for each day of the school year , but she s in denial She has been somewhat shielded by her brother Barret, a popular in his own way punk senior with a garage band, and her two best friends Bizza the obnoxious attention seeker and Char the mute super model , who she s hung out with since first grade In the summer before their sopho year of school, Bizza and Char become boy crazy for her brother and his friends, including Jessie s long time fantasy crush Van Soon Bizza and Char are abusing Jessie s friendship to become groupies for Barret s band, shopping at Hot Topic, and making some questionable decisions Jessie must find the courage to leave her safety net behind, dump her poseur friends, and join her nerdy peers As I mentioned earlier, Jessie frustrated me This girl spends an inordinate amount of time judging her peers based on the cliques that they hang out with or their appearances, and fretting about whether she ll be seen as a nerd or not However, I have to admit that given her experience and background it seems believable, and it fits in with her journey But I still couldn t help getting exasperated Just accept it You make your own Pikachu skirts for crying out loud Also, as an adult, I found some sympathy for her jerky ex bff s, but I was still glad that she dumped them.Henry is sweet and smart and social and he has neon blue eyes and baby fine curls in short, he is a fantasy He fits right in with this cute story though How I wish that boys like that existed in my high school The truth is, boy nerds are just as socially awkward as girl nerds, if not so High school nerd flirting is inept and painful and doomed to failure I d like to submit this transcript of the one and only time I got asked to go to a school dance as evidence names have been changed to protect the awesome Catie Hello Stu Hi uh Catie This is Stu From biology Catie Oh yeah, Hi.Stu Um didyouwritedownthehomeworkfortomorrowbecauseIforgot Catie Yeah, wait just a sec Checking nerdy day planner which has been lovingly decoupaged with comics and literary quotes Catie Wow, I am so sorry, but I must have forgot too Stu Catie Hello Stu Is it page 136, questions 4 10 and 15, 17, and 19 Catie Oh yeah I think that sounds right actually Stu So, uh, how about that dance this weekend Catie Yeah, I never go I just hate dances They re so awful, don t you think Stu whispers butwecouldgotogether Catie Thanks for asking, but really, I absolutely hate dances I don t want to go.Stu GIANT SIGH Wow, okay Well, maybe we could hang out together some other time Catie Yeah, sure Just call me or I ll see you at school or whatever.Stu Okaybye hangs up Catie bye FIN Aaaaand he never called or spoke to me again.Perfect Musical PairingKate Nash MariellaKate Nash writes clever, sometimes silly lyrics Her songs can be a bit oddball but I always end up loving them This one is a big favorite of mine about a clumsy and loud girl who secretly wishes to be like the silent, black wearing outcast at her school.

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    I can t help it, I m a sucker for cute funny girlie romantic books Love themThis book had the right amount of laugh out loud moments teen drama lovable characters which all one hell of a fun read I thought the writing was cleaver, and it had the perfect quantity of sarcastic dialogue I always enjoy Nothing was over done or over the top, which was a major plus for me I didn t think the characters were too stereotypical or too exaggerated I really loved the main protagonist Jessie and her adorable brother Barrett Julie Halpern totally captured the magic of their brother sister relationship Too cute Jess struggled in the story with where she fit in and whether, she was okay with being average, but nerdy In the end, she over came her prejudices towards the realm of nerddom I think many teens struggle with this basic situation in life It s like a rite of passage or something I also loved Henry and his really white shoes and too short jeans Plus, Dungeons and Dragons rules I want to start playing right now HA If you are looking for a fun, realistic, and relatable read than this book is for you.

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    2.5 stars Cute, but ultimately lightweight and unsatisfying On the one hand, I could relate to every bit of this I was the good girl nerd who took a while to admit to let alone take pride in her nerdiness I have played DD than you can shake a stick at though mostly as an adult, and I DM a game to this day, bitchez I used to sew although I was pretty bad at it I was always completely behind my peers in things like smoking and drinking and sex I have wonderful siblings who I never stopped feeling close to Also I remember very keenly how much it hurt when my best friends from grade school decided they were too cool for me.And here was my main problem my friends dumped me in JR high I did all my sewing in JR high All right, I remained tragically behind the curve in sex and drugs and rock n roll until college I m still behind on the drugs, frankly, and I may never catch up But my point is this read really young Jessie felt 12 13 years old to me Which made all the talk of BJs and jizz and gonorrhea really jarring.And I found it preachy I get it that the author s trying to say, You, straight laced nerdy girl You are okay exactly as you are Back when I was a straight laced nerdy girl, that would have been a nice message to hear And yes, her crappy friends were crappy and should be judged accordingly, but isn t that enough Do they also have to get gonorrhea and be taken advantage of by asshole dudes Shallow people shall be punished was another message I d have liked to hear in jr high, but THAT s not a good message, because it s not true There is no Cosmic Hand of Justice dealing out retribution on the girls who dumped me nor should there be People are different friends change and grow apart that s just how it is.I loved Jessie s relationship with her brother, and yet I found it also profoundly unsatisfying I love seeing siblings getting along and looking out for each other, but the dude was just too saintly All his bandmates smoke but he doesn t Why, because he s GOOD Can t somebody be good and still screw up occasionally It would have been way interesting and complicated and nuanced if he d been a smoker, and decided to quit when he quit the band Show him struggling a little bit make him a little less saintly.That may just sum it up best the book lacked nuance Everybody was a bit flat, which is too bad because the nerds in my life are and have been some of the most colourful, vibrant, hilarious people I have ever known and not necessarily straight laced I know polyamorous nerds and nerds who have partaken of a variety of illegal substances In that way, the lack of nuance, it also read young I d have loved this book in Jr high while being secretly, delightfully scandalized by the occasional bad word and the talk of BJs if I d been able to figure out what that stood for I was very, very sheltered A friend of mine in jr high once made a joke with the word orgasm in it I laughed and pretended I got it, then looked that word up when I got home and STILL didn t get it So I m not even sure who I would recommend this for Nerds in denial in jr high I guess Anyone who wants a cute, fast read Maybe

