In This Book, Elder Andersen Writes Especially To Those Who Are Awakening Unto God Those Who Are Just Beginning To Discover Or Who Seek The Divine Gifts And Power Of Repentance And Forgiveness In Their Lives The Divine Gift Of Forgiveness Is Organized In Such A Way That Readers Can Choose The Section Or Chapter That Applies Most To Them And Study It Without Having To Have Read From Cover To Cover Leaders Can Similarly Recommend Specific Chapters To Those With Whom They Work Filled With Powerful Doctrine Along With Stories And Experiences, This Book Will Help All Readers Become Devoted Disciples Of The Savior

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    This book is written is simple and plain language But it represents a meaningful change from the way repentance and forgiveness were presented in The Miracle of Forgiveness While The Miracle of Forgiveness focuses on defining specific sins with the intent of ensuring readers do not rationalize away sin, this book focuses on the blessing and promise of forgiveness The former approach left many feeling guilty and hopeless, the latter leaves readers with hope and a desire to improve.Do not confuse simple and plain language with a lack of depth This book has profound ideas, though they will sound pedestrian to those who have heard this approach to repentance and forgiveness their entire lives One example of depth is Elder Anderson s comment that instead of focusing our efforts to change or helping others with change on willpower or steps of repentance, we should focus on gaining greater faith in Christ I have seen how building faith in Christ changes behavior and increases the likelihood and permanence of change.It is difficult to communicate true miracle of forgiveness unless you experience it yourself or witness it in someone close to you Our repentance and feelings of guilt don t earn anything Grace is a gift We turn to God and accept that gift made possible through the atonement of Christ And all the theology in all the world can never provide the clarity and appreciation we gain for forgiveness from experiencing it firsthand.

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    I m a new bishop This book taught me great principles to aide in my own relationship with God as well as the special privilege I have to help others do the same As I read, I marked it up and took notes in the front pages to help summarize my own thinking and applications I came away with many new ideas and insights I ll use when counseling with members of my congregation I highly recommend Elder Anderson s book to everyone, those struggling with large personal mistakes, those hurt by the mistakes of others, and those simply striving to be a little better each day.

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    Though Elder Andersen qualifies his remarks as a beginners guide to repentance, I found the concepts in this book quite profound So much so that one story in here changed the course of a family relationship of mine, as I was able to try and see that person differently, and have compassion and forgiveness for them One of the touching stories that was shared was of a wife with a husband with a pornography addiction She remarried happily but later in life ended up taking care of her ex husband as he slowly suffered and died from cancer That time she took care of him ended in complete forgiveness on her part as she served him and as he was grateful for her care Inspiring Absolutely recommend this book All the stars and everyone should read it.

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    Great companion book to Miracle of Forgiveness The tone is much lighter for the majority of the book, but the topic of repentance is still the core of the book Some of the book won t necessarily mean a whole lot for those who haven t committed any major transgressions except for highlighting the depth of mercy available to us through repentance Elder Andersen brings up many ideas that are helpful and refreshing on the idea of repentance throughout the book as well.

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    This was priceless With a much compassionate tone and with Elder Andersen s loving approach and insights, this is a much needed update to the standard book on forgiveness by the Church I had several insights while studying this work and I find myself so grateful for the Savior and for His divine gift of forgiveness in each of our lives Recommended for all members of the Restored Church, hands down

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    A very powerful and very compassionate book I would recommend this book to everyone, especially if you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ It is a life saver and life changer.

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    Great stuff Kind of like an updated version of the church classic, The Miracle of Forgiveness.