Cass McKenna Much Prefers Ghosts Over Breathers Ghosts Are Uncomplicated And Dependable, And They Know The Dirt On Everybody And Cass Loves Dirt She S On A Mission To Expose The Dirty Secrets Of The Poseurs In Her School But When The Vice President Of The Student Council Discovers Her Secret, Cass S Whole Scheme Hangs In The Balance Tim Wants Her To Help Him Contact His Recently Deceased Mother, And Cass Reluctantly Agrees As Cass Becomes Increasingly Entwined In Tim S Life, She S Surprised To Realize He S Not So Bad And He Needs Help Desperately Than Anyone Else Suspects Maybe It S Time To Give The Living Another Chance

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    The dead, maybe because they have nothing to lose, are always honest.Cass McKenna can see ghosts She listens and talks to the souls of the dead who haven t yet moved on to the afterlife Basically, she s a walking Ouija board And she s so sick of people betraying her and walking out on her Ever since Cass was suddenly given this power, she s been on a mission to dig up all the dirty secrets at her school, dead set on bringing every lier and backstabber to justice But when the vice president of the student council Tim gets a bit too close to her own little secret, Cass s vigilante days may come to an end As Cass tries to help Tim be at peace with his mother s recent death and stop him from making any decisions he may end up regretting, she realizes that she may need to give the living a second chance.I liked how Cass and Tim didn t have a standard, clich relationship there were a lot than just a few speed bumps in their conversations The characters, in general, had great development over the course of the book I could really see how Cass, Tim and even secondary characters like Danielle grew through their experiences and became mature.One thing that actually really bothered me was how many times lists popped up in this book.1 Exactly2 Like3 ThisI m thinking it happened at least four times The first list was really clever because it made me feel like I was riffling through Cass s mental files, but by the third time, I was wondering why Megan Crewe couldn t come up with another way of emphasizing Cass s thoughts I know, I know it s a minor detail But it seriously bothered me.Also, the plot was just a bit too mundane and unexplained for me I thought Cass s ability and how she used it to basically blackmail the whole school was really interesting But whenever she was asked about the technicalities of ghosts or her power, she would just say it s because the dead make no sense BUT WHY And I felt like the plot wasn t deep enough or developed enough to really stand out Tim s issues and all the school drama just wasn t enough.Overall, Give Up the Ghost was a good book, just not great 3.25

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    The premise of this book was really interesting, but it ended up just being another clich and angst filled young adult novel I would give it 2 1 2 stars if I could but I decided to round down because it s not quite a 3 star book Cass can see and talk to ghosts Just before she got this ability she had a huge falling out with her best friend The best friend, the most popular girl in the school, turned the entire student body of not one, but two schools, against Cass Now that Cass has a few ghost friends at the school that spy on everyone for her, she has all the dirt on everyone So she s not picked on or bullied any and now everyone pretty much ignores her Then one of the popular boys, Tim, asks for Cass s help in talking to his recently deceased mother She decides to help him and slowly beings to form a friendship with someone who s actually alive.The problem I had with this book was that the main idea seemed fresh but the execution, not so much The fact that Cass only uses the ghosts to be vindictive and further alienate herself from her classmates is both unimaginative and petty I understand that she s a teenager and that s how they think, but really, she s just being a jerk Cass gets excited when she finds out that her ex best friend is being cheated on and you start to agree with everyone else that Cass is a creepy bitch.So obviously, I had a hard time connecting with Cass But then again, any time I read a book about a socially awkward teen outcast I have a hard time connecting so that could just be a problem with me I don t understand the mentality of being bullied and not standing up for yourself Cass has no friends and no ambition in life and basically her only goal is to make everyone as miserable as she is, and I just can t fathom putting that much energy into something so negative.Another big thing that really bothered me why do so many teen books have to end at the prom It s just so overdone I wish this book had centered around Cass s ability and her ghosts and less about her petty vindictiveness Thankfully, she did grow up a little toward the end, but if the author writes a sequel I don t think I ll bother with it.