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    Jessie sews her own skirts, aces math class, plays the drums and is basically adorable Anyway, the gist of this novel is that she casts off her loser poseur friends for a bunch of nerds who play DD Hilarity ensues.I did have a few eh moments, but they are minimal and easily disregarded As a teenager, I was fascinated by the social ladder as depicted in youth media Mean Girls, The Princess Diaries, Taylor Swift s You Belong with Me because I never really noticed it at my own high school I suppose I drifted somewhere between literary magazine and the music department, but wasn t preoccupied with either of them However, I do think a lot of teens aren t yet comfortable with their own identity, and the labels help Depending on your opinions on labels and or teenagers, this may annoy you.One really good thing about Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is Jessie s relationship with her family Stop the presses, a teenage girl with a healthy relationship with her parents And Jessie and her brother Barrett are just great, yet natural Another really good thing is that this is a friendship book I love me my romance and there is some super cute romance hugs Henry but it s really about Jessie falling out with her old friends and taking the steps to find new ones It s both clumsy and brave and full of what will they think moments that feels very typical for a teenager Though Bizza and Char are lame o, Polly and Dottie are wonderful They seem genuinely comfortable in their own skins, and I love reading about that in a YA book.P.S I wear my nerd stamp with pride and honour While I ve never played DD, I like my RPing just fine and I definitely know how it feels to be a n00b Crap, I m totally outing myself here Well, now ya know.

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    My two favorite things about this book are as follows 1 Allusions to great YA books When I was a teenager, I tried to read, listen to, and learn about everything I ever saw referenced in my favorite books To see references to Life As We Knew It, Elsewhere, and Harry Potter thrilled me not just because two of the three are favorites of mine, but also because I think talking about contemporary teen fiction made Jessie that much real 2 This book spoke to my own high school self Like Jessie, I was one of those kids who didn t fall anywhere on the high school social food chain I had friends in a number of cliques and I had a friend like Jessie s best friend, Bizza, who was maybe not the best choice for me A lot of times, YA literature tends to focus on the nerds or the popular kids or the outsider types exclusively It was refreshing to see what I think is reality for a lot of teens a girl who marches to the beat of her own drummer, but still worries about others hearing that beat This made for a wonderfully believable and sympathetic protagonist, and a story that is much true to high school life than half the best YA books I have read.Other amazing things that make this a definite worthwhile read Jessie s older brother, Barrett, and their warm and well realized sibling relationship every character in Jessie s nerd herd and the realism of sexual situations in Jessie s world, without Jessie necessarily having to experience them The world of high school felt real and fresh in this book, and it made for an enjoyable Saturday evening

