Three Adolescent Boys With A Single Goal See A Real Live Naked Girl The Result Razor Sharp, Rapid Fire, And Raunchy, Of Course And Beyond HilariousFifteen Year Old Matt Gratton And His Two Best Friends, Coop And Sean, Always Set Themselves A Summertime Goal This Year S To See A Real Live Naked Girl For The First Time Quite A Challenge, Given That None Of The Guys Has The Nerve To Even Ask A Girl Out On A Date But Catching A Girl In The Buff Starts To Look Easy Compared To Matt S Other Summertime Aspiration To Swim The Yard Butterfly The Hardest Stroke Known To God Or Man As A Way To Impress Kelly West, The Sizzling New Star Of The Swim Team In The Spirit Of Hollywood S Blockbuster Comedies, Screenwriter Turned YA Novelist Don Calame Unleashes A True Ode To The Adolescent Male Characters Who Are Side Splittingly Funny, Sometimes Crude, Yet Always Full Of Heart

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    Four stars A hilarious book that will have you laughing out loud Summer stretches out in all of its glory for Matt and his two best friends, Coop and Sean For the last five years, the trio have set a summer goal This summer s goal is to see a real live naked girl Aside from seeing a naked girl, the three friends also compete on the summer swim team, even though, none of them are great swimmers The first day at the pool, Matt s stomach does a flip flop when he catches sight of Kelly, a girl who used to compete on a rival team, but now she is on their team She certainly changed over the year, but she used to date Tony, the star butterfly swimmer When their swim coach calls for volunteers to swim the fly, Matt steps up, hoping to impress Kelly Unfortunately, Matt can t swim the fly Will he somehow be able to swim a the fly, see a naked girl and win Kelly s heart What I Liked Swim The Fly is a hilarious, laugh out read that I loved If you enjoy books that feature adolescent boys, a bit of crude humor and zany antics, this is one you should read This was the perfect light, funny read that I loved The story centers around three friends, Matt, Coop and Sean At fifteen, the boys are obsessed with sex and the thoughts of seeing a naked girl In their quest to see an actual real live naked girl, the trio gets themselves into some side splitting predicaments My favorite being when they decide to masquerade as girls in order to get into the girl s locker room You have to read it yourself I laughed my butt off Matt is the focus of the story, and I loved getting to know him and his family better His relationship with his grandfather was terrific His grandfather was always a scene stealer, and like Matt, the grandpa at eighty some years old, is obsessed with girls too, and he is determined to win the heart of the widow across the street Also like Matt, Grandpa cooks up some hilarious schemes that had me giggling I would recommend reading this one for the grandfather grandson relationship It was fantastic Even though this book is for the most part light and funny, it does delve into some deeper issues, and I especially enjoyed watch Matt grow I liked when he stumbles into a life skills swimming class, and ends up pushing himself and transforming By the end of the book, he isn t quite as shallow There is romance in this one, and it was surprising I liked the way the romance developed It is a bit unexpected, and it stems from a long time friendship that blossoms into something It was sweet, subtle and just right The book ends on a high note, and there aren t any cliffhangers or nagging issues And The Not So Much Matt doesn t have the best relationship with his older brother, and in fact, his brother is always threatening to beat him up There is a confrontation toward the end between the brothers, and the older brother reveals some big feelings regarding their father I wanted a better understanding of the relationship between the two boys and their father It wasn t apparent as to whether or not the boys had any contact with their dad after their parent s divorce Don t go into this one expecting a deep, thoughtful read The three boys at fifteen are immature, and that means they thrive on crude humor, and they are sex obsessed It is light and fun If you don t appreciate teenage boy humor, you won t like this one Swim the Fly was a book that made me snort and giggle with laughter This is the perfect book for when you want a mindless read I enjoyed the characters, the hilarious escapades and the relationships I had a lot of fun with this book, and I am eager to continue the series I borrowed a copy of this book from the library All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review.Posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

