This Groundbreaking Book Is The Story Of Two Teenage Girls Whose Friendship Blossoms Into Love And Who, Despite Pressures From Family And School That Threaten Their Relationship, Promise To Be True To Each Other And Their Feelings The Book Has Been Banned From Many School Libraries And Publicly Burned In Kansas City Of The Author And The Book, The Margaret A Edwards Award Committee Said, Using A Fluid, Readable Style, Garden Opens A Window Through Which Readers Can Find Courage To Be True To Themselves

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    Annie On My Mind will always have a special place in my heart, it was the first lesbian themed book I ever read You may not understand the enormity of this, but just try to understand being 14 and every book you read involves a romance between a man and a woman Every movie, every TV show, everyone I know is straight, nobody knows I m gay, I barely understand it myself, and I pick up this book and suddenly it s like I can breathe Suddenly I don t feel so alone, there s an actual published book I can relate to It was amazing and freeing, and I ll always be greatful to Nancy Garden for giving me that gift.

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    3.5 stars.This romantic relationship is so organic Liza and Annie fall in love with each other gradually and for the right reasons Neither expected to feel so deeply for the other person, but they cannot deny their feelings for one another without breaking their own heart in the process, even if they both know people in their lives disapprove of them or would disapprove if they knew they were than friends They know society is against them, but still they decide to see where their feelings lead them And they do so very organically everything happens so naturally I completely believed Liza and Annie were meant to be together and was ready to defend them until I had no voice It is told from Liza s point of view only, meaning that we do not have direct access to Annie s thoughts, but that didn t keep me from understanding and getting to know her almost as well as the main character herself Because Liza is thoroughly authentic and relatable a real teenager who questions her sexual identity her thoughts were meaningful and easy to follow This book was published thirty six years ago, and yet, I would have believed you if you d told me it hit the shelves yesterday.Because there are still too many LGBTQ people who do not feel safe bringing their relationship with their significant other into the open, and thus being their true selves Though I m of the opinion that we as a society are going in the right direction with regards to these issues, there is still work to be done A heartfelt, slow exploration of love and heartbreak, as well as a beautiful coming of age story that could have used developed secondary characters, but that was satisfying nonetheless Most important of all, it is a positive outlook on same sex relationships, empowering LGBTQ people to trust themselves and not let anyone else dictate who they shall love I hope to one day be able to say that this book is outdated that it is in no way realistic that gay people do not face the same problems any But as of today, it is certainly not Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Have you ever felt really close to someone So close that you can t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins Oh my This book hit me with so many different feels I didn t even understand what was happening to me I mean I knew Annie on My Mind is an f f romance and that it wasn t only banned from school libraries but also publicly burned at some point I knew this book was published about 36 years ago and that Nancy Garden is a lesbian I knew all this and it intrigued me enough to give the book a decent shot What I certainly didn t know, was how deeply this book would actually touch me T_T There is something honest about Garden s writing style, some truth that s in her words and wants to be heard There is love in her writing, true love, the kind of love you only find once in a lifetime And there is a rare ability to capture ordinary moments and to make them special somehow Annie held my hand, stroking it softly Don t talk, she said I won t let you float away You can t go far with me holding on to you I ll keep you here, love, shh I think what surprised me the most, was how relatable this story was I mean this is a book that s been published 36 years ago, yet there still were so many moments my head and my heart could relate to I found myself in some of those lines and I also found other people I know, which is probably the reason why Nancy Garden wrote the book in the first place She wanted us to identify with her characters and to understand them better and if you ask me she did a than just decent job There s no need for us to pretend to be other people any , ever again, is there, Liza Annie said softly My eyes stung suddenly, and Annie touched the bottom lids with her finger, asking, Why tears I kissed her finger Because I m happy, I said Because your saying that right now makes me happier than almost anything else could No there s no need to pretend Liza and Annie sighs Those two girls They broke my heart I loved them both and I could understand their fear to be discovered, their need to hide who they truly were, how they felt about each other Was it horrible how their love was discovered Boy, you bet your behind it was But I think in some way it was also good I mean it helped them to find themselves and what they wanted to be We didn t really talk much about being gay most of the time we just talked about ourselves We were what seemed important