Three Women Learn That The Heart Of Their Historic Home Holds A Mystery Of Years Gone By, As Number One Bestselling Author Nora Roberts Brings Her In The Garden Trilogy To A Captivating Conclusion, Following Blue Dahlia And Black Rose A Harper Has Always Lived At Harper House, The Centuries Old Mansion Just Outside Of Memphis And For As Long As Anyone Alive Remembers, The Ghostly Harper Bride Has Walked The Halls, Singing Lullabies At Night Hayley Phillips Came To Memphis Hoping For A New Start, For Herself And Her Unborn Child She Wasn T Looking For A Handout From Her Distant Cousin Roz, Just A Job At Her Thriving In The Garden Nursery What She Found Was A Home Surrounded By Beauty And The Best Friends She S Ever Had Including Roz S Son Harper To Hayley S Delight, Her New Daughter Lily Has Really Taken To Him To Hayley S Chagrin, She Has Begun To Dream About Harper As Much Than A Friend If Hayley Gives In To Her Desire, She S Afraid The Foundation She S Built With Harper Will Come Tumbling Down Especially Since She S Begun To Suspect That Her Feelings Are No Longer Completely Her Own Flashes Of The Past And Erratic Behavior Make Hayley Believe That The Harper Bride Has Found A Way Inside Of Her Mind And Body It S Time To Put The Bride To Rest Once And For All, So Hayley Can Know Her Own Heart Again And Whether She S Willing To Risk It

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    This was a very satisfying end to a very enjoyable trilogy It was also a bit of a scary book as the household ghost started to step up her haunting and actually started possessing one of the main characters Creepy Nora Roberts is a very talented writer of romance She must be because it is not one of my favourite genres but I can always enjoy one of her books Especially when she adds in a bit of the supernatural A good read and I am sorry I have finished the series.

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    Solid ending to the series Some of the characters were a bit irritating and the plot sometimes drooped a bit, but all in all a good ghost story Hayley s character was the most irritating at times Her and Harper s love story seemed to lack some of Nora s usual depth, but still it was a good story And I learned a lot about horticulture, so there s that.

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    8.5 10 estupendo cierre para la trilog a Me ha gustado mucho este libro, aunque me interesaba m s la historia de Amelia que la historia de los protagonistas

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    3 Estrellas Probablemente influya en mi opini n personal los d as tan estresantes en que lo he le do, lo he notado porque no le dedicaba tiempo ni me enganchaba, cosa que me parece una aut ntica l stima, porque realmente quer a que este libro me gustara m s que los anteriores, no ha podido ser.Lo admito, ten a much simas ganas de esta historia, y mis expectativas eran altas cierre de trilog a, unos protagonistas que me encantaban, juntos, por separado, de todas las maneras, los adoro a los dos, y la resoluci n final de lo que ocurri con Amelia, pero ni con esas No es un mal libro, ni es una mala historia, s lo pienso que me ha pillado en mala poca para leerlo, y que el principal problema han sido mis expectativas.La historia de Harper y Hayley empieza poco despu s del anterior libro Con las primeras parejas ya casadas y establecidas, solo nos quedaba la pareja de j venes, el heredero de los Harper, el propio Harper s , su madre no se comi la cabeza, y menos mal que tiene otro apellido , y la prima lejana, Hayley, que se present en Dalia azul embarazad sima y buscando trabajo Ha pasado a o y medio y ya tiene a su preciosa ni a, Lily adoro las escenas en que sale, sobre todo con Harper, imaginarlos era para caerse la baba Pero aqu los tenemos, a o y medio conviviendo juntos, sabiendo que entre ellos hab a mucha qu mica, pero frenados y sin iniciar nada Por qu Porque ahora llegaba su historia Desde el primer libro vimos la atracci n existente entre Harper y Hayley Para Hayley, Harper era el chico inalcanzable, guapo, seguro de s mismo, y el heredero de la mansi n Harper junto con el negocio del vivero, y Hayley no se sent a lo suficientemente segura como para ir tras l, sobre todo porque su madre la salv del fango cuando m s lo necesitaba, y siente que la est traicionando Por el lado de Harper, le fren primer el estado de Hayley, una joven guapa y soltera, pero embarazada, y para quien su prioridad principal es su ni a D nde entraba l Bueno, bast que estallara la chispa entre ellos para comenzar su romance.El problema es que no he empatizado tanto con su romance como me hubiese gustado bonito, sencillo, sin giros ni sobresaltos Repito, adoro a los protagonistas, me caen genial, Hayley me parece incre ble y Harper es un amor Por qu no han conseguido enamorarme Es algo que me da mucha rabia, porque me ha faltado emoci n en la historia.En cuanto a la investigaci n sobre el fantasma de Amelia, s , en este libro se resuelve que para eso es el ltimo , y la verdad es que no es lo que me esperaba, yo tambi n ten a mis suposiciones, y esperaba algo m s t trico, culpa m a por ser tan morbosa, pero tambi n me ha sabido a poco, y aunque el fantasma ha sido una constante en este y los otros libros, por desgracia se ha mostrado muy molesta, y en Lirio rojo me ha cabreado bastante.La resoluci n fue la esperada, s , es una novela rom ntica y la trilog a deb a terminar como termina, pero este libro en general me ha sabido a poco Para futuras historias, espero ir con otras expectativas Ha sido un buen cierre de trilog a, y como historia no desmerece De todas formas pienso que Nora Roberts es siempre una apuesta segura, y en general la trilog a del Jard n ha merecido la pena una trilog a entretenida sobre tres mujeres, madres solteras, viudas etc., cada una en una etapa de la vida distinta, y las tres trabajando en el negocio del vivero de Roz, de c mo encuentran el amor, y como tel n de fondo el misterio sobre el fantasma de la mansi n.

