There were two things that frustrated me about this book nay three things which tortured me through all 400 pages The first was a weak story line, which, although at first was intriguing with the Navy Intel officer protagonist, fell short with cliche attempts at suspense and suffocated the reader with soap operatic drama of disfunctional family dynamics The second was a constant sense of wanting suspense, mystery, and of course thrills from an antagonist who Dekker never allowed to reach his potential The third was the fact that I was not able to put the book down, in desperate hope much like that which was nobly maintained by Captain Ryan that my first two complaints would be resolved somewhere within the next few pages It was my first Dekker, and I must say that I expected from this sultan of supermarket paperbacks Sloppy writing with gaps galore At the very beginning was it Commander Ryan as he was introduced or Captain Ryan as he was later addressed The reader is forced to assume that Ryan was given a promotion after his abduction, imprisonment, and rescue, but only that tiny fraction of his audience with a decent understanding of military rank structure would get this At the very end, was Alvin indeed shirtless as described having recently applied lotion If so, how did Ryan grab him by his trousers and shirt to slam him against the wall The middle was riddled with plenty of other such inconsistencies indicative of poor editing and careless rush to print The reader clearly sees Dekker s desire to autograph his novels with his own family experiences and emotion, but in doing so he effectively takes the thrills out of the thriller and turns it into a somewhat spooky, not too suspenseful, quirky melodrama. Original post at One More PageHe is called BoneMan and he is a father in search for a perfect daughter He takes innocent teen girls and tries to make them love him and when they fail to be the daughter he wants, he breaks their bones without breaking their skin On the other side of the world, Ryan Evans thinks of himself as a failure of a father after an especially harrowing abduction in the Middle East, Ryan comes home only to find that his wife and daughter had written him out of their lives Then the BoneMan abducts his daughter, Bethany, and Ryan goes after him Instead of helping him, though, the FBI finds evidence that points to Ryan as the BoneMan, and he becomes a hunted man Desperate, Ryan Evans set out to go through hell just to save his daughter.I ve been a fan of Ted Dekker since I read Thr3e , which I think is also one of the first books I reviewed on my old blog I liked the fact that he wrote Christian suspense and back then, I was having a hard time looking for books with the same themes I meant to read of his books but he writes and comes out with new books faster than I can get my hands on them and read them I ve had BoneMan s Daughters for a while now but I never got around to reading it I m not sure why, maybe it s because I was concentrating on YA and chick lit instead of suspense I did kind of look forward to reading this, thinking that it would be nice to go back to Dekker s world.True to form, BoneMan s Daughters has everything that Dekker offers in his other books Not that it s repetitive, but it s exactly what you d expect in a Dekker book There s the psycho serial killer whose point of view we get a glimpse of every now and then, the father who would do everything to save his daughter, and the police who are willing to help but don t really know what to do In a way, it s almost like reading a CSI episode I can easily imagine Mac Taylor Gary Sinise as Ryan Evans Dekker is also still very descriptive, but not too much that it gets gross just a tad disturbing, enough to make you look over your shoulder or wonder at the things that bump at night, or develop an aversion to Noxzema, in the case of BoneMan s Daughters It s still very well written and you know in the end that the good guys will still prevail.That being said, however, I felt that this wasn t really at par with the other Dekker novels I ve read I thought some parts were a bit repetitive and I wanted to skim some parts that felt a little unimportant to me The ending wasn t as satisfying as I thought it would be, either and I felt that there wasn t much change in the characters as there should be The Christian concept wasn t fully explored, too, IMHO, and you d need to read the author s afterword to know why he wrote the novel that story, I loved As good as the details were done in the emotional and brutal scenes, the overall story kind of lacked In the end, I was just happy I finished reading it, not because it was such a good story.I m kind of sad that this latest Dekker read is kind of disappointing compared to his other books that I really liked I will still read his other books, of course, and I m hoping one of them will be as good or even better as Thr3e or the Circle series. 