5 GLORIOUS WORTH THE WAIT STARS This book THIS SERIES OMG I can t even PERFECTION From start to finish, this book and the entire series was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT I mean OH EM GEE I can t stop reeling the writing, the story, the brothers, the women they fall for, the supporting cast, the setting, the brogue, the sexual tension, the actual act which in THIS book was DEFINITELY worth the wait I can go on but if you are a fan of this author, you know she writes some of THE best alpha males and in this case they come in a form of HIGHLANDERS and her heroines are super and I mean SUPER kick ass They are strong, funny, sassy, independent, sexy the banter they deliver is always BEYOND entertaining And THAT EPILOGUE It was like a cherry on top of a perfect sundae GAH I DEVOURED this entire series And I honestly feel like going back to the beginning and reading it all over again I really don t know what else to say other than this is a MUST READ for anyone who enjoys a good love story Or three Truly, when a book leaves you feeling like thisit deserves all the stars in the world In this case, the ENTIRE SERIES did that Cheers everyone who told me that this was fabulous can now say I told you so lolyes, all you who know who you are Leah, Catherine, Ally, Monica, UM, and anyone else I forgot ,I loved Maddy and Ethan.Jane had a 2 second cameo and still managed to piss me off wonder if I d have liked Hugh s book better if I could have liked Jane So it s no secret how much I love Kresley Cole s IAD, and I liked her Sutherland Brothers series a lot as well So, since me being me the Highland Hussy , I love KC, I love Highlanders, what could be better than KC s Highlanders Apparently a lot The first book was good, but nothing special, in fact the heroine irritated me and Court was a jerk for most of the book.The second book had such a great heroI just loved Hugh, and I love the overlap of the series, but Jane I really think it s fair to say that I hated her Really And I ve wondered if I d have rated the book better if Jane hadn t been such a holier than thou bitchy heroine I mean I love me a kick ass heroine, or even snarky and sassy, but Jane just made me want to slap her across her face She needed someone to take her down a notch deep breath this review isn t about Jane So for everyone to tell me that this was the best book of the series when Ethan was kind of a prick for the first 2 books, I wasn t at all looking forward to reading it I loved it Not only was he a tortured hero, I felt he wasn t really as big an ass as he pretended to be And thank goodness Maddy saw through that too Of all the heroines KC has written I usually love her Valkyrie I could seriously see Maddy as a kick ass mouthy Valkyrie.I won t go into detail since a ton of readers have summarized and reviewed this one, but the big secret that Maddy finds out about Ethan Broke my heart I only wish Maddy had waited to see Ethan again before taking off for Paris But him rescuing her Fantastic And the epilogue that had all three couples So so wonderful. I felt a bit uneasy at the beginning of the book, as the idea of having the hero almost having sex with the mother of the heroine wasn t something I thought I could easily overcome Well I should ve known better than doubt Ethan Way before I was halfway through the story, I was already in love in him Obviously, that event would have to come back from the past to bite him in the arse , and that was the only fault I found in him he really should have come clean and told everything to Maddie, instead of playing the odds and hoping that she would never find that out.Maddie was a breath of fresh air very straightforward and honest about her feelings, she was what a man as callous as Ethan needed to settle down Unlike the heroines in the first two books in this series, Maddie wasn t coy and didn t play silly games in the pretense of being feisty and daring , and I really loved her.Before I read the MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy, I d thought that the ongoing theme was the curse that haunted the brothers and how they would get rid of it In a way, it was But the funny thing is, the curse didn t play a major role in this book, which ended up being the best in the series Without the curse hanging over Ethan s head, I was saved from the push pull behavior that plagued his brothers in the previous books, and that was a relief.As I ve noticed before, Ms Cole s writing sounds too modern sometimes and that can be a little distracting Nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading this book. I am one of those readers who finds Ethan MacCarrick to be a completely irresistible hero He is dark and dangerous, bitter, treacherous, unsociable, but deeply delicious