Freddie Holmes could've wrote the book on How to Be A Player With his good looks gift of gab his Jersey swag and ability to put it down in the bedroom his only source of income is the women he manipulates But after meeting Simone his new fiance he decides to hang up his womanizing gloves so he says but not before his past catches up to him Slug is a stick up kid hustler from the dirty south After losing his drug connect he uses his trip to New Jersey for a funeral as an opportunity to link up with his cousin Freddie in hopes of finding a new supplier Freddie wants to show his cousin a good time Jersey style while he's visiting only he chooses the wrong place wrong time to do so At the end of the night two people are left in their on blood one the younger brother of a known drug dealer the other a cop Freddie is forced to make some quick decisions To evade his situation he takes his cousin up on his offer relocates to North Carolina and changes his profession but not without his soon to be wife Simone Simone gives up everything to go on the run with her man all in the name of love and gets a dose of reality She had no idea what she had signed up for as she takes a good look at her life with Freddie See how Freddie Holmes learns the hard way that you can run but you can't hide forever

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    On The Run With Love is packed with the streetness that fans of JM Benjamin's previous books have come to expect But it also successfully appeals to both female and male readers who will undoubtedly identify with the dilemmas faced by both Freddie and Simone And the conflict that arises as both characters attempt to follow their hearts