Sandy Huntington Ackerman S Life Becomes Increasingly Complicated When His Bungling, Moneygrubbing Uncles Try To Shanghai The Family Fortune By Poisoning A Birthday Cake Luckily, Those Conniving Uncles Prove Yet Again That They Can T Do Anything Right Instead Of Bumping Off The Whole Family, They Put Sandy S Mom And Dad And Their Pet Chicken Into Mysterious Comas Sandy Joins Forces With His Loyal Butler And A Wise And Wacky Nurse To Save His Parents And Squelch His Uncles Felonious High Jinks

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    Good vs Evil Gosh, where do we start Bart and Bernie are your typical, typecast evil villains And, Mousey and the rest of their family and friends at Walnut Manor and Eclipse are the typical good guys Pure, sweet, honest the list goes on But, I feel like there s got to be something underneath all that The characters have to go deeper they just being perfect and nice or horrible and mean, there s got to be something underneath that act But, what I feel like though everyone knows nothing s perfect they still search for those perfect things What I mean is, everyone knows, or at least says that they know, that no one s perfect, no one s all good But, still they label people good and bad, stereotype them But, why Why do we need to label someone good, bad, evil, sweet, beautiful, or anything else I don t think it s as simple as, Well, those are just names I mean, I don t think that it s entirely our society s fault, or something I think that if we do end up hurting people by stereotyping them, there better be a good reason.Maybe it s that Sandy, Mousey, Bentley, and the rest of the good gang rely on having something to darken their days I mean, as they said, without the city you can t see the greatness of the country Maybe they can t be the good guys unless their are those bad guys But, if the good guys are really using the bad guys, then are the bad guys possibly good and the good guys bad I mean, have we really just made a big mistake and mixed up our good and bad guys I d love to just say, YES I figured it out Except there s only one problem, bad people usually are pretty evil, or at least they seem that way I mean, the kind of people that go around killing others, well, that doesn t sound remotely good to me I mean, the only problem is that good guys act like good guys and bad guys act like bad guys A lot like bad guys So, maybe bad people change Like, they start good but then something happens, and then well, they become evil or bad But, what happens I think that Bart and Bernie must of grown into their evilness I mean, when they where growing up, seeing that they were in a rich family, they were probably always surrounded by people telling them money is the most important thing, money can get you anything, money is life, money, money, money, money Then they get told that they ll get almost nothing of the money they ve become so fond of But, is it their fault No Then as time goes on their brother keeps on doing better and better, making and , and they become and bitter Eventually they hear whispers of them being evil or grouchy or lazy and , I think that does it.When someone is told they are evil, I think something happens to them They become evil It s almost like society chooses and then, Now you are evil Hahahahahaha evil laugh But, why I still wonder why anyone has to be evil, there s got to be something other then balancing out good with bad I mean, what would happen if everyone was good I don t know But, for starters, there d be no story Nothing interesting Not only that but, maybe something even worse would happen Maybe, if there was no bad or good everyone would turn bad, because I know we don t live in a perfect world Maybe, no matter how much it sucks, there d be nothing interesting if there weren t evil people I mean, what would the media broadcast Who would people talk about in scary stories We ve built our society in a way that relies on both good people and bad people But, we have to make those people And, though it doesn t seem right to condemn someone to a life of evil ness, where would we be without it

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    Love Among the Walnuts ReviewThis book is one of the only books that actually kept me interested and made me want to read This book really kept me reading it because it is kind of a mystery book and is also somewhat dramatic which interest me I would recommend this book to anyone who can read because I guarantee they would like it They would probably like the character Sandy who is my favorite character because he is a leader and solves every problem thrown at him They would not like Bart and Bernie though because they are the ones that try to steal all of Sandy s dad s money and puts him in a coma This book made me feel bad because the things in the book actually happen to people in real life but they can t fix it like in the book My favorite line from the book is You mean to think Bart and Bernie tried to poison us all The part of the book that really got my attention was when Sandy s family members were poisoned and put into comas The ending was pretty predictable The good guys win and he gets the girl just like every book I think that the author wrote this book for someone that he loved and then lost because in the dedicated to section it said to the memory of Jacket Dewey Everingham, someone who knew how to love.

