What If The Person You Could Trust The Least Was Yourself Although Lord And Lady Choi Had Promised Each Other That There Would Be No Secrets Between Them, No Lies, Neither Of Them Was Capable Of Holding To The Bargain He Still Had His Secrets And She Still Had Hers While Lady Choi Loved Her Husband With Everything She Had In Her, She Would Never Be Foolish Enough To Trust Him Again, Would Put Nothing Past Him When New Enemies And Old Ones Ally To Seek Revenge, The Very Foundations Of Their Faith In One Another Is Shaken To The Core As Old Lies Unravel, New Deceptions Are Revealed And Old Insecurities Resurface, Can A Love Without Trust Survive Rebellion Is A Steamy, Romantic, Historical Saga Set In Qing Dynasty China That Is Centered Around A Feisty Princess With Repressed Memories And Her Tempestuous Relationship With Her Roguish Kidnapper I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.OMG this just keeps getting better and better The plot twists and thickens Life gets complicated for Quay Soung just when happiness seems to have found a place in their lives, over and over and over again Life just isn t fair or easy for them and unfortunately their 2 biggest weaknesses i.e their love and their mistrust for each other keeps getting in the way and keeps them apart On a personal note I kept checking the progress bar on my eReader hoping that the book wasn t ending yet, but eventually it did BOO HOO Oh Grea I hope Book III Book of Choi has happy endings for some of the not so good the good guys And may the BAD GUYS all rot in hell Now I wait This was a well written fantasy This characters were strong and the story line was easy to follow I will be looking for books by this author I won this book on goodreads.