Silver screen action heroine Lauren Cole has one film to make before she’s free from her producer ex husband a smothering role and a life she wants to leave behind There’s only one thing she wants from that life the antique sword her husband promised her in the divorce So she steals it Holding the weapon for the first time she unleashes a magic that rivals Tinsel Town special effects—and makes her wonder if she has truly lost her mindIn 1747 Aiden Forsyth stormed a gypsy camp and fell captive to a powerful curse that has held him within the sword for than two centuries Lauren’s touch releases him but his liberation has limits Corporeal only during the night he remains bound by a dark and dangerous magic in the light of day—complicating his vow to protect the woman who holds the key to his ultimate freedomSo the sexy warrior who haunts her days and inflames her nights must stay intimately close especially after they learn that the madman trying to kill Lauren has ties to the very curse that has entrapped Aiden’s soul

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    Phantom’s Touch by Julie LetoParanormal Romance Mass Market Paperback December 2nd 20084 starsWhat would you do if the ancient sword you coveted was magically enchanted? What if by possessing the sword the man of your dreams would come to you at night and fulfill your darkest fantasies? Phantom’s Touch is an amazing tale by Julie Leto filled with magic sensuality and sizzling tensionLauren Cole has decided to celebrate her divorce by stealing the prized sword her ex husband had purchased for her but never let her keep Gleeful at her rightful possession she soon discovers it has a secret meant only for her That night a mysterious man suddenly appears and gives her the hottest night of her life only to disappear in the morning Was he real or a figment of her imagination?Aiden has been ensnared in the enchanted sword for centuries Cursed by an evil sorcerer he has watched Lauren from afar knowing she is the only one who can set him free When he is finally released from his prison he realizes his physical form is only free during the night In the day Aiden is trapped within the weapon his magical powers minimized existing as a phantom instead of a man In quest of Aiden’s freedom Lauren and he must dispel the power of the sword However there are those who ruthlessly seek the sorcerer’s dark magic for themselvesPhantom’s Touch is the second in the series by Julie Leto Each book features a brother who had been imprisoned in their attempt to save their sister from the sorcerer’s clutches It was fascinating to read how each brother is trapped and how they make their escape Aiden’s character was particularly captivating As a military man he is aggressive and he know what he wants but he is also caring and protective of Lauren I loved that Lauren and Aiden were instantly drawn to each other Even before she knew his essence was part of the sword she desired the object somehow sensing their connection Julie Leto skillfully brings to life her main characters but she also has immensely appealing secondary characters The Rousseau males are particularly attractive There should be a separate book for each of them Their short scenes and few appearances were not enough to keep me satisfied I can’t wait for the third in the seriesReviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club