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    I read this book on the recommendation of a friend, and I can not say that I was disappointed This was one of the most entertaining and charming young adult books I ve read in a long time Both laugh out loud funny and well written, I couldn t wait to find out how the story ended As a fan of fairy tales, I appreciated the tone of this book as it had very clear cut characters in terms of good and evil, although there is a slightly serious undertone of learning to live in the real world that is dealt with in a very subtle way The situation the characters find themselves in is absolutely unbelievable, but in such a way that it is reminiscent of the classics Doctor Doolittle or Mary Poppins If they had befriended inmates of a mental institution while attempting to thwart the attempted murders of the family by dastardly uncles Ferris has a knack for creating characters that are absorbing and diverting, thus creating a quick, light read that can be read again and again.

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    Reread 8 26 17 And they all lived as happily ever after as real life will allow I really just love this book I knew from almost the first page that I would love this quirky little gem The characters are lovable and funny, the storyline is interesting, and the ending is perfect Honestly, I kind of want to go back and reread the book immediately It s marketed as a YA book, but I think upper elementary kids would enjoy it, too, and if I m any indication, adults should love it, as well.

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    This book was sooooooooooo cute I adored it It was completely and utterly amazing The author worked in some really great humor too and it was just very satisfying It was easy and kinda childish to read but it was very entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone because it s not hard and it made me happy The ending was beautiful Kind of predictable as all little kid books are They all lived happily ever after you know what I mean But it was very happifying.

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    I ve been on a spree rereading old favorites I loved this in middle school It s still lots of fun It s quirky and charming Perfect if you want something fun, lighthearted, and easy.

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    LOVE AMONG THE WALNUTSHave you ever wished that you had a perfect life with no problems I have and I bet you have also There are so many issues in our world that it is impossible to not encounter atleast a few of them No matter how rich, powerful, or smart you are, no matter how well protected you are there is always conflict in your life Some problems hurt you mentally, and some hurt you physically, but each can be just as powerful Sandy had what he thought of as a perfect life, he lived in a huge mansion with his family and their friends He didn t go to school, he was taught at home, because his family did not want other children to pollute his mind He could do almost whatever he wanted to In our world this would not be considered a perfect life, it would be terrible to be cooped up all day But in his family this was definately the perfect life, out of harms way.The thing is, no matter how hard you have worked to make your life secure, some asshole always comes along and manages to mess it up That s just what humans do People are jealous greedy creatures who are never content with what they have And they are willing to hurt, and even kill to get .Sandy s evil uncles, Bart and Berny plot to kill him and his family, and nearly succeed, everyone but Sandy, and his childhood teacher are sent into comas by a poisened cake This cruel action by his uncles shocks Sandy greatly and the first problem in his life opens up a whole new category of emotions including hate, sadness, disbelief, and rage Sandy is forced to bring his sleeping family to a nut house nearby And with the help of Sandy s new friend Sunny, and all the mental patients, are able to survive, and awaken Sandy s family.No one wants to have big problems in their lives, but if you think hard about it, you need them Without problems there would be no motivation in life Problems push you to try and learn When Sandy meets Sunny, he realizes just how isolated and lonely he was all his life His whole life had been boring, he had never felt sad, or mad, or love, or excitement.When Sandy s uncles tried to kill him, his life opened up, he finally faced the outside world, and discovered what it meant to live.Big issues and problems seem to hurt and disrupt our lives, and they do, but they also keep them exciting and interesting Problems give us motivation, and solving them makes us feel jubilant We have all wished for perfect lives at some point But the truth is, that would be boring Anyway, there is no such thing as a perfect life.

