I m familiar with most of the material here but this is still an excellent collection, featuring work by Dunsany, William Beckford, Mevyn Peake, Robert E Howard and H.P Lovecraft, plus writers I know less well, such as Clifford Ball and Gary Myers There s no particular theme beyond imaginary world fantasy to tie them together but that s okay Lin Carter s contributions to his own anthology are weakest I admire his cheek in describing a blatant knockoff of one Dunsany story as Dunsany inspired , and I couldn t finish the two fantasy poems Overall though, well worth reading if you like this sort of thing. Introduction Makers Of Worlds Lin Carter Zulka S And Kalilah The Third Episode Of Vathek William Beckford Translated By Clark Ashton Smith Silence A Fable Edgar Allan Poe The Romance Of Photgen And Nycteris George MacDonald The Sphinx Oscar Wilde The Fall Of Babbulkund Lord Dunsany The Green Meadow H P Lovecraft The Feast In The House Of The Worm Gary Myers Zingazar Lin Carter Simrana Series A Wine Of Wizardry Poem George Sterling The Garden Of Fear Robert E Howard Jirel Meets Magic C L Moore Duar The Accursed Clifford Ball The Hashish Eater, Or, The Apocalypse Of Evil Poem Clark Ashton Smith The Party At Lady Cusp Canine S Mervyn Peake The Sword Of Power From Khymyrium Lin Carter Khymyrium Fragment