In This National Bestseller, The President Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Gordon B Hinckley, Has Created A Classic Look At The Values That Can Change Our World And How To Stand Up For Them Drawing On Anecdotes From His Much Admired Life Of Faith And Service, As Well As Examples From American Culture Today, He Examines Ten Virtues That Have Always Illuminated The Path To A Better World Love, Honesty, Morality, Civility, Learning, Forgiveness And Mercy, Thrift And Industry, Gratitude, Optimism, And Faith He Then Shows How The Two Guardians Of Virtue Marriage And The Family Can Keep Us On That Path, Even In Difficult Times Standing For Something Is An Inspiring Blueprint For What We All Can Do As Individuals, As A Nation, And As A World Community To Rediscover The Values And Virtues That Have Historically Made Us Strong And That Will Lead Us To A Brighter Future

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    This is a very nice book about virtues Mr Hinckley was the head of the Mormon Church for many years, and wrote this book when he was 89 years old I don t know very much about the Mormons or rather, I don t understand very much about the Mormons but I thought this was wonderful.Essentially, the author ask people to practice virtues A virtue is a habit of good or right behavior almost all virtues are applicable to people who believe in God, or who don t believe in God Virtues are actions and attitudes that make people all people betterand when people are better, society is better I am a big fan of the virtues, and I have tried to focus in on a few key ones to improve my own character It works In this book, the virtues the author promotes are love, honesty, morality, civility, learning, forgiveness, mercy, thrift, industry, gratitude, optimism, and faith Just imagine if every person in America were to try and improve themselves by fostering, strengthening, considering, and PRACTICING these virtues I am willing to bet that 99% of our problems would go away Even if you are nonreligious, or an atheist, or spiritual but not religious my favorite , these virtues can serve as guideposts for your day to day decisions The virtues I have been thinking the most about lately are compassion, civility, solidarity, and humility I have also, over the past few years, been teaching about the virtues in my classroom, which is fun for me and the kids seem to like it So be virtuous, and read this short, wonderful book by an old man who saw a lot of life during his many, many decades.

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    Wow what a world this could be if everyone followed the counsel in this book What I really loved is that the he discusses things in such an optimistic and grandfatherly way This book could be read by anyone not just members How on earth he has the time to read newspapers, magazines and fine literature is beyond me I guess if he has the time, we all should what an example Reading this book makes you want to be a excellent person that s for sure.

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    Just reading the introduction gives me a thrill as I see how clearly he understands the ills of our time and that the banishment of the name of God from the United States is deeply tied into the problems we are facing As Margaret Thatcher said You use the name of Deity in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution of the United States, and yet you cannot use it in the schoolroom Her words are a rebuke and an indictment of America Page xx If we are to continue to have the freedoms that came of the inspiration of the Almighty to our Founding Fathers, we must return to the God who is their true Author Page xi Today we face challenges the Founding Fathers could not have possibly imagined or conceived our societal challenges would have horrified them Page xviii I am deeply concerned about the growing moral deficit than I am about the monetary deficit Page xix Or, as Hinckley put it on the next page People who cary in their hearts a strong conviction concerning the living reality of the Almighty and their accountability to Him for what they do with their lives are far less likely to become enmeshed in problems that inevitably weaken society The loss of this conviction, the almost total secularizing of our public attitudes, has been largely responsible for the terrible social illnesses now running rampant among us Page xxi Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do and the God of peace shall be with you Philippians 4 8 9 emphasis added Page xxiv Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once made a statement to the effect that those who do not read history will have to repeat it How sobering a thought Page 75 That which comes from God is light, and the person who receives and invites this light into his or her life will receive light It is that simple it is that profound Page 79 What might become of this land if we spoke less of its weaknesses and of its goodness and strength, it s capacity and potential Page 117 Cynics do not contribute, skeptics do not create, doubters do not achieve Page 118 Cal Thomas in the Los Angeles Times wrote While Americans Throw Religion Out of Schools Russians Want it Back Page 133 This reminds me of something that my wife learned in her High School in Seattle that there are five things needed to define a culture Food, Shelter, Government, Religion, and Aesthetics Neglect not the cultivation of the spiritual To do so is to eventually reap bitter fruit Page 133 What shall it profit a man though he gain the whole world and lose his own soul, or what shall a man give in excahnge for his soul Mark 8 36 37 MarriageThe first cornerstone Mutual respect and loyalty to one another. Page 157 The second cornerstone The soft answer. Page 161 The third cornerstone Financial honesty. Page 163 Family The evils of the world will continue to escalate unless there is an underlying acknowledgment, even a strong and fervent conviction, that the family is an instrument of the Almighty It is His creation it is also the most fundamental and basic unit of society And it deserves no, it demands our combined focus and attention We go to great lengths to preserve historical buildings and sites in our cities We need to apply the same fervor to preserving the most ancient and sacred of institutions the family Page 169 170 ten specific things we might do to help such a turnaround Page 170 192 1 Accept responsibility for our role as parents and fulfill our obligations to our children 2 Get married and stay married 3 Put the father back at the head of the home 4 Recognize and value the supreme importance of mothers 5 Celebrate and treat children as our most priceless treasures 6 Discipline and train children with love 7 Teach values to children 8 Teach children to work 9 Read to and with children I especially like this section 10 Pray together So that I can remember them the chapters are 1 Love The Lodestar of Life2 Where there is Honesty, Other Virtues Will Follow3 Making a Case for Morality4 Our Fading Civility5 Learning With All Thy Getting Get Understanding 6 The Twin Virtues of Forgiveness and Mercy7 Thrift and Industry Getting Our Houses in Order8 Gratitude A Sign of Maturity9 Optimism in the Face of Cynicism10 Faith Our Only Hope Part TWO The Guardians of Virtue Marriage The Family Epilogue The Loneliness of Moral LeadershipThree are some books that are just good Other books are very good Those very good books we want to cherish We want to reread them so that we continue to be nourished by what is in them This is one of those books.