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    So lately i think i ve been reading a lot of books involving ghost I actually enjoyed Give Up the Ghost a lot than I thought I would Love the cover too PI liked Give up Ghost because it isn t your normal ghost story, it wasn t scary, the ghost weren t all like BOO I loved the characters.Cass, she is so brave and does this whole i m cleaning out your closet thing.I mean she knows every bodies secrets like cheating on BF GF s,things you hope nobody would find out thanks to her friendly ghost.In High school she literally lives in freakdom The students stare and her, make fun of her, she is exiled from her peers due to her BFF s jealously drama from 7th grade, i mean come dude, 7th grade The ghosts were funny, i loved their ghost gossip secret telling hehe As for Tim, he is so cute and adorable even though he s depressed, I don t know how i could move on if i lost my mom.There s many twists within the plot.The story is real and contemporary and drew me in from the first sentence It deals with so many relateable teen and human issues in a unique way.It wasn t the Happily Ever After i wanted but I can see stories with Cass and Tim in the future and of her sister Paige.Megan did an awesome job writing Give Up the Ghost.LOVE LOVE LOVED IT D

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    I didn t just read this book, I inhaled it.From the very first line You would think it d be easy to get along with a person after she s dead I was hooked In so many respects, seventeen year old Cassie was me angry, isolated, at the bottom of the high school pecking order only I did not have a dead sister hanging around, who only I could see Cassie can see ghosts She doesn t know why The first she ever sees is her sister Paige, the night of the prom, just after Paige drowned Cassie was twelve then, and already antagonistic toward a sister who seemed to be mom s pet, as Paige was pretty, popular, and outgoing But four years later Cassie is a year older than Paige, and the only person Paige can see and talk to Cassie can see other ghosts, like Norris and Bitzy, who hang around the high school Unseen by anyone else, the ghosts listen to faculty as well as student body chatter and give Cassie the dirt on the mean popular kids, which Cassie uses to keep them at a distance Yep Cassie s hated, but at least she s no longer picked on And she s totally fine with that, because human beings are basically crap Enter the student body V.P., Tim, who Cassie thinks a first class hypocrite, the way he turns his sad smile on all the suck up freshmen girls, just because his mom recently died Then someone throws her life in a spin by leaving her a note, saying he knows her secret and wants to talk to her.The reader will probably guess that the note involves contacting ghosts, but how, why, the relationship between Tim and Cassie, the changing relationship between Cassie and the other kids, between her and her family, spins out resonant with emotional truth Fascinating ghosts, a great voice, and an unexpected moment of profound numinosity made me love this book.

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    Another fantastic debut novel Give Up the Ghost had a serious tone that I had initially anticipated Which wasn t a bad thing, but it took me a while to switch gears That s why you should never have a predisposition about a book I wasn t expecting the prominent role that death played in this novel, I mean sure it s about ghosts, but I was thinking along the lines of happy times with Casper the friendly ghost, something light hearted Anyhow, once I switched myself over to a serious mood, I immensely enjoyed the book I mean not that is was scary or extremely serious by any means, but it wasn t fluffy However, there were several humorous moments that really added to the story.Megan has a great writing style, it flows nicely, it s not overdone The characters are well developed And even though I thought Cass was a bit of a hypocrite, I can see why she did what she did I would have liked to have gotten back story about Cass and her ability I needed of an explanation than she just developed it one day.It was definitely something different Loved the fresh aspects of redemption, and hope.

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    DNF Mini review I had heard about this book when I was much younger I think I was in grade 8 I remembered it again through an email I got from another author It was a freebie so I decided to give it go Unfortunately it was not for me To be honest I think the subject doesn t really interest me I feel like I way too old to be reading about a girl who has the help of ghosts exposing the bad things people do in her school Well like I m way too old for how it was executed It felt juvenile But I did like the relationships with MC had with those around her Including her family All in all it wasn t for me Still recommend.

