Whoo Hoo Today this won a Printz Honor I mentioned it at a meeting of all of the children s librarians at DCPL last month Here s what I had to say before today This book is full of satisfying coincidences and serendipitious occurrences Plus it s funny and quirky 4 1 2 stars almost 5 stars January 2008 Made YALSA s BBYA list In This Michael L Printz Honor Book, Lily Wishes She Could Be Like The Other Girls In Her Class But How Can She As The Only Sensible Person In Her Family, She Never Has Time To Hang Out With Friends Someone Has To Stay Home To Look After Her Brother Maybe She Should Fall In Love What Could Be Less Sensible That That When Her Grandmother Invites The Whole Family To A Party, Lily Cannot Imagine How They Will Make It Through The Day Her Mother Is Always Bringing Home Strange People Lily Doesn T Even Know Her Father Her Grandfather Has Disowned Her Brother Her Brother Has A New Girlfriend That No One Has Met To Top It All Off, That Day When Her Eye Caught Daniel Steadman S Just For A Moment, She Felt All Woozy Inside If That Was Love, She Isn T Sure She Likes The Feeling As The Party Approaches, All Lily Can Hope For Is One Whole And Perfect Day Is It Too Much To Ask One whole and perfect book filled with wacky, but realistic and endearing characters, family problems, love, forgiveness and a whole bunch of delightful coincidences felt like it was written just for me I am so glad that I had finally caved in and ordered a copy The Printz Honor title entered and left my wishlist several times starting in 2008, when the home of my virtual shelves was still at Anobii.com But somehow my positive gut feelings overpowered the doubts brought on by the bad average rating and the lack of gushing reviews.And here I am Grinning and perfectly happy after rushing through the multiple voiced story of the Samson family, which made me cry twice in one evening A note on rereading this book half a year later Judith Clarke s multi POV eight, to be correct , very Aussie family story it s not strictly YA It s all age at it best gets even magical when you are gleefully anticipationg all the wonderful interactions of the realistically flawed, but oh so unavoidably lovely characters and those incredibly gut warming coincidences I could eat that book, honestlyRe read in March 2019Still love it To pieces. This was definitely an enjoyable read It doesn t have an intense plot, or any gasp worthy twists and turns The title is perfect, because that s what the main extent of the plot is family and friends trying struggling to be whole, and one girl who pushes for it so she can have her perfect day What I really liked about it was the changing characters Though it s written in 3rd person, each character has a story and purpose except for one character Jessaline I didn t really understand how she fit so there isn t really one main character I also liked the age variations With most young adult books, you only get a glimpse into the head of the teenage narrator, but these characters spanned from early teens to early eighties.Everybody connects in a way When I got into it, I was incredibly confused at why so many characters were being written such large parts, but it all fits Everybody fits together, hence why the word whole is so perfect for the title Almost funny Probably not I m lame, I know Everybody s issues, which every character has some, intertwine so wonderfully that I appreciated their flaws so much at the end.I finished it fairly quickly considering it s not very long It s not the kind of book that you ll get swept away in, but it s something that definitely will lift your spirits I laughed a lot, and probably smiled throughout the entire thing I recommend picking it up, and saving it for a rainy day when you re not feeling so awesome it ll make you feel a lot better, I promise Audible ReviewAussie Reading Challenge 8 One Whole and Perfect Day was a pleasant and enjoyable read The reader for the audible, Gretal Montgomery, was a delight to listen to Her voice was sweet and joyful and kept me quite entertained Her Australian accent was delightful to hear especially when she said Pop , Lonnie , Clara I could still hear her sweet and cute voice in my head and picture the characters in my head as clear as day One Whole and Perfect Day is about the life of a sensible 16 year old girl named Lily and her eccentric and dysfunctional family Though she is the main character of the book, there are several points of views in the book, both long and short, told in the 3rd person For this reason, the beginning of the book was a little confusing because of the constant changes in voices as each character is introduced, especially when listening to its audible version Lily complains about her boring life and how she takes care of her disorganized and kind psychologist mother, Marigold, and her older and irresponsible brother, Lonnie Secondary characters consists of her grandpa Stan and grandma May, Clara who is Lonnie s friend and Clara s mother, Rose It s quite funny and interesting how these two families come in contact and connect in such serendipitous ways The book is like a giant ball of yarn with the strands of each of these characters lives smoothly and haphazardly intertwined into a one big ball of life I thought Judith Clarke did such a fine job crafting these larger than life characters I personally enjoyed Stan s character because despite his gruff, he was all heart underneath I personally connected with Clara and her family dynamics I too grew up with a father who was highly critical and condescending of my mother and caused me to lose respect for my father I too experienced being discriminated upon just like Clara s mother because I am of Asian descent and had to go through my high school senior year being labeled as a dog eater However in Rose s Clara s mother case, she grew up being teased as a cat eater The funny thing was, growing up in the Philippines, I recall my brother warning me to refrain from buying steamed meat buns from the Chinese fast food places for fear of it being made of cat meat And since I was young and stupid then, I believed him It s just interesting how ridiculous stories such as these travel far and wide Anyway, I digress I thought Lonnie was cute and kind despite him being a little clueless and dreamy at times I thought their Grandma May was sweet and adorable especially with regards to her invisible and childhood friend Seth I had a friend like that too when