then, not some label She put her hand on mine, barely touching it It s all right with me, she whispered, if it is with you I I don t know, I said.It was like a war inside me I couldn t even recognize all the sides There was one that said, No, this is wrong you know it s wrong and bad and sinful, and there was another that said, Nothing has ever felt so right and natural and true and good, and another that said it was happening too fast, and another that just wanted to stop thinking altogether and fling my arms around Annie and hold her forever There were other sides, too, but I couldn t sort them out.Jeez Liza s struggle felt so real and relatable How often did I use the word relatable already Must have been at least three times by now, but it s true Damn This book See, I can t even write a decent review because I understand the main characters way too well Nancy Garden might be no Oscar Wilde or Shakespeare but damn does she know how to convey her characters feelings lol Which automatically brings me to the next topic More than 30 years and teens and people all over the world still struggle with the same problems Liza and Annie had to face Of course there changed a lot by now and our society is open minded, to come out to your family and friends is still quite an issue though What struck me the most, though, was that in that whole long article, the word love wasn t used even once That made me mad it was as if whoever wrote the article didn t know that gay people actually love each other The encyclopedia writers ought to talk to me, I thought as I went back to bed I could tell them something about love Liza I feel you This passage I couldn t agree Love, it s all about love and no label, no lifestyle, it s NOT a choice You don t choose to be gay You are It s natural and normal, it s who you are and how you feel and it s not something that needs to be cured, it s nothing to be ashamed of Did I already mention that I hated Mrs Poindexter I hated her with a fierce passion This woman Her and Ms Baxter And Sally for that matter They were all so wrong There were moments I was so angry I had to put down the book in order to resist the temptation to throw it against a wall XD But I have no choice, and someday you may even thank me I sincerely hope so, not because I want thanks, but because I want to think that you will be be healed, regain your moral sense, whatever is necessary to set you right again Gay, Sally said softly Oh, Liza, what a sad word What a terribly sad word Ms Baxter said that to me and she s right Even with drugs and liquor and other problems like that, most of the words are honestly negative stoned, drunk out of one s mind ARGH All those prejudices I can t even Makes me angry all over again I hated how they all reacted to Liza s and Annie s relationship and I m sure in some parts of the world, for some people it s still the same Even after 30 years, after all the sex education, after everything that happened, some people out there still have to face the same excuse my crude language bullshit I mean just take Austria, my country Is it accepted to be a part of the LGBTQ community Yes, it is It is allowed to marry Yes, it is Are people staring at you when you re a girl and hold a girls hand and it s obvious you re in a relationship Yes, they do So for all the official and legal rights, people still frown upon LGBTQ relationships I guess it s because most of them still think like Liza s father Oh, look, he said, what difference does it make if a couple of teachers at Foster are lesbians Those two are damn good teachers and good people, too, as far as I know Ms Widmer especially look at the poems Chad s written this year, look at how good Liza suddenly got in English The hell with anything else I don t care about their private lives, about anyone s, at least I He picked up his drink again and took a long swallow Liza, damn it, I always thought I was well, okay about things like homosexuality But now when I find out that my own daughter might be It s tolerated as long as it are the others, but god forbid it might be your own daughter or son who s gay I guess in many ways Austria is still a very conservative country and even though we just recently celebrated the pride parade for the 23rd time I may add there s still a lot of work to be done I guess if you consider other countries we re doing pretty well though Let s just hope things will get even better in the future There s always hope, right It s not a problem, I said It s not negative Don t you know that it s love you re talking about You re talking about how I feel about another human being and how she feels about me, not about some kind of disease you have to save us from This was so well said and I couldn t agree Liza nailed it I think I could go on and on about people s rights but I ll stop right here before it gets out of hand lol You know me, I feel strongly about those things and I have an opinion about everything P Anyway, before I end this review I have to point out two important characters that have become my personal heroes Ms Stevenson and Ms Widmer 333 They were AMAZING I loved how they supported Annie and Liza and I think they are angels for trying to be there for them Despite everything that happened they didn t even hesitate to defend them and tried to help them as best as they could The world needs teachers like them and less teachers like Mrs Poindexter and Ms Baxter All told I can really recommend Annie on My Mind and I hope many people will read it and will not only be touched by it but also will find themselves between the pages of this special book To say it with Ms Stevenson s words Don t let ignorance win, said Ms Stevenson Let love

