What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Yourself And Everyone Around You Was A Lie For The Past Two Decades, Ni Soung Has Been Living A Lie A Lie Of Her Own Creation A Lie Perpetuated By Everyone Around Her, Even Her Own Husband And Father A Lie Her Enemies Have Used To Twist And Destroy Everything She Once Believed Now, Held Captive And Separated From Her Husband And Children, Her Only Hope To Save Them All Is The Truth As The Lies Are Stripped Away And Her Memory Returns, Will Ni Soung Uncover The Truth In Time To Change The Future Or Will She Be Destroyed By It Instead Rebellion Is A Steamy, Romantic, Historical Saga Set In Qing Dynasty China That Is Centered Around A Feisty Princess With Repressed Memories And Her Tempestuous Relationship With Her Roguish Kidnapper

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    I ve been waiting a long time for this book to come out and now that it finally is I m.speechless All the secrets and lies uncovered, the truth exposed and memories returned Conspiracy upon conspiracy fueled by jealousy, hatred and betrayal Quay and Soung right at the middle, being forced to play their parts by the puppet masters of their fates before they are able to take the reins into their own hands I am glad that their story has come to some sort of a conclusion but it has definitely not ended Seems like a whole new can of worms is about to be opened up Looking forward to Sedition Book of XianARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    Book III Book of Choi, is the final book in the Rebellion series In it, everything is revealed about both Quay and Soung everything that led up to them becoming Cat and Qin, everything that led up to the Emperor s obsession with Quay, everything that led up to the initial betrayal which pulled them apart and the aftermath of that betrayal In short, everything that landed them where they started in Book I that made them who they were at the time.All of the mysteries will be solved and loose ends tied up..for now Duh Duh Duh.In addition to wrapping up the past, readers will get to see what is going on in the present as the Chois struggle to put everything to right and crush their enemies Everything that has been building up from not only the past but during the events in the previous two books comes to a head.The groundwork is also continued for the next book series which primarily focuses on the Choi children Sedition.