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    Warning This review may be a little crude for some.This book.Oh man, this book I wish this book had been longer I wasn t ready for it to end.The thing I loved most about this book was Jessie s voice, and how perfectly the author nailed the mind of a fifteen year old girl That s what I loved most, what had me tearing through the pages and cheering for Jessie at her accomplishments, but what really won this book over for me from a good book to a really special and rare gem was something that I have a feeling might have been a complaint among others.I was a fifteen year old girl five years ago This time five years ago I was beginning my sopho year of high school and was beginning a relationship with my first boyfriend ever I knew a lot of girls who had already dated a lot of guys and a lot of girls who wouldn t for years to come But one thing that was on all of our minds, and the topic of most conversations during that year, was sex.Jessie Sloan thinks about sex and boys all the time So do her friends It is totally normal While Jessie s still pining and lusting after Van, the bad boy punk guy her brother s been friends with for years, she meets a boy with curly hair, bright blue eyes, and pants that are too short She doesn t even know his name, and that night, she has a wet dream yes, girls have them, too about him She enjoys the dream, if finding it confusing, and finds herself extremely attracted to this boy despite her opinion that he s a dork Her thoughts are not overwhelmingly about sex specifically she is skeezed out about the idea of a BJ, which a lot of girls are at fifteen, understandably , but she fantasizes a lot about her long time crush Van taking her up into his bedroom, into the back of his car, etc, and eventually her thoughts switch over to Henry, the dork boy It s there, it s prevalent, and honestly, it s realistic.Most teen books do address sexual tension, but they often tip toe around the subject Twilight, anyone and it can be incredibly frustrating I m sure it all has to do with politics you want to make your book appealing to a very broad amount of people, namely teenage girls and their mothers, and so you throw the sexual tension in there because it s kind of got to be there, but you don t explicitly go into it and dodge around it like you re trying to distract people from seeing it s there A lot of teen books do this, and I can understand why If you re writing a generic teen trilogy with a love triangle and all the other cliches that are super popular these days, you re aiming to make it big And I understand that But that s why I say this book is a rare and special gem Through all the crap that bogs down sexuality in teen books, keeping real teenage girls who read them from fully realizing Hey, I m not the only horny freak out there who also is a girl, this book hands it to you on the plate with the rest of your dinner It isn t even shoved in your face or addressed as some big point the author s trying to make It s presented as totally normal, as if to say, What, you mean teenage girls DON T think about sex Regarding other topics, the book also does very well Jessie keeps obsessing over and hating on Bizza, her ex best friend, despite telling herself she shouldn t As someone who has had to dump crappy friends and has been dumped by crappy friends, I totally understood where she was coming from and how she was feeling, because I ve been there A lot of girls can relate to that, I think I also liked that Jessie is wildly insecure, despite others thinking her confident and like she doesn t care what others think A lot of us have been there, too where others think we re so put together and inside we think we re falling apart.And also, who doesn t love Dungeons and Dragons I definitely liked that Jessie chose to be a fighter I m a melee fan, myself Magic is for wusses The only thing in the book I can think of that broke my suspension of disbelief was the absolute absence of the Internet Jessie looking up medieval clothing in a paper encyclopedia What about Google Images followed by the weird habit of Jessie s friends to call and actually leave voice mails At first I thought maybe the book was set in the 90s or something, but words like n00b and pwn told me otherwise Otherwise, though, I was golden.I feel like this is a book I could reread, and I hate rereading books If you re interested in an adorable and quick read with a main character who is absolutely lovable and relatable, that also involves nerds and awesomeness, pick this up I highly recommend it.

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    This coming of age, finding oneself book was soo good It s about not worrying about what others think, about not being afraid to be yourself, friendships and general dorkiness It was such blast.slight spoilers ahead Jesse is your run of the mill, typical teenage girl Her brother is the cool punky guy who everyone adores He is in a band with Van, who is that guy You know, the one all the girls swoon over Jesse is not an exception She s been crushing over him for as long as she can remember Enter her supposed friends Bizza and Char They have all been BFF s for like forever Only Jesse has noticed it seems like they are into her brother and his band than actually spending time with her She brushes it off, but when Bizza hooks up with Van, something inside her rages She lets go of the only friends she s ever known and searches for new friends She falls into the Dungeons and Dragons crowd and is very skeptical, but falls in love with the game and the people as soon as she gives it a go.READ THIS, yes I m talking to you Solid Advicealthough 18.95 seems a little steep Sidenote I m not super impressed with the cover, I think it needs to be spunky and modern I know why they chose the dress, but I think it should be better matched to what she was wearing andI love how she is close to her brother It was refreshing

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    It was tough staying with this book long enough to become interested in it The book is something of a Bildungsroman in that it is intended to describe the growth of the main character into maturity Unfortunately, Jessie, the heroine, isn t very interesting and she s surrounded by people who aren t nice and who you d rather she wasn t with.The sole saving grace of the early parts of the book is Jessie s older brother Barrett He s devoted to Jessie without being a wimp about it and their interactions are genuine and mutually caring without being saccharine He s funny and caring and he is a breath of fresh air and a promise that things will get better in an otherwise musty room The rest of the surrounding characters are self involved jerks, though, and that s hard to get through.Somewhere around the mid point, things improve significantly Once Jessie is forced to acknowledge that her friends suck and she starts looking around her for people she can hang with things pick up Yeah, Jessie hangs onto her prejudices a little long for my taste, but not unreasonably so.While not awful, I have a hard time thinking of anyone I could recommend the book to Jessie s early friends, and even her brother at times, discuss things that are sexual and descriptive enough that I d hesitate to give this to even my older teens While the rest of the book, and Jessie s journey in learning to have the self confidence to embrace the things and people she likes, isn t strong enough to recommend the book to older readers Yeah, embrace your inner nerd and own who you are and want to be But do we really need the vicarious sexcapades while getting there

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    Funny Two things I found hilarious her family s Krispy Kreme anecdote Ick And the trepidation she felt in her probable entry into nerd dom That she makes a pro s and con s list as to said debut should have been a major clue as to said entry And then there s the fact that she sews her own skirts, has A days when she gets tons of those, and uses flash cards for pre calc class Without DD, she s basically in anyway The differences between dork and nerd still eludes me, but either way, Jessie is hilarious And her family They sound almost too good to be true Her dad and mom are not pushy nor nosy, but present And her brother He starts out as punk rock popular then transforms himself into someone still cool, just not as out there I think him very sweet Oh, I will never think of I m a Little Tea Pot in the same way ever again 3.5