30 minutes after putting this book down, half way through, I m still annoyed Badly written books don t bother me as much as well written books that have preposterous plots, sloppy characters, and predictable or illogical plot devices IMO, this book suffered from all of these flaws.I enjoyed the chapters that took place in Iraq The quality of the writing was readily evident and I felt the horror of the situation I ll admit the end game of the torture seemed illogical to me, but what do I know about interrogations, intelligence, or torture However, the book took a nose dive when the action returned to Texas The serial killer is a caricature who actually puts the lotion on the skin , the arrogant DA struts like a peacock, the bitchy mom is too whorish and self centered, the daughter too angsty, the Intelligence agent is shockingly stupid at times no Jason Bourne that one The most subtly drawn character was left behind in Iraq The other problem is the entire legal framework for the Boneman case Convicted murderers are not exonerated because a judge on appeal had second thoughts about a single piece of evidence Hell, even an inmate in Texas whose DNA doesn t match a rape kit, i.e was conclusively excluded as a suspect through DNA testing, can struggle for years to be released from prison And don t even get me started on the silliness surrounding an ex parte restraining order signed by a DA, who is personally involved, that somehow legally bars a man from having any contact with his teenage daughter, for months apparently Being an attorney in Texas, this I know Was Mr Dekker under a deadline, was his editor locked up somewhere in the mountains Misery style, or did he simply not give a squat Who knows Maybe the guy in Iraq After the frame up that anyone can see coming from a mile away and the busted voice recorder, convenient trip to San Antonio that deprives the main character of any alibi, blah, blah, blah , I called uncle and hit delete on my e reader I gave the book 2 stars rather than 1 star because maybe the ending redeemed the sorry excuse for a plot I couldn t stick it out It was like someone was breaking my bones with a sledge hammer. Christian Fiction This is my first Dekker novel and unfortunately I have two to read as it was buy two and get a third free I m appalled that so many Christians have given this 4 and 5 stars and shelved it as Christian fiction There is nothing Christian about it at all The author is supposedly a Christian and the child of missionaries If this is the case, I cannot understand why he would be writing this type of book It is evil, creepy and gruesome The main character, the bone man, breaks bones for a living and gives himself the title of Satan He seems to be trying to re enact the original crucifixion of Jesus but needs to find a perfect female child specimen in order to do so He abducts daughters and kills them Until he finds Bethany, a 16 year old, model who fits his ideal Then, the rest of the book is about his dealings with his victim and her estranged father s attempts to save her I couldn t read the last few chapters as they were too horrendous with various murders and torture etc so I skim read to see what happened.I didn t find myself liking any of the characters, even the heroes of the story, so I cared little what happened to them The plot was far fetched and many escapes happening at key moments made it unbelievable There were many loose ends that needed tying up The characters all blasphemed and there is mild bad language Why would a Christian author write blasphemy into his fictional book My thoughts on this topic are well documented elsewhere.I ve read another review by someone that says it gave her nightmares I m not surprised although the writing wasn t good enough for me to get so wrapped up in the story that it would have that type of effect on me Should a Christian author be writing anything that results in people having nightmares What is the purpose of the book I couldn t see any spiritual purpose whatsoever The battle between good and evil wasn t even there because none of the characters are Christians although every so often one or other of them wonders if there is a God and loosely prays.Sorry that this is a rant but I m really shocked that this has come from the pen of a Christian author From my perspective, it is exactly like the film Seven or The Bone Collector neither of which I would be watching now that I m a Christian If Dekker s other novels are this bad I will throw them out.Rant over Because apparently I m in the mood to scare myself sleepless for a week Why not It is possible that I am disappointed in it because of the genre confusion It is, as it turns out, of a crime detective novel something like Coben, but not nearly as good There is nothing like wetting your whistle for a tall glass of icy sweet tea, only to guzzle down lukewarm pickle juice instead So the fact I was geared up for some Clive and got Coben knock off didn t help But that wasn t all.As I read along, there were ways that Dekker wrote than just annoyed me Choices in words and phrases, as well as the way he stretched credulity beyond its snapping point By the end of the novel, I honestly didn t know if the bad guy was going to win, not because his snazzy and clever writing, but because Hell, at this point, anything s possible Honestly The Iraqi boneman takes Ryan, then the Texas BoneMan takes his daughter and then that final connection between the serial killer and Ryan s daughter was too much It made my willing suspension of disbelief impossible to maintain.Add to that the complete lack of character development, or believable motives, or any reason I d feel any sympathy for any of them By the end of the book I was hoping BoneMan would kill Ryan, the detectives, the publisher, me Dekker, even Just get it over with End my misery Kill me now so I don t have to finish Would You Kill An Innocent Man To Save Your DaughterThey Call Him BoneMan, A Serial Killer Who S Abducted Six Young Women He S The Perfect Father Looking For The Perfect Daughter, And When His Victims Fail To Meet His Lofty Expectations, He Kills Them By Breaking Their Bones And Leaving Them To Die Intelligence Officer Ryan Evans, On The Other Hand, Has Lost All Hope Of Ever Being The Perfect Father His Daughter And Wife Have Written Him Out Of Their LivesEverything Changes When BoneMan Takes Ryan S Estranged Daughter, Bethany, As His Seventh Victim Ryan Goes After BoneMan On His OwnBut The FBI Sees It Differently New Evidence Points To The Suspicion That Ryan Is BoneMan Now The Hunter Is The Hunted, And In The End, Only One Father Will Stand This book is far removed