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    I found this book on a library shelf and it seemed interesting so I decided to checked it out.This book is like a great big fortune cookie On the outside, it s pretty plain and not very flavored or filling But when you open it up, that s when you get the deeper hidden message The writing is flat with hardly any descriptions of anything but in the end, the corners of your mouth will jerk up in a smile for the moral of this small story This telly tale is about a wealthy couple, Horatio and Mousey, who build a house in a small secluded town to get away from the miserable hustle and bustle of city life and raise their son, Sandy Unfortunately Sandy s parents, the butler s wife and Sandy s chicken are put into a poisonous coma by Sandy s evil uncles, who are plotting to steal the family s millions To keep them safe until Bentley the Butler finds a cure to wake them, everyone moves into the looney bin next door called Walnut Manor After spending almost a year visiting the institution, Sandy and Bentley come to realize that no one at Walnut Manor is really crazy They all just suffer from the same disease They are loveless And only one person has the cure Sunnie the Nurse What did I learn from Love Among The Walnuts That a pinch of poison can go a long way If not for evil plots, you would miss the opportunity to be savedin so many different ways Had it not been for greedy, hopeless Uncle Bernie and Bart, the patients at Walnut Manor may have died there, without ever meeting Nurse Sunnie And she would ve never shown them careful attention, shown them what it was like to be loved and gain the confidence they needed to look within themselves and see their own potential Sandy would ve never seen how sheltered his life was out in the country Spending all that time in the manor showed him new emotions and responsibilities he d never had the need for before his parents accident He learned to grow upamong the walnuts Bernie and Bart set out to destroy one family and instead created a bigger one Jean Ferris does a great job at showing how a dose of bad and a shower of good can change so many lives.I would share my favorite line in the book but it s a huge spoiler.

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    Review Love Among The Walnuts by Jean Ferris 06 15 2017This is a great story about friendship and fidelity I think the author did a great job with her writing style and introducing characters that were different, individually creative, and eccentric with humor in the mix I call it either a cozy, relaxing or beach book The person narrating has a hopeless sounding style but just enough heart to keep the intimidating fundamentals humorous even when they are frightening This is a story about a wealthy man but he is not happy until he meets Mousey and they get married They have a child and they named him Alexander but call him Sandy After growing up Sandy tried hard to take care of his parents who are the legacy of his wealth but also Sandy was a caring person Everything was going great until the day his two greedy uncles came back to town with nothing but trouble for the family and were planning to get rid of their brother, sister in law and Sandy to get there grubby hands on the multimillion dollars Eclipse Estate, free and clear.One day the two uncles showed up with a birthday cake, laced with poison, to join in the festivities at the mansion However, their plan didn t go the way they wanted Sandy and the butler didn t eat any of the cake, no reason just coincidental For some unknown reason Sandy s parents, the housekeeper, Flossy, who the butler had a crush on and a pet chicken who had freedom in the Eclipse mansion all fell into a coma Now, Sandy knew his uncles were up to no good They made other attempts but were unproductive to succeed Sandy now has to hire a nurse to help him to care for his parents at home The nurse turns out to be a little wacky but Sandy was fascinated with her However, their home nursing plan was sabotaged I wonder who was involved stopping their care at home But wait, wouldn t you know they lived next door to a sanitarium known as Walnut Manor I ll leave the other weird events for the next reader.

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    Keri McLucasHumorLove among the Walnuts, by Jean Ferris, is an entertaining story about a very wealthy man and his family Horatio Alger Huntington Ackerman lives in an ideal, perfect world with his wife, Mousey and their son, Sandy The world the little family lives in is so complete they never need to leave their home for anything The home is located right next door to a sanitarium known as Walnut Manor Unfortunately, Horatio s brothers, Bart and Bernie are not quite as happy or wealthy They devise methods to take over Horatio s companies and financial kingdom Bart and Bernie make mistakes while trying to get rid of Horatio and his family, leaving Horatio, Mousey and the pet chicken in deep comas The sleepers are moved next door to Walnut Manor for easier care until they wake up While Sandy, the family butler and a lovely nurse take care of the family and other patients they learn some terrible secrets about the dwindling finances of Walnut Manor They work to devise a plan of their own to end the brother s attempts to take over the family fortune and Walnut Manor.Love among the Walnuts is a book that readers will not be able to put down At times the story seems a bit melancholy and other times very dramatic, yet the twists and turns keep it light and absolutely comical This story begins as a novel for the younger teen however, the plot quickly deepens and targets a much older group of young adult readers The language is appropriately light and adds to this very clever and funny story