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    Update For those who are looking for wonderful audiobooks a great story which will hold your interest from start to finish THIS IS IT Its still one of my favorite audiobooksECHO is exceptional I ve been thinking about audiobooks and I saw a member notice this book a few minutes ago and I just can t say enough good things about it I STILL have Iris to thank I can t imagine anyone not liking it Thank you Iris for this Audible book I can t thank Iris enough an entire new experience in reading listening has opened for me.shhhhhh, I think forever Many of you know I had two surgeries on my ankle this year a complete ankle replacement I spent 2 months in bed not allowed to walk During that time I read and was peaceful I read all day how bad could it be The second stage walking with crutches and physical therapy wasn t fun cut into my reading time to boot.The third stage was the worse I didn t feel I was getting better My new ankle itself was already great flexible no pain but I had pain in the right side of my foot than ever I kept seeing the doctor He kept giving me bone scans, back x rays, shots, etc Its still a puzzle I still have the pain less but not gone Stage 4 I m walking not hiking hilly trails, but than just to my car for a quick run into a store This morning I had my longest walk to date since my surgery 5.5 miles.Thank You you Irisand my new toy audible I m hooked now I can t wait to go walking again and find another book to listen to as I practice walking with my new ankle.THANK YOU SO MUCH, IRIS I wouldn t have taken the leap had you not put this in my hands.Thank you to the author, Nancy Garden The author was a brave woman who wrote this book The conversation at the end of the book with the author is terrific, fascinating interesting Its amazing the loops and hoops this book went through The girls in this story are brightcreative and in love The story might be written a little different today but maybe not much I don t want to give anything away its just DAMD GOOD The voices are PERFECT REAL AUTHENTIC I was choked a few times Ever feel like crying but trying not to cry it was like that for me a couple of times I HIGHLY recommend to EVERYONE if you don t believe me ask Iris Sooooooooooo lovely 5 stars

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    I m not sure I m qualified to write much of a review on this book, as I was never an adolescent lesbian But I will say that it was incredibly easy to relate to even for an adolescent hetero male and the situation is touching, if not incredibly sad.Liza is a teenager who finds a companion in a fellow museum goer one star struck day Cautious and excited, she pursues her romance, despite the fact that many around her do not seem to understand Through the help of a teacher, she finds guidance in her love, but one thing leads to another, and when Liza and her girlfriend are caught between the sheets at the lesbian teacher s house, wheels are set in motion by society that end in somewhat maddening circumstances.The beauty of this book is its focus on the teenage crush and how it develops into love I remember having these thoughts and emotions myself, being so curious and eager, and being scared out of my mind The fact that the relationship subject surrounds a lesbian couple, only emphasizes that orientation has nothing to do with it People are people, and we cannot help who we are attracted to When love grabs us, it grabs hard, especially when we re young, and we seem to always make the craziest decisions in its vise.Some claim the book is shallow, but I think its target audience would disagree The fact that the emphasis is on healing, instead of hurting, is something to be lauded The world has seen the tragedy of homosexuality, and it s ready to see how love can go beyond that.

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    It was like a war inside me I couldn t even recognize all the sides There was one that said, No, this is wrong you know it s wrong and bad and sinful, and there was another that said, Nothing has ever felt so right and natural and true and good, and another that just wanted to stop thinking altogether and fling my arms around Annie and hold her forever There were other sides, too, but I couldn t sort them out.Can we talk about how Annie On My Mind was published in 1982 1982 Almost 20 years before Ellen came out on the Oprah Winfrey Show 12 years before Don t Ask, Don t Tell was signed into law by the Clinton Administration This book blows me away, mainly because it contains an honest exploration of emotions teens still face today and it was published 13 years before I was born.The story focuses on Liza, a budding architect who aspires to attend MIT, and her growing relationship with Annie, an aspiring singer who wants to go to Berkeley They meet at a museum and have a sword fight of sorts before partaking in other uncouth shenanigans but beneath their antics lies the foundation of a meaningful, trusting friendship However, their bond intensifies at a rapid pace, and they soon must figure out their feelings for one another before external factors their them apart.Nancy Garden s writing felt so honest in Annie On My Mind Sure, a kid nowadays probably would have a smartphone to look up the definition of homosexuality and a laptop to find gay role models, but Liza s confusion and her budding relationship with Annie all came across as affecting and sincere Liza s uncertainty about sex with Annie and her confusion about the expectations of those around her made me connect with her and her struggles throughout the story Annie On My Mind shows how much worse it was for gay teens 30 years ago without the out and proud celebrities and the eye opening technology of today but it also ends on a note of inspiration and hope Garden did not render Liza and Annie into martyrs she gave them dreams and desires, just like everyone else By doing so, Garden made her characters people.Not a perfect book by any means like a 3.5 I wanted development from Liza s family, from Garden s writing which felt a little clunky at times , and from Liza and Annie s relationship as a whole But, Annie On My Mind s significance as the first lgbtq novel transcends any possible rating, and even though Nancy Garden passed away last month, her impact on people within the lgbtq community will last forever.

