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    3.30 average rating Oh come on, people This book was outrageously funny So what if this book will never be required reading in high schools or that it will never be remembered as a vital work of literature That was never the author s intent This is just a fun story about a shallow girl who can t stop lying and or looking for drama Besides, did I mention it s funny Sheesh, this book gets an easy 5 stars purely for A NOT putting on its literary airs and B Simply being a fun read.

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    This book was nice, as annoyed as I was getting with how dramatic Lola is, even in her narration Although I feel like I should have anticipated this, the book IS called confessions of a teenage drama queen Maybe it s because I m an adult, but I definitely identified with Ella than Lola I kept getting frustrated by Lola s compounding lies and self pity I could see how teenagers might identify with being soooo misunderstood, but now I just found myself getting annoyed Not sure that I would recommend this one.

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    My friends say that I m such a drama queen And that s why I was interested to read this book Oh WOW, Lola is a REAL drama queen Me is nothing compares to her.So the girl in this book is actually named Mary Elizabeth, but she preferred to be called and asked everyone to call her as Lola She loves drama And thinking that ordinary life is not for her, she creates drama of her own life For example, instead of telling the truth to Ella her best, and seems to be her only friend about her parents being separated, Lola told Ella that her father died in a romantic cause While Lola being dramatic, Carla Santini the antagonist in the story is the popular kind of girl She got the so called perfect life There was a competition between Lola and Carla to have play the main part in a school play Out of people s prediction, it was Lola who got the part That made Lola officially the enemy of Carla, which mean Lola was the public enemy in the school But the real drama was when a famous band decided to have a final concert and a farewell party after the concert Carla with no effort got the ticket to the concert, and the invitation to the party Being a drama queen, Lola can t stop herself to tell people in front of Carla, of course that she was also got the ticket, and would attend the party as well Things which are of course, not true But it s Lola So she and Ella made the journey to NYC, to find a way to go the concert, and meet Stu, ad having fun at the party they re not invited to.So Hollywood kind of story Somehow, I can t stand Lola telling lies just to make her life dramatic I like Ella better Oh, and of course, my favourite character is Carla Santini I kind of think that she s playing her part as a queen bee perfectly Nothing really new, just a light reading that comes a guilty pleasure for me There s nothing I can actually learn from the book, there s nothing that I really really like about the story, but still, I read it and finish it.

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    Meh I picked this up for.10 at a yard sale, otherwise I probably never would have read it I remember the movie from when I was younger, so I thought it could be a quick mindless read It was pretty annoying though For one thing, I disliked how the protagonist lied over the stupidest things just for the heck of it Also, the author had a very juvenile writing style and the editing was horrendous Definitely not reading the sequels.

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    I had to rush straight to my computer to write this I just purchased a copy of Dyan Sheldon s Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen for 20p from a local charity shop whooooop I ll be completely honest with you, I fell in love with the movie, purchased the dvd and can quote every line YES IT S THAT ADDICTIVE but I never knew that it was based on a book I never knew the novel was out there smacks hand I stood in awe looking at it before I grabbed it The film was amazing, and Lindsay Lohan was a fantastic actress but I have always been a fan of reading rather than watching the movie versions I understand that writing a book allows freedom and less restrictions than say that of a full length movie production and I will be curled up in front of the fire tonight reading this wonderful wonderful story.I do believe I will fall in love with the novel than the film if at all possible And would like to thank Dyan personally For such an amazing amazing amazing story REVIEW TO FOLLOW Regards,Emma xxx

