According to the National Institute of Mental Health than 23 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders many as a direct result of trauma As a young stress researcher at the University of California at Berkeley Peter A Levine found that all animals including humans are born with a natural ability to rebound from these distressing situations Now on Healing Trauma you can join this respected therapist and teacher to learn how to address these and other symptoms at their source your body and return to the natural trauma free state that you were meant to live in Featuring than six hours of guided instruction to engage your body's built in healing process

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    Healing Trauma Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body is a brief introduction to Dr Peter Levine's research theory and clinical work in assisting recovery from PTSD symptomsSomatic Experiencing is the clinical modality based on Dr Levine's theory and researchSomatic Experiencing differs from conventional talk therapy Rather than linguistically interpreting the trauma and reframing the event in a adaptive way cognitive restructuring and narrative integration Somatic Experiencing facilitates a direct experience of the trauma symptoms as body sensations via a systematic imaginal exposure coupled with b mindful awareness of emotionally significant body sensations and c guided modulation and long term retraining of dysregulated body states In other words rather than sitting around and talking about the trama the client lays down on a massage table and re creates the trumatic event in their imagination while being guided to feel their feelings in their body and discharge ie down regulate the feelings via pendulating ie alternating between focusing awareness on the intense dysregulated body sensations and neutral body sensationsTo all you psychotherapist out there if this sounds a whole lot like systematic desensitization via imaginal exposure coupled with somatically oriented mindfull awareness and grounding techniques than I think you're dead onI'd say the major differences are that Somatic Experiencing clinicians use touch posture and proximity in a way that is closely related to physical therapy or bodywork Somatic Experiencing is based on the assumption that trauma symptoms are the result of a chronic dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system ANS brought on by chronic or acute traumatic exposure According to Dr Levine's research mammals automatically regulate ANS survival responses by spontaneously discharging excess energy via involuntary movements such as shaking and deep spontaneous breaths after exposure to a survival challenge Humans inhibit this discharge process due to enculturation and rational thinking processesIn other words we humans inhibit our natural emotional regulation because we're all up in our heads and generally freaked out by our own vulnerability and mortality and because we're scared to show our vulnerability eg trembling and crying after a threatening event because we're afraid other people will think we can't keep our shit together So we bottle up all of our trauma feelings and over time we get all fucked up by itSomatic Experiencing attempts to restore our inherent mammalian capacity to self regulate by retraining the individual to skillfully release the energy stored in the body during and after a traumatic eventIn other words Somatic Experiencing trains you to a get out of your head and into your body and b barf out all the toxic pent up trauma energy and eventually c retrain your nervous system so that you don't bottle that shit up anyWarning it's important to note that Somatic Experiencing lacks sufficient randomized control trials to validate its efficacy compared to other gold standard trauma treatments such as Prolonged ExposureAdditionally there are few to no exclusively distinct features of the Somatic Experiencing model that are not otherwise represented in other empirically validated therapies for traumaIf your curious I recommend this program as a primer on the theory and model But before you drink the cool aid Remember that there are other thoroughly researched evidence based trauma treatments that should be considered as a primary course of treatment for PTSDIf you buy this program be forwarded it leaves the stratosphere in the bad way in some of the final chapters What began as clinically soundish theoretically plausibleish assertions morph into new ageish theoretical hokum faster than you can say angle dustI love the somatically oriented approach But the field needs an update hella bad For a much sound overview of the current state of the art in trauma treatment read Dr Basil Van Der Kolk's The Body Keeps Score It's fruity enough to slake your thirst for rainbow skittle flavored cool aid while remaining substantial enough to satiate your hunger for meat and potatoesIn the end Somatic Experiencing is redeemable because it's a big hearted and b an effective trauma treatment for a lot of people myself included But the science really needs to step into this century