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    Have you ever felt really close to someone So close that you can t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins I think it was Sunday when that feeling began There is a reason that this novel was so groundbreaking upon its release in 1982 It is utterly beautiful and devastating The teenage love story between Liza and Annie is nothing short of moving It starts out so simply Two girls that form a gorgeously written connection that blossoms so naturally and easily into an all encompassing innocent love that wrongly threatens the world around them Love is love And this is one of the most beautifully written love stories I have read We didn t really talk much about being gay most of the time we just talked about ourselves We were what seemed important then, not some label What happens to the young girls upon the discovery of their romance is nothing short of shameful and what saddens me is that although this book is 35 years old the homophobia displayed by many of the characters in this book is still prevalent today It s not a problem I said It s not negative Don t you know that it s love you re talking about You re talking about how I feel about another human being and how she feels about me, not about some kind of disease you have to save us from But despite the homophobia, despite the obstacles and heartache this book packs a hopeful punch Love is the victor Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free four stars

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    This review is also posted on my blog I received a galley from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Speaking as a lesbian, I can t even begin to properly explain to you why this book is so important to me My only wish is that I read it at 15 instead of 25 I really, really hope there have been a bunch of kids who did just that I m sure there must have been though given it s 35 years since Annie on My Mind was first published.And I think that s one of the greatest things about this book I can t even imagine what it must have been like to read something this wholesome and this soft back then It s still lowkey revolutionary now Lines like nothing has ever felt so right and natural and true and good about two girls kissing I don t think I m gonna be over it anytime soon It s amazing to not only see yourself represented by very real, multi dimensional characters, but also being told time time again that there s nothing wrong with the way you are, with the people you love It s not often that someone defends us so fiercely in books and it really feels like a very much needed warm hug at the end of a hard day You can tell while reading that the book isn t new The writing isn t like what we re used to nowadays, no one has a cellphone, the school problems seem a little bit ridiculous But none of that really matters Because the writing is still great hits right in the heart, like it was meant to do all those years ago And teen sapphic girls can still see themselves in the characters and can still take courage in the characters journey to self love acceptance There s period appropriate homophobia here, of course, and it s still appropriate today, unfortunately, and it made my stomach turn than once But it s presented as just an obstacle that s possible to overcome, as something we can crush with our love, not as something we need to accept Because like the dedication says, it s a book for all of us For teenage sapphic girls who need guidance, who need someone they can trust, someone to tell them loving other girls is Wonderful, who need some hope in their lives And the beauty of Annie on My Mind is, it provides all of that .

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    BR with my favorite bean full review now posted Can you believe this book came to my house to murder me with feels Wow the disrespect I can t believe I ve owned this book since last June and I ve waited until now to read it, but I probably enjoyed it much now that I would have this summer for various reasons It takes place in the US in the eighties, when it was also published I believe it s one of the first, if not the first, YA book that deals with female homosexuality in such an open and honest way Because it was published so long ago, I was a little scared that it wouldn t work for me and that it would use harmful tropes that weren t regarded as such back then Fool me, I should have done my research.The author was apparently a lesbian herself and reading about the history of this book broke my heart a little they banned it from schools and burned it publicly in a town somewhere I don t remember exactly and I don t feel like looking it up again because I m not ready to cry again.I was so surprised to see how well female homosexuality was treated and this is totally both a book to educate straight people on the fact that gay people are normal I m paraphrasing the author and a book for young sapphic girls to see themselves represented and learn that it s okay and that they can get their happy ending.Yes, this book has a happy ending and it killed the tragic lesbian trope before it was invented.Besides its importance in lgbtq literature, this was also one of the best and most naturally developed romances I ve ever read Throw all your average abusive tropey straight YA romances in the trash where they belong, this is so healthy and refreshing and it NEEDS to be read.TW homophobia

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    What struck me most, though, was that, in that whole long article, the word love wasn t used even once That made me mad it was as if whoever wrote the article didn t know that gay people actually love each other The encyclopedia writers ought to talk to me, I thought as I went back to bed I could tell them something about love. This quote sums up pretty well what I loved the most about this book Liza and Annie are only 17 year old when they fall in love, and this whole time, despite all their fears and insecurities and obstacles they faced, they refuse to believe that their feelings were anything other than wonderful They made each other utterly happy, what they had was beautiful, and it was just absurd to them that other people had the audacity to think it dirty or wrong.It was also the reason I read this in the first place, because I don t have the heart to read coming out stories of characters who are influenced to think that the way they feel is sinful and must be fought Those just make me sad, and this book did the exact opposite Liza and Annie s feelings for each other were pure magic, and they knew it.On a separate note, I m deeply sad that I can t read a whole book about Isabelle Stevenson and Katherine Widmer s relationship They were so incredible and important and it s a shame we only started hearing about their past right in the end of this book I want to read the whole story of them view spoiler meeting as teenagers too, going to college, Isabelle joining the WAC and the being discharged, the aftermath of that, them becoming teachers hide spoiler