The author of The Corset Diaries returns to the realm of the paranormal in this sexy funny romance that pits Seattle based Aisling Grey against Drake Vireo a seriously handsome Parisian dragon in human form In her job as courier Aisling is to deliver a precious demonic artifact to a Mme Deauxville in Paris but she finds Madame freshly dead surrounded by a circle of ash The artifact is then stolen by the fast talking Drake who claims that Aisling is no mere courier but in fact a demon lord and his destined mate Determined to play detective Aisling summons up a demon only to find herself saddled with one in the form of a slobbering Newfoundland who wants to go walkies Drake wants to show her the way dragons mate and then bodies seem to pile up all over Paris making Aisling a corpse magnet and top suspect It's going to take every screwy new ally she's got to solve this murder and adjust to her new life in a strange new world

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    In honestly I have to admit that I threw this book across the room at page 176 This is an act I have not performed since I read Mercedes Lackey's The Silver Gryphon which was to packing luggage as MST3K's The Lost Continent was to rock climbingI did not finish this book but after a week of my wife giggling at my grumbling before it became a thrown missle damage 1d2 I feel qualified enough to sayAisling Grey is a quirky funny woman who I pictured as Veronica Mars era Kirsten Bell I liked her the moment she arrived in Paris intent of delivering a golden dragon statue for her uncle Soon three events happen generally simultaneously One she finds her customer ritualistically murdered Two she learns that she can do MAGICShe's apparently a natural demon summoner That's what she thinks is eventually at least After all very few people sit her down and explain things they just assume she's in the know and she has to fake it Funny stuffSighAnd we meet the book's male lead Drake VireoDrake is a dragon a thief and an overbearing misogynist who spent the rest of the book commiting creepy assaults stealing Aisling's statue claiming her as his mate and refusing to help her That's just in the next thirty pages after his introduction Also no matter how gross he is Aisling can't stop think about having sex with himDrake kills the book for me in any scene he's in I like Aisling I like her supporting cast the intrepid fearless Parisian cabbie and her talking dog demon If those three were solving mysteries I'd read the whole series Instead imagine this scene as the standard for Drake encountersPerky Girl Help me You ruined my lifeDark DickheadNo By the way I consider you my possession nowPerky Girl Dammit I hate youDark Dickhead I'm hot thoughPerky Girl Bites her lip He's so hotI should be loving Aisling's struggle Her luggage is burnt to a crisp she's got no passport she's framed for murder and she rolls up her sleeve and gets down to mystery solving I want to read about her adventuresBut the only scene I liked with Drake was when she kicked him in the balls eye gouged him and bludgeon him into unconsciousness in the space of one paragraph I should mention that event happened in his gorgeous mansion where every detail earned a comment from Aisling because Drake is the avatar of every World of Darkness character that ever had a background written by a 13 year oldI should sum up my feelings for DrakeDark Dickhead You are my mate my possession I will protect you at all costsPerky Girl Can I have this statue that my professional life depends on back?Dark Dickhead No I like it It really ties my living room together That drink you ordered is poison to humans by the wayPerky Girl DAMN IT WHY DID YOU LET ME ORDER IT?Dark Dickhead I didn't want to contradict youWhen they have dream sex Drake drops the rule that he must firstly possess his lovers dragon style I get excited thinking we were about to see really kinky interspecies sex with a fun sense of humor Spoiler alert I'm pretty sure Drake uses the dragon style line on every girl just to get them to let them do hair yanking doggystyleOf course this guy is the soul of chivalryDark Dickhead I smell gold on you I demand you show it to mePerky girl crosses arms over blouse to hide necklace Are you going to steal it?Dark Dickhead Maybe I dunno If I have to reach in and grab it I'm definitely keeping itThen I hit page 176Aisling is finally pressing Drake for info She's done a damn good job of staying on her toes so far and she's ready to hold his ass to the fire until she gets answers As she questions Drake not allowing him any evasive answers he declares I warn you I do not like my women dominantNo After locating where the book had landed I flipped to the end to see if Drake had been incinerated in a demonstrable fireball of punishment Dammit but noI want to read Katie MacAllister's other books I want to give her a shot again I just will not return to this series until I hear that Drake Vireo was hit by a falling airplane engine