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    This book was so very funny I read a passage of this book to a class of 10th graders, and one student started laughing so hard he almost had to leave the room The class was so amused, I couldn t concentrate, and I started laughing That has never happened to me before The premise is that three teenage boys have a dare each summer, and as the boys get older, the dares get mature in nature This summer, the dare is to see a naked girl, so the story focuses on their antics as they try to accomplish their goal The main character is totally endearing, and his two best friends get him into as much trouble as they save him from Calame also does a great job of creating very different types of female characters, all of them believable His minor characters are fun, too, like Ulf the German swim coach.Calame did a fantastic job of pushing the limits of appropriateness without crossing the line There is only light profanity and talk of masterbation, so I feel that this books is appropriate for most high schoolers With this novel, you can t help but visualize the story as if it s one of those hilarious teenage comedies that you love or loved, be it The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, or Superbad Good times

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    Holla if you like Judd Apatow movies If you have a crass sense of humor and laughed hysterically at Superbad, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Anchorman, you will absolutely not want to miss Swim The Fly by Don Calame Seriously, where has this book been all my crass, dirty minded life Read the rest of my review here link goes live 6 28 12

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    Swim the Fly follows three teenage boys who, every year, set themselves a goal for the summer This year s goal is to see a real life naked girl The book charts their attempts to complete this mission, with plenty of laughs along the way It s told from the viewpoint of Matt, who has another challenge of his own to swim the 100 yard butterfly in his swim team s championship relay race in order to impress the new girl on the team.It s an interesting peek into the mind of a teenage boy and, as expected, sometimes I really wished that I wasn t in the mind of a teenage boy There were some parts that were a little disgusting but mostly it was entertaining The points of view and general thoughts and conversations that take place between the three hormone fuelled boys had me laughing out loud in parts I even had sympathy for them in parts of the book was cringing at some of the scrapes they got themselves into The plot and dialogue are fast paced and the pages just kept turning I finished it in a few sittings and I could have easily read I loved the adolescent humour and, considering most of the YA books I read have a female protagonist, it was nice to read things from the male perspective

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    Okso I want to start of by saying this is not a usual read for me I would never have thought to read this type of book except I saw the follow up one recommended by another GR friend I was in the desperate need of something funny, silly and laugh out loud, sure got that here And apparently the next book in line is even better so I say bring it on This book sees the hilarious adventures of Matt and his best friends, Sean and Coop who have set a summer goal to see their first live girl nakedyeah that s right This with hilarious results Though I have to say Grandpa Arlo stole the show This story is both heart warming and funny a great coming of age story that made me laugh till I had tears at times.It completely appealed to the childish side of me I find a spanky hanky works well, saves on paper and you can rinse it and hang it out to dry Grandpa Arlo You re probably right I m sure Kelly finds the sight of a scrawny, pasty, white dude flopping around in the water like a spastic salmon very hot Coop

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    VERY funny and entertaining story I think this text would be of interest to boys, particularly high school age, or mature 8th graders I really enjoyed it, and laughed all the way through.

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    Our Summer Goal To See a Girl NakedThis book cracked me up Matt Gratton is fourteen He has two buddies Sean and Coop, and a wry sense of humor blessings that than make up for his lack of muscles Every summer Matt, Sean, and Coop swim on a summer club team and set a goal like riding their bikes to a far away lake and going skinny dipping Given that they re girl crazy, this summer s goal is to see a real life naked girl Matt s wondering if the cute new swim teammate Kelly might be the one they catch nude.Will the boys succeed Matt not only worries about this goal, but he also gets himself in deep when he volunteers to swim the one hundred butterfly in a desperate move to impress Kelly If you don t know, butterfly is THE most difficult stroke It requires superior upper body strength, flexibility, and timing of which Matt has none These boys are nowhere near the fastest swimmers on the team As Matt states, In case you don t know, eighteen minutes is not a great time for a hundred yards of butterfly Um, yeah It s not such a great time.The author s voice is fun and real Here Matt attends a funeral for an elderly neighbor The first thing I do is scan the room for cute girls You d think that being in a room with a dead body might push those feelings down deep inside you But no It s like trying to force a kickboard to stay underwater unless you give it your full, constant attention, it eventually explodes to the surface.Matt s family is also realistically dysfunctional His father left his mother long ago, and his single mother struggles to make a living by selling nutritional supplements leading to an embarrassing mix up between protein powder and laxative powder His grandfather almost steals the show, enlisting Matt to help him woo the widowed neighbor.Matt tries some extreme training methods to train for the fly, which leave him incredibly sore Whatever I try to wave Coop off, but since I can t lift my arm, I just look like a girlie T rex.I love the friendship among the three boys Their humor may be juvenile but their caring for each other is genuine I pick a few shirts off my bedroom floor and give them the sniff test The only one that seems relatively clean is my bright yellow BIG BONE LICK STATE PARK, KENTUCKY T shirt that Cooper got me for my birthday last year He thought it was the funniest thing ever.The swimming details lack authenticity but I enjoyed the story so much that I didn t care And the romance is sweet, original, and unexpected Maybe there s to girls than stealing a peep at their naughty parts

