To pass the memories of significant events from generation to generation is an important Jewish principle This is especially true for Passover a holiday that is celebrated in spring Every year on the so called Seder evening Jews around the world read the story of the liberation of the Jews from slavery and the Exodus from Egypt – the Haggadah shel Pesach – a special book which is usually also illustrated The Haggadah tells the story how the Jewish people escaped Egyptian slavery and guides the annual Seder Family and friends enjoy a meal together read and sing the traditional songs in the Haggadah The Viennese artist Arik Brauer the renowned co founder of Phantastic Realism has created a new Haggadah with 24 brand new illustrations The 24 stunning works of art were first on display at the Jewish Museum to mark the 85th birthday of the all round artist The valuable new illustrations offer an intense perspective at these key events in Jewish history Chief Rabbi Paul Chaim Eisenberg answered editor Erwin Javor‘s questions about the biblical texts The Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol interpreted the meaning of Passover in an essay Danielle Spera Director of the Vienna Jewish Museum described Arik Brauer‘s life and career and Erwin Javor contributed an emotional foreword that draws these unique components together In other words the Brauer Haggada unites the voices and feelings of modern Jews on one hand and religious tradition and identity on the other hand Arik Brauer already illustrated a Haggadah in 1979 It became a classic and was soon out of print This brand new haggadah will fill the need of a new generation Arik Brauer born 1929 in Vienna His father was murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna he created the “Viennese School of Fantastic Realism” This hardcover editions include also a CD with Passover songs sung by young Naomi and Arik Brauer