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    I always hate when trilogies end, and the In the Garden trilogy BLUE DAHLIA, BLACK ROSE, and now RED LILY is no exception You get to know the characters so completely, and feel such a connection with them, that they become almost real and you just want to keep on reading about their lives RED LILY is the story of Harper Ashby, oldest son of Rosalind BLACK ROSE , and Hayley Phillips Hayley had come to Harper House the previous year, pregnant and alone, to beseech Roz, a distant cousin through marriage, for a job Unwed, with her baby s father out of the picture, Hayley wasn t looking for a handout, but for a chance to start over What Roz offered her was so much a job, a place to stay at the renowned Harper House, and a family Now she has her daughter Lily, a great job, and a roof over her head, but lately she s been thinking of Harper, the man whose been her friend through it all, in a brand new light that of a love interest Afraid to ruin their friendship by telling him how she feels, she keeps quiet Harper, on the other hand, has wanted Hayley in a than friendly fashion ever since he laid eyes upon her pregnant and all than a year ago But he s sure that she doesn t think of him in the same way, and he s leary of messing up the friendship that means to much to him As these two friends both wanting to be so much fight their attraction to each other, the resident ghost of the house, the Harper Bride, kicks into high gear She s always been loving and kind to the children in the house, singing them lullabies in the night, but she seems to hate men, and she s become especially violent now that Hayley is entertaining thoughts of romance As the whole crew Roz and her new husband Mitch, a geneologist trying his hardest to discover who the Harper Bride really is Stella and Logan, both employees of Roz s In the Garden shop and Hayley and Harper, who live on Harper Ashby land try to figure out the Bride s agenda, their lives are in danger, and their hearts and passions intertwine with that of the ghost s I loved this entire trilogy, and read RED LILY in one day It was a perfect conclusion to this powerful family saga, and I was especially happy to finally learn the answers to who the Harper Bride was, and what happened to her I will admit that there was one surprise twist to the storyline that I didn t see coming, and wasn t really thrilled with, but since Ms Roberts wrote it and I didn t, I can t complain Overall, the story was still great, and in time I learned to live with what I thought was an unnecessary plot device Pick up this trilogy today you won t be disappointed

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    This was my favorite in this Trilogy.At first I thought the trilogy got off to a bit of a slow start for me in Book 1, Blue Dahlia But for me trilogies seem to hit the ground running and suck me right in, or it s a slower build when the groundwork is being laid and the characters are introduced.I felt the trilogy built on itself and got better and better with each story, and this was a very fulfilling conclusion When nearing the end I felt like I knew these characters and didn t want the story to end Specifically to Book 3, Red Lily I knew Hayley and Harper would make a great romantic match from their first meeting in Book 1 The slow build of friends to lovers and Harper s complete love and acceptance or Hayley s daughter Lily was so sweet This story also puts the old ghosts to rest literally when they uncover the mystery of the Harper Bride, but not before she pulls some major creepy stunts The continuations of Stella and Logan, Roz and Mitch, and David was nice as well and added a lot to the story.Very nice trilogy, definitely a keeper And leave it to Nora to create a rich and romantic gardening centered trilogy while managing to leave out tired flower cliches like rose petals in the bed Very well done