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    Every summer since they were little, Matt Gratton and his two best friends, Coop and Sean, have set goals for themselves This year, it s to see a real live naked girl Pictures don t count Porn doesn t count A real girl, alive and warm and luscious, counts.Meanwhile, Matt is busying trying to figure out how he can win the attention of Kelly West, a beautiful fellow swimmer He decides to volunteer to swim the 100 fly the hardest race ever in order to impress her, but quickly realizes that he is NOT equipped to swim the fly at all.In between trying to accomplish their goal and trying to make sure he doesn t end up making a fool of himself, Matt doesn t realize that he also has time to open his eyes to some bigger and better things that are out there for him.What can I say about SWIM THE FLY that will do it justice This book absolutely blew me away I found myself rolling on the ground in laughter and devouring the pages as I couldn t stop flipping through them, eager to see what sort of scrapes Matt and his adorable friends get themselves into Think There s Something About Mary starring teenagers, and you can get a slight sense of the appeal that this book will have for both males and females.Besides for being just an all around terrific writer, Don s strength seems to lie in drawing realistic yet unique characters Matt, Cooper, and Sean had distinct personalities and ways of talking, which is a feat that is rarely accomplished in writing about a tight group of friends If you ask me to pick a favorite character from SWIM THE FLY, I don t think I can even give you a straight answer all of the male characters are HILARIOUS See Matt s grandfather SWIM THE FLY is just the right combination of gut splitting humor, teen romance, and failed missions to win the hearts of any reader I await Don s future novels with great impatience now

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    Every summer, Matt and his friends Coop and Sean set a goal for themselves This summer, it s to see a girl au natural And not on the Internet or in Playboy, but a real live girl.The trio also spend each summer on the local swim team But this summer, something is different Kelly West has moved onto their swim team and Matt would do anything to get Kelly s attention even volunteering to swim the 100 m butterfly section of the relay The only problem Matt can t swim the butterfly and it s one of the hardest swim strokes to pull off for one lap, much less the four required for the 100 meter Swim the Fly relates the story of Matt s misadventures from the summer in question In many ways, the book reminded me of the first two American Pie films with a center of hormonally imbalanced teenagers having misadventures on their quest for the ultimate goal And just like the first two Pie installments, Fly has the same heart at the center These aren t totally irredeemable horn dogs looking to see a bit of naked female flesh These are real teenagers who funny and may be a bit recognizable.The subject matter may be a PG 13 and, at times the book does have a PG 13 rating But it s a fun, entertaining and authentic feeling story that will have you smiling, laughing and sympathizing with Matt at each and every turn.One of the most enjoyable books I ve read this year.

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    Swim the Fly by Don Calame is a great book The whole story is about a group of friends who have one goal over the summer, see a real life naked girl Along with this, Matt a teenage swimmer, must get ready to swim the 100 butterfly, one of the most challenging events ever Matt and his friends make a goal every summer, and every summer they complete that goal, will the trend continue In a wild urge to impress a pretty girl, Matt also volunteers to swim the fly, when their team s butterflyer is injured in a bmx bike accident He then embarks on a dual adventure, attempting to witness his first nude girl, and swim the 100 fly This group of friends brought me many laughs, a great time, and I really felt like I had joined the group by the end I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent reading this book A witty dialogue that is very fitting for a group of teenagers, and fantastical description makes this book greatly paced and extremely addicting Personally everything about this book was awesome, the only flaw I saw was if it could have been longer, but that is addressed in the sequel The ending was nice, with a little twist to look forward to.