I was little and I still call upon him when I m feeling a little bit down and alone He s one friend who s always there to listen And I think May s relationship with Seth is very much the same And then there s Lily Sensible Lily who was forced to grow up early and take care of the household because no one else would Oh don t I know the feeling But, I was never embarrassed of it like she was I was quite proud of being sensible and independent But Lily definitely entertained me with her curious ways and her experimentation of how to get the opposite sex to notice you It made me reminisce of all the stupid things I would wear and do just to get a guy to notice me in high school Oh the stupid things we did when we were young I thought Judith Clarke was an amazing writer with her ability to conjure such intricate lives and weave them effortlessly into eventful coincidences culminating into a one whole and perfect day of reunion, self discovery, a promise of a better tomorrow, and a greater appreciation for family and friends for Lily, Clara, an their families Unfortunately, because the ending is so perfect and could only exist in fairy tales, I was left not feeling completely convinced and impressed However, if you are the type who enjoy happily ever afters multiplied by 10, then this book is definitely for you Nevertheless, after reading One and Whole Perfect Day, I am still in awe of Australian authors and writers Lily Samson is sure her family is the craziest Her brother lolls around, dropping in and out of school, unable to find a path in life Her Pop, though she loves him, is a bona fide racist as far as she s concerned , her Nan has an invisible friend, her mother is fond of bringing home clients from work to stay with them, and Lily, in all her Year Ten glory, is the responsible one in the house Her friends giggle about boys, she makes shopping lists Her friends makes up new words, she makes dinner plans Really, there s most definitely something wrong here.Lonnie, errant brother, has moved out after a blow out with Pop, involving an axe Living in a Boarding House for Gentleman, and once again enrolled in school, he s still trying to find his way His mother, with no real way to know how he s doing, worries Endlessly and pointlessly, if you ask Lily Indeed, Lonnie nearly does repeat his cycle yet again, but a little intervention stays his hand In fact, meeting Clara has changed the world for Lonnie, and all for the better.Back at home, Lily has concluded she needs to fall in love It seemed just the answer to her premature aging And yet, once decided, she quickly changes her mind and finds the whole process of having a crush to be quite horrid Unfortunately, she can t go back.She s sure as anything that Daniel Steadman doesn t even know she exists across town Daniel is plagued with dreams of a mystery girl with a beautiful voice.Waking in a frenzy one night, unable to recall the color of his mother s eyes, Pop takes a trip to his old neighborhood at Nan s urging Most of it is gone, replaced with stores and shops and food all foreign to him Worse yet, while sitting on a bench recollecting, he calls aloud a most unfortunate phrase and insults the Chinese woman who just happened to be across the way at the time He runs for it, but determined not to take abuses any, she chases him down They find in one another an unexpected friend.Nan, feeling certain that the family needs a celebration, decides to hold a party for Pop s eightieth birthday A grand event, it will be She s just sure it will help Pop and Lonnie to reconcile She s been pestering Lily to try to make it happen, and to make sure Lon comes to the event Though Lily is certain this can only end badly, what with Clara being Chinese, she does as asked.In fact, Lily decides this party is important Maybe the most important thing in their lives She needs it to be a success And because he hears this quiet desperation in his sister s voice, Lonnie agrees To make up, and to attend Lily can only hope it will be the one, perfect day she feels she, and they all, deserve. This is completely a character driven book It took me a while after some confusion to realize this book wasn t what I had expected There is not much of a story, which I had to train myself to get used to Once you realize it is all about the characters, it becomes interesting It felt like I was an observer of one chunk of life that begged me for character analysis, especially as it relates to my own life, knowledge, and experiences The book was much lighter than I expected especially as its a Printz Honor book I ve come to associate different books than this with that award Yet the book had depth if one chose to look deeply into the characters Maybe why it was a Print Honor I liked that it wasn t a dysfunctional family in the way that term seems to have become, but just a family that is different from others Whose isn t The book was actually refreshing than I expected, which may be one reason why it WAS refreshing And I can t help enjoying the very Dickens ian way it all came together in the end Once I suspected this was happening, I began to enjoy the book The audio was a lot of fun, as I enjoyed hearing the Australian accent I don t hear that one as often And some dialectal words were just too fun to listen to Plus, the narrator did a good job in not influencing your mind on how to think of each character. What if you could have one, whole perfect day a day as perfect as your gran s spongecake, as a pure blue sky, as a shiny coin or as perfect as a cool breeze winding its way through a hot town in summer How much effort would you put in Who would you include And what changes would you make in your life, and to yourself, to try and make it last A heartwarming, raw and simply put tale of a family whose idiosyncrasies, imaginary friends, red faces, dishcloths, Bestie magazines and Bronte books make them who they areand maybe that is better than being perfect. 4 1 2 stars This is really a lovely, beautiful little book about an average family in Australia I particularly enjoyed the story being told from all the various points of view, even those characters who would normally be throw aways in other novels I also loved how all those various threads came together in the end to create Lily s whole and perfect day Highly Recommended This book droned on an on for much longer than a day I just couldn t attach to any of the characters and I wonder if any teen readers would