from being even average serial killer fayre and it is a mystery as to what the author s motives were in writing it over and above, of course, making a few bob It begins interestingly enough with a naval intelligence officer on a routine mission in, supposedly, Iraq, being kidnapped by terrorists He then has to watch innocent children having every bone in their bodies broken in revenge for the deaths of the innocent Iraqi children caught up in the conflict It s all downhill from that point on.Much is made of the cool calculating, highly trained Commander Evan s experience and skills and we are given a brief biography in which we learn that his service to his country has left him distanced from a wife and daughter making lives from themslves back home lives that include, in the mother s case, sleeping with the local DA and, in the daughter s, beginning a modelling career His traumatic experience causes him to reassess his life and Evans returns home with the intention of being reunited with his family and making up for all of the lost time However, both his wife and daughter have other ideas and the gradual realization that he may have lost them, together with his recent experience in the Iraqi desert cause Evans to suffer an emotional breakdown.Coincidentally, a serial killer christened the Boneman by the press, who has been released due to a technicality concerning evidence presented at his trial, resumes his killing spree in Austin, Texas, home of Ryan s estranged family I won t spell it out but you can probably guess what happens next Okay, realistically, Evan s breakdown is understandable and we can accept that What is not acceptable it is fiction and supposed to be entertainment after all is that this supposed cool, highly trained and skilled military man turns out to be a complete bumbling incompetent in the face of real and present danger.Ultimately, the interweaving of the lives of each of the characters is carried out so mechanically and the characters drawn with such a lack of skill that the reader is without anyone with whom to empathize and this reader, at least, was hoping for the killer to succeed in polishing them all off in order to put them and me out of our misery When, mercifully, I came to the end I could barely restrain the urge to physically destroy the book but reasoned that, at least, the local charity shop might benefit from this utter garbage. Picked this up on a whim because I was in the mood for an intense thriller I got that in spades in BoneMan s Daughters There is quite a bit of backstory building, but all of it became important, like piecing a puzzle together Most of the story is set in and around Austin, Texas 2009 10 although, the beginning is in Iraq How what happened in Iraq fell into place with what happened in the Austin, Texas area was great story weaving, imo The main character is Captain Ryan Evans, a Naval Intelligence officer, and while his role as hero and broken soldier father human went all over the emotional spectrum I couldn t help but feel his pain I felt there was an underlying theme in the telling family comes first Having said that, at times I grew so annoyed with Ryan s character I expected hoped things would have turned out differently leaving me feeling good having read the book, but that was not the case I was glued to the book, but grew frustrated numerous times with how the tale spun Ryan didn t like his wife, Celine, so he devoted himself to his career spending long periods of time away from home They d grown apart Celine and their daughter, Bethany, hated him for his abandonment What caused him to retreat home was horrendous, but he was a fool to think after 16 years of aloofness and utter disregard, they would actually welcome him with open arms because he was ready and realized his mistake GrrrThe BoneMan character was horrific Gruesome scenes, including rather detailed info on how to break all most bones in a human without tearing the skin The author never told how BoneMan came about this knowledge, so that remained a mystery About halfway through the book, the author began recapping earlier events and I find that very annoying having just read those pages Perhaps that is useful for some who read a book over an extended period of time.4 1 2 stars I had never read a Ted Dekker book before I picked this one up off of the hot list stack at the library Sorry to say it, but I most likely won t be picking up another.The book has what should be a very captivating beginning torpedoes being launched at Humvees, a solider being captured by a terrorist But it just wasn t all that interesting in the way it was written Scenes went by too quickly you felt that the author was in a hurry to get to something else but had to explain the background so he dumped this in.On to the middle of the book Long story short, the main character was the soldier captured by the terrorist, and while in captivity he realizes he hasn t been a very good father or husband, and is determined to do better however he is not welcomed back with open arms This leads to a mind blowing number of words dedicated to expressing the father s grief at losing what he really never had his daughter s love And the sudden switch from calm, cool analyst to weepy, emotionally overdone flake of a man is just too much for me He seems like a crazy person, and if I were his daughter, I wouldn t want him back, either.Then you come to the end It s abrupt, like a fragmented sentence And what should have been the escalation to the end is just plain creepy and confusing Some of the writing was actually good, and kept my attention, but often that not sections of it felt rushed to me Hopefully Dekker can up his game to win readership, but it would take some awfully good reviews for me to pick up another of his books.