Alberta Scaglione and her twentysomething granddaughter Jinx love to spend time and solve crime together Ever since Alberta Scaglione inherited her spinster aunt's Cape Cod cottage she's been enjoying the good life in Tranquility New Jersey with her black cat Lola But since things are mostly quiet in this town she finds other things to do like joining Jinx for morning jogs in Tranquility Park She has to do something to stay healthy as long as it doesn't involve Jinx's healthful tofu sausages and gluten free pasta But when they stumble across a treehouse hidden in the trees and a dead body underneath it they take a detour into solving a murder Now the Ferrara ladies will have to exercise extreme caution to avoid a permanent decline in their health

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    Murder in Tranquility Park by JD Griffo is the second book of the cozy Ferrara Family Mystery series The twist to this cozy series is that you not only have one sleuth trying to solve the crime but several from a crazy Italian family full of laughs Each book of the series has it's own mystery to be solved so they can be understood as a standalone if choosing to do so In the first book of the series Murder on Memory Lake readers were introduced to Alberta Scaglione a sixty something widow who couldn’t believe the news she received that her aunt had left everything in her will to Alberta including her house on Memory Lake in Tranquility New Jersey Alberta was joined by her granddaughter Jinx who is a reporter and her sister Helen and sister in law Joyce who all get involved in the crime solving Now in Murder in Tranquility Park Jinx and Alberta have decided to get healthy together and have taken up jogging in Tranquility Park only to yet again stumble upon a dead body Despite the body being positioned under a treehouse looking to local law enforcement to be a simple accident Alberta immediately notices signs that point to murder so again the ladies find themselves tracking down a killer The Ferrara Family Mystery series is definitely one for those that enjoy an over the top quirky and hilarious vibe to their mysteries This group of ladies are extremely likable and haven't failed yet to put a smile on my face while reading I love that the author took the idea of a cozy ordinary person investigating and turned it into a family affair Definitely will be on the look out for from this series I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit