How is this book unique? Font adjustments biography included Unabridged 100% Original content Illustrated About The Lees of Happiness by Francis Scott Fitzgerald The Lees of Happiness is a story written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald an American writer belonging to the so called Lost Generation literary movement In the early twentieth century the idea that in the United States one might hope to satisfy every material desire and thereby achieve happiness came into being this is the so called American Dream In the Twenties Fitzgerald spoke complexly to and for this modern idea of the meaning of America However he believed it to be deceptive as proposing the satisfaction of all desires equating them with material acquisitions could only lead to dissatisfaction The sense of disaster is therefore a recurrent theme in Fitzgerald's works as most of his writing is concerned with the disintegration of the American Dream The Lees of Happiness contains a little melodrama and sentimentality and characters that show a depth of humanity and responsibility that is rare in Fitzgerald’s works

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