From acclaimed Western author Bill Brooks the first two books of his captivating “The Journey of Jim Glass” trilogy now collected in one volume for the first timeRIDES A STRANGERCoffin Flats New Mexico is a nothing town in the middle of nowhere—which suits Jim Glass just fine Looking for any job he’s courted by the local brothel owner—because Jim is good with his fists as well as his gun—but instead he is hired by Marshal Chalk Bronson A hothead named Johnny Waco is threatening to burn Coffin Flats down if his runaway wife isn’t returned to him Now Glass has a plan that could either make things right or pull the drifter into a world of killers and heartbreakA BULLET FOR BILLYCaptain Gus Rodgers of the Texas Rangers is dying—and before he goes he needs Jim Glass’s help to free his grandson from a Mexican prison Trouble is the Federale general holding him wants the head of the boy’s brother Billy who has already confessed to murdering the general’s daughter Gus believes Billy deserves to die The old ranger is just worried he won’t live long enough to do the deed—which is where Jim Glass comes in 

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