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    Mary Elizabeth, a.k.a Lola, is accustomed to playing the starring role in the fascinating production that is her life Her pottery making single mom and bratty twin sisters are merely bit players in Lola s dramatic existence But all this changes when she is forced to move from her beloved Manhattan to the boring suburbs of New Jersey According to Lola, living in the suburbs is like being dead, only with cable TV and pizza delivery The worst part is that someone has already snagged the coveted Drama Queen of Suburbia title and that someone is Carla Santini Carla, who is sophisticated, beautiful, and radiates confidence the way a towering inferno radiates heat, isn t about to let anyone take away her hard earned crown Undaunted, Lola tries out for and wins the lead in the school play, a role much desired by Carla In retaliation, Carla makes the entire student body give Lola the silent treatment and in addition scores tickets to a sold out concert of Lola s favorite rock band Can Lola crash the concert, crush Carla, and still have enough energy to wow everyone in the school production of Pygmalion It s all in a day s work for Lola, Teenage Drama Queen.The beginning started out interesting enough and had potential but then the entire plot of the story was engulfed in the pointless, stupid obsession with Sidhartha Aparently all the band members were complete jerks and in the end the girls still idolized them I wish this story had had a little depth than going after the members of Sidhartha The two girls will do anything to go to this concert party including sneak out against their parents wishes, steal, lie, and walk around New York in the middle of the night with a drunk rock star.The entire quest to meet them dragged on throughout the whole book There were other, smaller parts of the story such as Mary Lola s battle against Carla Santini, that was interesting and also the whole Pygmalion play was amusing enough but mainly it was just a bunch of 16 year old girls falling all over some weird goth rock band Needless to say, this is a book worthy of the trash bin.More of Purplycookie s Reviews Book Details Title Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Author Dyan Sheldon Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    I read this book a couple of years ago as Disney made a movie out of it, and if a book has been made into a movie, I like to try and read the book first I have mixed feelings about this book The movie is cute, and there are some basic ideas in place which are fun, but I thought the execution was poor.Lola was a huge challenge for me as a character in both the book and the movie In each she came across as melodramatic and self centered I don t remember the ending of the book, but by the end of the film she became selfless However, in reading the book it just drove me utterly crazy Although it may be a flaw as a reader, I sometimes struggle with books where the characters make the same mistake many times, yet the characters don t seem to change at all I also remember reading this and not really enjoying Sheldon s prose, which likely added to this I liked that Ella s character and back story are a lot developed in this book I felt that the author gave her some very realistic struggles, yet I don t remember feeling overly sympathetic for her Relating to the characters in this novel was a challenge for me.Given what I ve said here, I realize it probably seems unfair of me to give this book one star The fair thing to do would probably be to re read and reconsider this novel I honestly have no memories of enjoying reading this book However, you don t necessarily have to listen to me For me this book is a reminder that sometimes, as hard as one may try to be objective in formulating an opinion about a novel, sometimes a book and a reader just don t fit See if this fits you better than it did me.

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    I must admit, this was a lovely quick read A real pick me up too I wanted to read this as an easy, light hearted read after I finished a serious book previously It did not disappoint I finished this in 3 sittings Outrageous and unbelievable, Lola keeps the humorous story line flowing with her tales of woe and triumph.I was also interested in how it differed from the film staring Lindsay Lohan I am a big fan of the film, a little bit of a guilty pleasure The film has kept very true to the book minus the ending.It has made me want to read the sequel one day when I need another quick and happy read I am not going to say it is the best book I have every read, but it is well worth it if you want something fast paced and funny.

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    I had high expectations for this book because I love the movie and IT DELIVERED I love Lola s character and the way this book was narrated I noticed there were some quotes that were word word represented in the movie which made me so happy this was such a girly feel good read

