The artefact is a circular ribbon of matter six hundred million miles long and ninety million miles in radius Pierson's puppeteers the aliens who discovered it are understandably wary of encountering the builders of such an immense structure and have assembled a team of two humans a mad puppeteer and a kzin a huge cat like alien to explore it But a crash landing on the vast edifice forces the crew on a desperate and dangerous trek across the Ringworld

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    A very interesting conceptBUT I have to get on my soapbox for a minute After reading a few of his books I have to say that Larry Niven's attitude towards women what they are like and what they are capable of is sadly lacking Though his male characters seem to be pretty well fleshed out human even if they are alien fallible and interesting his female characters are sadly one dimensional It seems to me that most the female character in his books are either clueless idiot savants helpless before the sexual attraction of the main characters or all the above Ok I'm off my soapbox nowThough this little issue nearly spoils it for me the convoluted plot is well thought out and the concept of the novel is interestingblah blah blahI will say that it's still worth reading With a grain of salt In response to all those that say that Niven should be excused for essentially being an old man and for being born in the first half of the last centuryI'd like to point out the following A This book was written in 1970 well after the feminist movement had taken root B There is a vast array of male sci fi authors both contemporary with Mr Niven and writing earlier that don't have this same issue cough cough Tolkien cough Douglas Adams cough Frank Herbert cough Excuse me C This is my opinion and a warning to other feminist types lukewarm or otherwise not an attack on Mr Niven's character nor overall ability as an author Kind of D That being said it's frustrating that an important character in this interesting novel would be so incredibly and irritatingly one dimensional Just saying