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    I really hate to give Nora Roberts low marks on a book, but this one leaves me no choice Instead of a neat wrap to a compelling trilogy, it was of a dragged out ending to a story that just didn t stretch far enough In Blue Dahlia we met the whole crew starring in this series and got an introduction to the Harper Bride, who haunts Harper House, where most of them live In Black Rose we learned about the Harper family, and how the Harper Bride fit into it In this book, the rest of the secrets about the Harper Bride were revealed, but as to the romance, it felt like a rehash of things we already read in books 1 and 2.Hayley Phillips appeared at Harper House in Blue Dahlia, pregnant and alone in the world She s a distant cousin by marriage of Roz Harper, the mistress of Harper House, and the owner of the gardening center she started Even six months pregnant, Hayley caught the eye of Harper Ashby, Roz s eldest son who lives in a guest house on the property and works with grafting and other technical aspects of running the garden center Hayley s daughter Lily was born in the second book, and loves Harper like she would a daddy, so Hayley is fearful if she follows her feelings for Harper that everything will get messed up and she ll have to leave her wonderful new home When she finally acts on her feelings and finds that Harper reciprocates, there isn t much to be said So, instead of having their budding relationship develop, there are too many scenes where Hayley discusses her feelings with Roz, while going on and on about how odd it is to discuss her love life with her lover s mother Meanwhile, the Harper Bride is becoming a lot than a benign ghost who sings to children and breaks the occasional dish Amelia, as the ghost is known, starts to inhabit Hayley s body and mind, often sliding her own peevish thoughts in with Hayley s, and showing Hayley the world through her twisted view Because of this, the crew at Harper House becomes a bunch of amateur psychologists who analyze the whys and wherefores of the ghost s thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle In short, it became a bit much I half expected them to call Dr Mira for her input, but they appeared to have it all worked out themselves, all the way down to determining that the resident ghost really wouldn t have been a good mother after all I also just didn t care for the way the final showdown with the ghost went down It was too obvious what was going to happen, as well as being a bit anticlimactic.Naturally, a person can t read the first two books of this trilogy and skip the third Just don t expect as much from this one as the first two All three books are filled with likeable and admirable characters It just felt as if the story had already been told by the time we got to the third book.

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    La verdad es que ten a muchas ganas de esta pareja y de este libro en general uno, porque Hayley y Harper durante los dos libros anteriores me han gustado mucho tanto juntos como separados y dos, porque finalmente en este libro se resolv a el misterio de la Novia Harper, el fantasma que habitaba en la mansi n y que hac a m s malas obras que buenas Y la verdad, no me ha decepcionado para nada.Sobre la historia de los protagonistas, me ha gustado mucho Harper es un amor con may sculas y Hayley es una mujer de armas tomar Si a eso a adimos a la peque a Lily, la hija de un a o de Hayley a la mezcla, lo que sale es una historia tierna a la vez que apasionada.Lo nico malo de su relaci n, ha sido Amelia, la novia Harper, que ha estado incordiando a este parejita haciendo que Hayley fuera su recipiente para hablar, actuar y pensar y por lo tanto, hubiera ah unas conversaciones y escenas un poco espeluznantes.Sobre Amelia, decir que no me esperaba ese final, S sab amos muchas cosas, pero no que el final de esa mujer fuera as , eso no es una madre Si quieren saber de qu hablo, ya saben, lean la serie, no se van a arrepentir.Los secundarios han vuelto a ser la guinda del pastel, desde Roz y Mitch, pasando por Logan, Stella, David y los ni os En definitiva, Nora Roberts lo ha vuelto a hacer A pesar de ser una historia sencilla y sin mucho m s sobresaltos que un fantasma psic tico, me ha vuelto a enganchar a su pluma y a sus historias Deseando estoy de seguir leyendo obras de esta mujer.

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    Full review now posted Rating 4.5 5 starsThis was my favorite installment in the series Hayley is Roz s distant cousin from Little Rock, who packed up her life and moved after her dad passed away and she found herself in trouble from getting too cozy with a friend When she showed up on the doorstep of Harper House, she was six months pregnant and banking on family ties to give her and her baby a chance at a fresh start But she wasn t looking for charity Hayley is a hard worker, determined to earn every opportunity she s given Now, Hayley s baby, a gorgeous girl named Lily, is fourteen months old and has never known a home outside Harper House Hayley has built herself a life here, and a family She couldn t be happier, except for the fact that she s been celibate for almost two years and can t seem to focus her attentions on anyone but Harper, Roz s son and Hayley s coworker and semi boss Turns out the feeling is very, very mutual But neither will act because they both assume that their not just alone in their feelings, but wrong to even have them Thankfully, something changes, and we get my favorite of the three romances that make up this series.We also get a lot of our crazy, angry ghost We finally find out who she is, what she wants, and how she died And we find out all of these things in large part from Hayley, who the ghost has decided makes a perfect vessel So, in the course of this trilogy, our haunting goes from mainly benign spirit with an almost singular interest in singing children to sleep, to a poltergeist with rage issues and a serious hatred for any male above the age of twelve and any women who develops a romantic interest in one of said males, to a sly, conniving entity who has discovered the fine art of possession, but with an even bigger heaping helping of lunacy that seems to be expanding all the time Like all Nora stories, we have a happy ending, with the mystery element neatly tied up Which is why I enjoy her novels so much I always know exactly what I m getting, and sometimes predictability is a nice change of pace Nothing is comforting that sitting down with a book you already know you re going to love Original review can be found at Booknest.

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    DNF.Not safe Heroine mentions how hero has had female visitors to his place since she moved there.Nora Roberts s stories always have the ability to draw me in, until I get to the part where the H inevitably 1 was not celibate since meeting the h 2 was a huge manwhore 3 is still friends with one of his ex f buddies or4 fondly reminisces about a girl he used to bang often to the h.