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    Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is one of my co blogger s favorite books, and even though I ve already seen the movie with Lindsay Lohan, I decided to take a look at the source material, especially because Ella said the ending would be different from the film I definitely wasn t disappointed Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen promises a light romp through the social jungle of high school life through the eyes of one eccentric teenager, and it definitely does deliver.THE DRAMA QUEEN AND HER KNIGHTLola Cep is not exactly a heroine everybody is going to empathize with She is, as the title already alludes, a drama queen who loves theater and thinks she will be the next big star, she is pretentious and quite honestly a pathological liar, she believes she feels deeper than everybody else and that she has a soulmate connection to the singer of her favorite band She also believes that everybody in Dellwood Deadwood is dull and not able to understand art in the same way she does, and in general, her life is totally ruined because she had to move to New Jersey instead of staying in New York, where real people with real feelings live.Normally, these kinds of characteristics would be pretty putting off in YA How many heroines have we read who think that all other people around them, girls especially, are dull and interchangeable How many Nobody understands me teenage tear machines have we lived through in the YA genre Generally, this kind of behavior is something that you d turn your tail on and flee as far as possible, at least if you ve got similar tastes to me.The thing is, Lola is so extra and so over the top that these characteristics never really seem to be taken seriously Even though we are in Lola s head, it is very clear that she is not always right most of the time, she really doesn t know what she s talking about, or she rambles herself into a corner as far removed from any rational notion of reality as Deadwood is from New York The writing style of Lola s inner dialogues mimics her histrionics, and at no point is her perspective presented as objective or rational And that s not what Lola is about Objectivity and rationality have no space in the frame of this flawed, lying teenager who neither realizes her own flaws nor really feels bad for lying only for getting caught Lola might think everybody else is shallow and unimaginative, but we as readers realize that when a person who honestly wears a cape to school says something like this, we might not have to take it quite so seriously.Lola might not be a character you like, but you definitely root for her Even though she portrays her own wishes as life or death issues, the passion with which she works on achieving her dreams is inspiring, and it does make you want her to succeed You might not like her, but you care about her, and that makes the whole book so enjoyable, and also so frustrating when things don t go her way.Then of course, there is Ella, Lola s side kick and best friend She is a good girl , she does her homework when she is supposed to, she doesn t disobey her parents, she doesn t lie But even though Lola describes her as quite a pushover at the beginning, Ella might have the most character development of anybody in this book Beneath the veneer of a mousy goody two shoes, a strong young woman emerges who stands up for her friends even in the most dire situations, who can handle crises so well that even Lola is impressed, and who, finally, forces Lola to see the errors of her lying ways by calling her out on her bullshit Or well, at least she forces her to admit that she was lying and to stop doing it I don t think Lola will ever understand why lying is bad, but her love for her friend is strong enough to at least try And Ella is really worth this love Ella is the total opposite of Lola, and through her, the reader is made even aware of just how wrong a lot of Lola s behavior is.THE QUEEN OF HIGH SCHOOLAn over the top protagonist like Lola needs an over the top villain if there is to be any acceptable conflict, and Carla Santini definitely qualifies I would even go so far as to say that Carla Santini might be one of the best villains I ve read in YA She is an awful person, an aggressive queen bee, the type of person who makes fun of people because they re different and because they don t defer to her like a knight to his liege She knows how to find other people s greatest weaknesses, and she knows how to exploit them She always gets what she wants, and if she doesn t get it, then of course she didn t want it in the first place.And she lies The biggest low point at the end of the book results from Carla telling a blatant lie and tearing down Lola s defenses in one fell swoop in the process Because you see, Lola might lie about herself, and about her family, but while people might die in her lies, most of them lift the people she is lying about up She lies to make herself look better Carla lies to make other people look worse And while lying in general is not something that will ever make a sympathetic character, as a reader it is painful to see the consequences of Carla s lies basically ruin the lives of the people she is lying about.All in all, Carla is the type of villain who you just hate You want her to have her comeuppance throughout the book, which is one reason why the ending of the book as opposed to the film version will leave any reader confused and frustrated, though not in a bad way There is an open feeling to the ending, a feeling as if those characters you just read about for 200 pages are still in motion, as if there is to come There is a sequel to the book, of course, but even without the sequel, this ending feels good in its complexity.AND THE MORAL OF THIS STORY Even though I really dislike focusing too much on moral messages in YA literature, it has to be said that there are a lot of good messages in this book One message, for example, which is also a wisdom I live by, is Lying makes everything complicated So many of Lola s problems would just not have existed if she didn t choose to lie But of course, if she hadn t lied, her big adventures would also not have happened That was part of another message which I found very interesting, which was that if you want something badly, you can definitely try and get it, but it might not be as great as you thought it would be It s not too much of a spoiler to tell you that Lola gets what she wants at the end but that she also doesn t This was an interesting twist on a genre that mostly deals in happy endings, and I did enjoy that very much Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a character driven, extremely enjoyable book with characters that you either love Ella , hate Carla , or just don t quite know how to feel about Lola Lola is definitely one of the most compelling protagonists in YA, and the writing style reflects her strangeness and drama so well that you will be laughing out loud than once for sure I really liked this book, and I once again have to say that my dear co blogger Ella has really, really good taste in books.Want to read of my reviews Visit me on The Bookabelles Blog or follow me here on Goodreads