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    A great book for all around practical advice Very well written from a very intelligent man If I were going to give a book as a gift for practical advice in life, this is the one that I would give It touches on a little bit of everything Plus, the author was a studier of English Literature, which supports that fact that he is brilliant.

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    The kind of advice your grandpa would give you mixed with a happy young person s advice, mixed with a religious giant s advice Very Good.

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    Very good advice and inspiration.2017 challenge a book written by someone you admire.

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    Amazing Absolutely a must own, must read This man distills centuries of wisdom of observation and insight for all religious and non religious alike Surely all of us can find a way to incorporate into our daily lives a regular pattern of study, a regular opportunity to grow and absorb and learn from the great writers of the world I am not suggesting that we become geniuses Most of us will never fall within that designation But I have concluded that the work of the world is done by basically ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary way Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 62 The most miserable people I know are obsessed with themselves Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 56 The best antidote I know for worry is work The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even tired One of the great ironies of life is this He or she who serves almost always benefits than he or she who is served Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 56 Children who are exposed to books at early ages have scholastic advantages throughout their lives Parents who fail to read to their small children do a disservice to them as well as to themselves It takes time, yes, much of it It takes self discipline and planning It takes organizing and budgeting the minutes and hours of the day But it is never boring to watch young minds come to know characters, expressions and ideas What a difference it might make, what an influence could it have in the homes of this country if parents were to work at creating an atmosphere of learning and education at home, so that children were exposed at an early age to thoughts and concepts and attitudes that would build and motivate them for good throughout their lives Said Solomon, With all they getting get understanding Proverbs 4 7 Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 61 I am suggesting that as we go through life, we accentuate the positive Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 99 BUT my faaaaaaaaavorite is Deal with the problems as wisely as you can Make your decisions You may be right you may be wrong Hopefully, you will be right because you have prayed earnestly over the matter and you have discussed it with your associates But once these decisions are made, put them behind you and do not worry about them Turn around, stand tall, put your head up, and look forward to the marvelous opportunities that you have Gordon B Hinckley, Standing for Something, p 173

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    I am so disappointed to have read this boo It is a ridiculous, self serving book that uses self justification for each of the author s virtues The virtues he touts are not represented within the examples in the books You cannot preach about love, mercy, debts, and civility and then cite your role models as U.S presidents, even specifically mentioning Thomas Jefferson, without explaining how that could be since they live lives facilitating debts, lacking civility for other cultures and races, adultery, promiscuity, and seek to punish the weak and oppressed in society I can summarize this book in the following sentence Another entitled, demeaning, and narrowed minded old white man telling everyone what he thinks is true based on his experiences with other people within his same community and reading other old white men with similar opinions.

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    Gordon B Hinckley was my prophet growing up, and reading this inspired work brought back many fond memories of hearing him speak He always had such an optimistic view of life and humanity, and that attitude shines brightly here as he offers wise suggestions on how to live a happier, richer life There s a lot I need to work on, but I ve seen improvements in my own life as I ve tried to put President Hinckley s words into practice Though he was an LDS leader, he wrote this book in such a way that anyone of any religious belief can gain a lot from it.

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    You absolutely get drawn into this book Mr Hinckley has a wonderful sense of storytelling and sense of humor that makes sense of sometimes otherwise difficult to understand concepts This man was truly awesome You will feel a little better about yourself and the world around you each day you read this book and gives some very practical things each person can do to improve the world we live in every day.