The Nest meets The Vacationers in this novel of family dysfunction in which for the Brights normal has become whatever their crazy family says it isWhen the four adult sons of recently retired Senator John Bright and their significant others join their parents at the family's Berkshire compound for their mandatory summer vacation the matriarch Patty decides to hire a documentary filmmaker to memorialize their time together The Brights a family of outsized pride are beautiful competitive athletic and terrible They have everything they need except the ability to see themselves clearly Naturally they let their guard downCaught up in the news of the day the Senator misses being in the limelight and so he floats at least on camera another political run this time for governor That is until one by one family secrets start coming to light And keep coming

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    When I picked up this book and read blurb on the back and saw that this book was about a political family I was prepared to unimpressed by it as I generally can't stand politics or religion being focal points of books and this book had both I must say though that by the end of the book my feelings were so much positive than I expected The plot is centered around the family of retired Massachusetts Senator John Bright and his four sons and is told from the POV of three spouses of the boys the extras as they call themselves as well a documentary filmmaker who has been invited to film the Brights for three weeks at the family summer home in the Berkshires Three of the boys JJ Spenser and Charlie all have issues but youngest son Phillip throws the whole family for a loop when he announces that he is going to join the priesthood The families' dismay over Phillip's decision is short lived though when two grandsons nearly escape death from an overseas terrorist attack John Bright Sr immediately sees the attack and his grandsons' proximity to the event as the perfect opportunity to throw his hat in the ring for the governor's race in Massachusetts The older three Bright boys who are all still dominated by their father and babied by their mother decide to get involved in their dad's campaign The three weeks are full of drama stress high emotions and of course shocking secrets are eventually disclosed all while a camera is rolling and catching every detail as it unfolds I thought the writing was good and the plot moved along at a fast paced I found myself invested in all of the characters and actually hated to see the dirty little secrets come to light I thought the documentary angle was unique and was a good method to tell the story however there than a few times when it was a bit unrealistic as no polished political family such as this one would be so loose with their conversations and emotions in front of a camera I also still found the family a bit too perfect even with all of their dirt I did guess most of the big secrets long before they were revealed so that was a bit of a bummer but that being said I liked the ending of the book as it felt true to life Overall I think Reilly did a great job at penning an engrossing and suspenseful tale of a powerful family's struggle to find themselves in the wake of surprises secrets and scandals 35 why don't politicians know by now that their secrets never stay hidden stars