First Published In , Jesus The Christ Is The Classic Latter Day Saint Presentation Of The Life And Ministry Of The Savior Elder Marion G Romney Said, One Who Gets The Understanding, The Vision, And The Spirit Of The Resurrected Lord Through A Careful Study Of The Text Jesus The Christ By Elder James E Talmage Will Find That He Has Greatly Increased His Moving Faith In Our Glorified Redeemer This Special Edition Has Been Completely Retypeset For Added Readability, And For The First Time The Chapter Endnotes Have Been Included With The Footnotes For Ready Reference

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    Jesus the Christ is based on the doctrines, ideology and tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints LDS , or the Mormons It is a critical study and biography of the life of Christ from his pre mortal existence, through his continuing mortal ministry, and into his role at the end of days This book is like the Book of Mormon, another testament that the LDS church is a Christ based, Christian church If in doubt, seek it out, and decide for yourself Parts may be unfamiliar to mainstream Catholicism, and Protestantism, but the position of Jesus Christ as the leader and head of the LDS church, according to Mormon belief, is undeniable If you have intellectual difficulty with these concepts, try a open minded approach If you have a challenge of faith, then pray with an open heart and a contrite spirit for personal guidance and peaceful understanding.The author, James E Talmage, was a very studious scholar and author, so this is not an easy read Dedication and steadfastness must accompany any attempt to finish and digest this book.

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    A friend from a faith other than my own gave me this book in 1983 before I left to do volunteer service Jesus the Christ is the most complete compendium that I know of of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ found in the New Testament John the Baptist, Herod Antipus, and virtually any subject you would want to study about New Testament subjects is found in this marvelous book.

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    Absolutely wonderful It took me seven months to finish Jesus the Christ, but I almost wish that it had taken longer it s been a very spiritual experience listening to this book everyday, and I m going to miss it I m not going to list for you the multiple fascinating things that I learned about Jesus Christ it would take too long, and honestly, it s just something you have to experience for yourself I m nowhere near eloquent enough to do it justice Suffice to say, besides gaining a greater knowledge of the chronological events in the life of Jesus Christ, I gained a stronger testimony of Him, and have a renewed commitment to be like Him in my everyday life He was the ultimate example of kindness, love, charity, and obedience I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me, Confused at the grace that so fully he proffers me I tremble to know that for me he was crucified, That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died.I marvel that he would descend from his throne divine To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine, That he should extend his great love unto such as I, Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt Such mercy, such love and devotion can I forget No, no, I will praise and adore at the mercy seat, Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet.Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for meEnough to die for me Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me LDS Hymnal page 193 Text and music Charles H Gabriel, 1856 1932

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    This book has been on my currently reading shelf for 6 1 2 years I read it on Sundays for quite a few months but ended up not having enough grit to stick with the book and got distracted and put it down I still could not take it off my currently reading shelf because it was too heartbreaking for me to take it down even though I could go years between picking it up On a wonderful challenge from a girlfriend, I became reacquainted with this book, quite a few months ago This time I decided to listen to an audio edition on my iPhone It was still slow going at times, especially in the beginning, but once I got through the first four or five chapters I was hooked The chapters that covered the end of Christ s life The Atonement, Crucifixion, and Resurrection were incredibly moving I found myself in tears several times while listening Putting on makeup, scrubbing dishes and trying to match up widow socks had suddenly become a spiritual experience It felt so important and meaningful for me as a Christian and LDS woman to read a book that took such an in depth look at the life of Jesus Christ There was so much that I learned about the background and history of Jesus that I never knew before I just hope that I can retain part of what I learned Most of all, if this book has not brought a powerful change in how I live my life the fault is all my own This book was truly beautiful and inspiring in every way I m so happy that I can finally move this book to the read shelf and hope that it will make another appearance someday in currently reading.

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    This is a classic I will read again and again The insights I gleaned about Christ will be forever in my heart and mind I m so glad I finished just before Easter as it made my celebration of Holy Week that much centered on Christ and with a deeper understanding of Him.

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    I initially started reading this for a project in college, but never got past chapter 5 I am so glad I finally completed my challenge to myself years ago to read this While the language takes a bit getting used to maybe not for others, but for me , I really enjoyed the in depth study of the Savior s life and His experiences and teachings in the New Testament The scripture feast on the words of Christ really came to mind as I thirsted and feasted on these chapters every morning I also think having an older, experienced mind helped to understand and appreciate the written words of Christ, explained by Talmage I think any Christian would truly benefit from reading, studying, and praying with this book as a companion to the New Testament There are so many questions that are answered and doctrines that become so clear Many times, I wondered how the world got so confused with Christianity and its doctrine when it is so simple Loved the book and look forward to reading it again in years to come Hopefully it won t take 18

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book I learned so much I can see that I will want to re read this again in the future because there is so much great information but I couldn t retain it all I was always intimidated by this book and have heard and even still having read it people say, Oh, that is some deep stuff, hard to get through If I can read it and gleen so much from it, anyone can The first bit is hard and a little confusing and I can see how people will give up, but keep going and you really learn so much about the Savior Amazing Loved it Also, it is hard to invest a lot of time reading it, so I read it by reading it on Sundays and then I could read my other books on the other days of the week.

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    Rather than write an in depth review of Jesus the Christ, I ll just explain why I only gave it one star not five.First, I m a little picky about the books that I read and because I m useually reading at least six at once I tend to not complete the ones that I wouldn t reccomend In my ratings one star means that if you are thinking about reading it then go a head I think that s a fine idea, but if you are coming to me for recomendations I ve got other priorities for your reading list This is the case for Jesus the Christ In my reading the book does several things well, but there are other books that do everything it does better.I ll go through those in a second First let me note that because Jesus the Christ has been part of the missionary library for than a generation there it has value as a subtext for much of present mormon though As historical, linguistic and cultural contextualization of the Jesus of the Mormon cannon and of Mormon theology broadly the book is quite good However Talmadge was a scientist, and the information in his book has aged I would recommend Nibley and Holzapfel to Mormons, also Givens as authors whose body of work give Mormon theology clear and meaningful context in the narrative of human history which reflects every thing we ve learned since Talmadge This recommendation is rather emphatic, because, to paraphrase Holzapfel, we ve just learned a lot since JC was first written.As a book that non mormons can turn to for understanding of the theology of the restoration in a historical and cultural context Jesus the Christ is not excellent The book is written for well read members of the Church I d steer readers toward Bushman s Rough Stone Rolling For fire breathing testimony apostolic testimony from mormon prophets I d recommend any number of sections of the doctrine and covenants, as for misty eyed and gentle but no less apostolic writing I d recommend Eyring s To Draw Nearer to God.For a thought provoking and life changing discussion of atonement and forgiveness I d say the cannon of Dostoyevsky as far as it is translated correctly does far far better my five star read this or die recommendation here is Brothers Karamozov, Pevear and Volokhonsky translation.

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    I read this for the first time on my mission and just in time, because even though I had studied the gospels in Seminary, this book lays out so clearly the complete life and ministry of the Savior The best part is the footnotes just knowing the little details makes the life of the Savior that much real and close, like you were there So many things about Nazareth and Judea sounded like Paraguay to me that on a long walk through strange places 15 miles a day sometimes I could look around and say, This is like a road Jesus walked on This book definitely helped me solidify a growing testimony that I could bear to the people of Paraguay I highly recommend it to missionaries and to anyone who teaches a Sunday School class.

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    I have never been able to gain such a deep understanding of the New Testament as I have viewing it through the eyes of this great prophet Jesus Christ s mortal experiences have been brought to life for me I reverence my Savior even and understand of His divinity.