I usually really enjoy Dean Hughes but I was just bored with this book There were some interesting things to think about and to imagine what it was like for the people living with polygamy and other issues of the time and he really did put me in their minds, but the story itself fell flat for me. The conclusion of a 2 book series, this book follows Angeline and Morgan Davis as their lives continue on through the years in Orderville Mr Hughes continues to craft a wonderful story of Morgan, his 2 wives and numerous children as the settlers are called to live the united order The author points out the pros and cons of consecrated living, the struggles that many people have never thought and some most of us want to While sad, frustrating, joyful and scary sometimes all at once the situations described are all ones that the Saints went through during that time frame Reading these things in a historical novel makes them slightly easier to read. Wow I loved this story so sad to see it end when a series dies it s like losing familybut listening to the challenges the Saints endured during that time period warms my heart regarding their diligence, desire to obey and please the Lord and strive to be like the Savior Seeing the pros and cons to the Law of Consecration has me wondering how would I have fared if I lived during that time period and what do I need to do to prepare myself for the future and its challenges of our time The great faith they showed in trusting the Lord regarding living the laws that the Lord Church had asked them to do and the women who supported that event though they all know how difficult it was, they worked hard at doing the right thing for the right reason and found their hearts followed I have finished Saints No Unhallowed Hand recently and it tied in nicely to this story and time period So grateful for the early members of the Church and their example. These two books have been a paradigm shift for me on polygamy Very insightful I didn t like how Morgan decided how the wives relationships with him would work in the immediate aftermath of the Manifesto and his incarceration I think he would have waited for some further clarity from the church leaders before deciding how to proceed But I can t even fathom how hard it would have been for those polygamous families to break up after the announcement Probably way harder than to enter into polygamy in the first place But the author s final note did provide some clarity What stood out the most to me was the message that those who loved polygamy, my relatives included, did it because the Lord called them to live it And they answered the call And we can t look at it through modern eyes and understand it according to modern narratives I m grateful for and honored to be a descendant of such fine people. I thought a lot of the conversations between characters felt forced Hughes has a lot to say about the United Order and polygamy, and it felt somewhat unnatural coming from each of the characters in the book I was interested to learn about the beginnings and endings of the United Order, but maybe a novel wasn t the best way, at least for me. .Thought provoking The writing style made it easy to become immersed in the lives of these characters I found myself caught up in the emotional struggle of choices that rippled through the lives and hearts of the ensemble of the other character s I found myself loving and dare I say hating these characters at times for the heartache inflicted through their decisions even though I fully understood why they did The depth of what if questions this book invoked brought many hours of discussion between me and my husband If this is a subject you enjoy or want to know about I would definitely recommend this book. This was a good story, but than that it made me think about polygamy and how people dealt with it It was touching to read the dialogue and think about their struggles and how they needed so much faith It was a thought provoking book. excellent written historical novel Sometimes I stayed away from it because other characters angered me Other times life was very hard for the main characters But all in all very good book Liked authors note because I always wonder what life was like for characters after book ends. Powerful read about the early settlers who settled the Muddy then migrated to Orderville Hughes represented the time period beautifully as well as the challenges and diverse perspectives of the time I won t lie, polygamy makes me horribly uncomfortable, but Hughes approaches it in a matter of fact way, I m sure based on first hand accounts I like that he shows the sisterhood that existed between wives as well as the marriage dynamic and problems it could bring too I m just really grateful it wasn t my lot in life I feel like I have to power through these passages, but it helps me understand something I do not, which is a good thing It was a fantastic read wonderful series Don t miss this one When The Settlers From The Muddy River Mission, Including The Davis Family, Move To Long Valley In Utah, They Establish The Town Of Orderville, The Most Successful And Longest Lasting Attempt At Living The United Order River Is The Story Of These Idealistic Settlers Who Devoted Themselves To Living This Order With No Rich Or Poor Among Them As They Strive To Live This Order, However, Morgan, Angeline, Ruth, And The Other Settlers Struggle To Balance Individual Freedom With Community CooperationOn Top Of This Challenge And The Struggles Of Settling A New Town, Morgan And His Wives Must Face The Increasing Demands Of Living The Principle Of Plural Marriage As Their Family Expands And Anti Polygamy Pressure From The US Government Becomes Intense How Will The Davis Family Face These New Pressures And Challenges They Re About To Find Out