A playboy bachelor helps a grieving widow learn to love again but her heart is broken once when she learns their relationship was based on a bet in the latest novel from Anna BlackChase Storm is a rich young bachelor with no intention of settling down His reputation as the town's playboy is ruining his family's name so his brothers decide to take action To tame their youngest brother's appetite for women they offer him a sweet deal Unwilling at first Chase finally agrees to take on the challenge and is introduced to Madison Atkins Morgan Madison a widow has moved back to her hometown of Tyler Texas After losing her husband and twin sons in a car wreck she needs a fresh start When things don't go as planned she finds herself in a slump Four years later after having isolated herself she decides to rejoin the real world and start living again Unaware of Chase's reputation for being a ladies' man she accepts his dinner invitation They've met before but he hadn't seemed interested in her during any of those brief encounters Now however there is a definite connection between the bachelor and the widow When his reputation comes to light she chooses to continue their budding relationship She is falling in love with the person the whole town warned her about and she couldn't be happier until she discovers she was part of a wager that could cost both of their hearts

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