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    2.25 stars Plot was really interesting but I did not enjoy reading the book much This was just mehHighschool drama groans I felt something was lacking Maybe because it was too short Idk It could ve been better.There were, um, maybe just two parts that I liked.

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comIf there s one sentence that could sum up Cass McKenna s life, it would probably be that infamous line from the movie The Sixth Sense I see dead people Ever since Cass s big sister, Paige, drowned the night of her Junior Prom, Cass has had the gift or curse of being able to see ghosts Or, to be technical, to see, hear, and communicate with spirits who haven t moved on to wherever spirits go after people die The morning after her sister s death, Cass made the mistake of mentioning to her parents that Paige couldn t be dead, since she was crying upstairs in her bedroom One therapist later, Cass has realized that telling people about her little secret of communicating with the dead isn t a good idea.Cass has learned to use her ghost seeing powers to great effect Never all that popular to begin with, she s made a lot of enemies at Frazer Collegiate by using the information that her spirit friends provide for her Cheating on your girlfriend Cass probably knows about it Posting nasty things on a blog about the girl who does your homework for you Cass probably knows about it Passing along information to keep one of your best friends off the Athlete of the Year list Cass knows about that, too.It s not hard to see why Norris and Bitzy, the two resident school ghosts, are Cass s only friends.But then enters Tim Reed, Student Council Vice President, who somehow manages to find out Cass s secret Tim wants Cass s help in contacting his dead mother Cass reluctantly agrees, planning to use Tim s popularity status to get dirt on the one person she needs to knock down the most her ex best friend, Danielle.It all sounds like a good plan, except that Cass doesn t know that doing so will put her in a very strange position that of learning to care about someone else, and finding out that revenge isn t always as sweet as you think it will be.It s hard to believe that GIVE UP THE GHOST is Megan Crewe s debut novel It s wonderfully written, has characters who are easy to relate to, and contains pitch perfect dialogue It deals with feelings of abandonment and loneliness, with bullying and depression, and even alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts with true emotion and feeling Nothing ever comes off as heavy handed, but I appreciated the fact that Ms Crewe showed the darker side of being a teen within the context of what could have been just a fun, frothy paranormal read.The story comes to a not quite happily ever after conclusion, but I could easily envision stories featuring Cass and Tim in the future GIVE UP THE GHOST is a winner

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    GIVE UP THE GHOST is a fantastic debut by author Megan Crewe Not only is it a ghost story, but it is also an angsty coming of age story Fans of the supernatural will apprectiate it as well those who lean towards the humans This book is about fitting in and letting go of grudges and grief It shows that sometimes people and things go away and we have to learn to accept this and move on with our lives and keep living them If we don t we will constantly be haunted by the past and never be able to move forward into the future Cass used to have friends that were living, but after a fallling out she became an outsider She is mocked and harassed by some and ignored by the rest of her classsmates It s only fitting that the only people she talks to now are ghosts, especially since she has practically become one socially It all began with the death of her sister Paige Paige showed herself to Cass and ever since she s been a regular ghost magnet This doesn t bother her at all because lately the ghosts are the only ones she feels comfortable around Besides, nobody else can see them so she s been using them to snoop on her classsmates and teachers to find out all of their dirty little secrets As far as Cass is concerned, they all deserve to be taken down or at least blackmailed into submission Now that she s armed with all this information, people will finally leave her alone Too bad Cass can t hide forever.One day, as Cass is using some of her dirt to call someone out, she attracts the attention of Tim, the class VP He figures out her secret and begs for her help in contacting his recently deceased mother Cass doesn t know how to handle a real, live person She surely doesn t want people to know about her, so she gives in hoping that Tim will go away once she helps him out The only problem is that she discovers that Tim may need than just a little help and a seance wont solve his problems For some reason she can t just walk away from him As they get to know each other Cass begins to realize that she hasn t been living and perhaps she should let go of her own bitterness and join the world again If only she could give up the ghosts of her past as well as the real ones she s been spending her time with in the present.