Witt I excelled at two things systems engineering and going completely unnoticed The engineering took work and determination The invisibility came naturally Until one day the wrong person noticed me Battered and broken I fled escaping to Sawyer’s Ferry and the only friends I’d ever had Now I just needed to figure out what I was going to do next Mason Life was good I had a great job good friends and a family who loved me Even my roommate was decent At least he was until he let his nudist brother come to visit The opportunity to house sit and help an injured friend couldn’t have come at a better time All I’d needed was to avoid an awkward situation for a few days but I got than I bargained for when my entire uncomplicated life flipped upside down The last thing I’d been looking for was love but it wasn’t until Witt that I realized just how much I’d been missing out on

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    This is yet another win for the Sawyer's Ferry series We've met Witt and Mason in previous books but Close to Home can be read as a standalone Witt is hurt at the beginning of the story and that scene of violence is briefly described on page Witt also has mild PTSD stemming from the attack This is realistic and handled with sensitivity but be aware that this may be a trigger for some readers While the story deals with pain the focus is on healing and comfort Mason is amazing at taking care of Witt He builds Witt up physically and emotionally by teaching Witt self defense and supporting him in every way Initially that means Mason is there to wrap Witt's cast or cook him meals but their friendship turns to much The slow burn is absolutely delicious Witt is a virgin and his first time is perfectly sensual and sweet The steam level is moderate but that fit with the pacing of the story The chemistry between the MCs is palpable and the epilogue left no doubt that these two are the real deal