The right brain way to conuering clutter mastering time and reaching one's goals the first book to show creative people how to arrange their desks their time and their lives in a style consistent with their uniue way of perceiving the world Suggests a host of practical solutions all in harmony with the way creative people think and act 20 line drawings

10 thoughts on “Organizing for the Creative Person Right Brain Styles for Conuering Clutter Mastering Time and Reaching Your Goals

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    Okay I know this is a funny one to put on here but it really has helped me to read it I always feel so inept when it comes to organization I love to BE organized but have trouble with the traditional ways of doing so This helped me think about organization a little differently and the approach is much practical for the way my brain works

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    I remember reading once after taking one of those team building tests at an in service that my co workers and boss should focus on my results and not my process Ahem This book attempts to help right brained folks to get organized It has some good ideas and also speaks to the differences between the LB folks organized and RB folks not so organized Here is the thing though in the end I GET IT DONE I'm just saying

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    If you have right brain tendencies are creative and unorganized this book is for you It takes you through goal setting time management and spacial organization If you consider yourself a slob or have problems creating structure for yourself it will help you see that nothing is wrong with you Your brain just works differently and you need a different set of rules

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    From my point of view this book make me think This is what alcoholics must feel like when they confront their disease I know they are saying creative people aren't bad just different but part of me wanted to go to creative person rehab Strong if sobering read

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    Remember when pop psychologists liked to divide everyone and everything into left brain and right brain traits? This book is a nostalgia parade of early 90s pseudoscience drivelIt doesn't even tell you how to organize your desk Or maybe it does but there was no one holding a gun to my head and forcing me to keep reading so I'll never know When a book tries to tell me I can't properly organize my desk until I have discovered my purpose in life I saddle up my nopetopus and swim off into the sunset

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    Great book It was written in 1993 so it was a little dated in the time management section it talked about using a daytimer vs Outlook or a Blackberry However the concepts were solid and insightfulFor information view my full review here

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    Amazing book now I just have to implement the lessons I learned lol

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    Such an amazing bookHonestly words can't express how timely this book came to meThis is the book you need if you want to get your life to the next levelThis is not only a book on how to organize your personal space but how to get your life in order so you can have time to focus on the things that money really can't buy like your spouse children parents and other loved onesWhen thinking about settling down with the love of your life it really is important to understand their personality type as that greatly determines their organization styleThis affects their perspective on how they look at their personal spaceImportant to have conversations on how you will go about how to conuer clutter how you will keep your possessions as all these affect our abilities to achieve our goals in good timeLearnt amazing nuggets of advice from this book Use an organization system that works for you that is fun to keep you motivated Procrastination and clutter go hand in hand If you wanna read something keep it in plain view The sooner you do a task the better Love yourself Forgive yourself Do what you can with what you have You don't have to do it all at a go give yourself a break Take each day as it comes Be thankful for what you have Marry someone who understands you and allows you to be yourself and you allow him or her to be themselves Be a partner to your spouse not their parent Any challenge between a couple can be solved with good communication

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    I am definitely creative than analytical and organizing can definitely be a chore for me This book shows the differences between right and left brained thinking and offers some interesting ideas for the creative person to get organized I have put a few of them into practice and so far so good

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    Just say NO to traditional folder and cabinet systemsThese organizers make it easier for people who aren't comfortable with traditional folder and cabinet organizing structures to understand why those systems don't work for them And why that's OKLauren Williams Owner Casual Uncluttering LLC Woodinville WA USA