Before they became legendary writers Charlotte Brontë Emily Brontë and Anne Brontë were detectors in this charming historical mysteryYorkshire 1845 A young wife and mother has gone missing from her home leaving behind two small children and a large pool of blood Just a few miles away a humble parson's daughters the Brontë sisters learn of the crime Charlotte Emily and Anne Brontë are horrified and intrigued by the mysterious disappearanceThese three creative energetic and resourceful women quickly realize that they have all the skills required to make for excellent lady detectors Not yet published novelists they have well honed imaginations and are expert readers And as Charlotte remarks detecting is reading between the lines it's seeing what is not thereAs they investigate Charlotte Emily and Anne are confronted with a society that believes a woman's place is in the home not scouring the countryside looking for clues But nothing will stop the sisters from discovering what happened to the vanished bride even as they find their own lives are in great peril

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