I love his large scar, his hulking presence, and his surly demeanor But most of all, I love the fact that his wounded heart falls so completely for Madeleine, who happens to be the daughter of his enemy Initally he plans to seduce and discard her, but she captivates him, and he begins to love her For me, this story shows that love can come to even the darker hearts I think Cole is a fantastic writer, and it s very evident in this story She knows how to write passion and love, and she researches and presents the Victorian period beautifully A recommended read if you like passionate historical romance I plan to reread this book to give it the justice in reviewing it, that it deserves. Brutally wounded and left for dead after being discovered with a conniving married shrew of woman, ruthless Ethan MacCarrick wants nothing but revenge and he will have it Being a man of action, he proceeds to ruin the people behind the deeds of that devastating night, but it leaves him little consolation for the things he lost.Years later he becomes helplessly drawn to the friend of his brother s woman only to find she s the daughter of his hated enemy Deciding to use her to finish them off for good he enters into a relationship with her, only to find himself caught in a web of his own making but he s not so interested in escaping.Living most of her life in the slums of France, Madeleine van Rowen is determined to get out of her abject, improvised state by the only decent means a woman has for herself marry a rich husband When Ethan ruins her chances with the one man she had dangling on her line, she s determined to cut Ethan out of her life, despite his dogged pursuit Yet something about the gruff Scot tugs at her and when he makes her an offer she can t refuse, she caves.When she discovers the truth behind Ethan s actions, her devastated heart is ready to leave Now Ethan must decide if the love he s feeling is stronger than his anger and desire for revenge and woo her back to his side forever.Perfect ending to a very romantic trilogy Ethan s a bad boy for holding on to his hatred for so long, but I loved him for loving Madeleine despite his anger I loved that he let her charm the pants off of him literally and I love the way he made a home for her in the end.Madeleine is an equally endearing heroine Because of where she lives she s not as innocent as most women of her class, but still pure Her heart is golden, as evidenced by her care for the ladies in her slum, and she has spunk These two generated some scorching heat together and where a great pairing, making If You Deceive a historical romance keeper to be sure. This book had almost zero surprises, everything you think is going to happen does happen basically, but somehow it still kept me interested Maddy is perhaps a little too forgiving but otherwise is an enjoyable character Ethan is the troubled one in this relationship but his emotional transformation is very believable. Burning Vengeance Ethan MacCarrick Was A Heartbreakingly Handsome Rake Until A Powerful Nobleman Ordered Him Brutally Beaten And His Face Scarred For A Crime He Didn T Commit Ethan S Reprisal Bankrupting The Nobleman And Forcing His Exile Does Little To Appease His Wrath Ten Years Later, A Haughty, Mysterious Beauty Enchants Ethan The Daughter Of His Enemy At Last, Ethan Will Have The Revenge He S Craved He Ll Promise Her Marriage, Seduce Her, Then Cast Her Aside Bitter Hardships When Madeleine Van Rowen S Family Was Suddenly Plunged Into Destitution And Dishonor, She Steeled Herself Against Further Heartache She Never Weakened, Never Trusted, Until A Towering, Scarred Highlander Relentlessly Pursues Her, Breaking Down Her Defenses At What Price Forgiveness The Passion Between Them Burns Hotter Than Ethan S Fury, And Soon He Finds He Can T Let Her Go But When Madeleine Uncovers The Truth About Him, Can Ethan Convince Her To Accept All He Now Offers When He Once Destroyed Everything She Had If You Deceive MacCarrick Brothers Yes, this is the best book in the series I don t care much about what happens to the previous two, but this one is staying with me for a bit, I ll definitely read it again Maybe Ms Cole should ve added a few brothers to the MacCarrick brood, since it seems this series improves with time From the first book onward I was intrigued by Ethan, the oldest MacCarrick brother The hints and innuendos sparkled throughout the two previous stories created almost a mythological quality around the manHis scar, his cold demeanor, his deadened eyes, the mysterious death of his fianc eAll this made me literally itch to read his story And I admit I wasn t disappointed Far from it The emotional roller coaster this books takes the reader on is extraordinary and extremely well developed and plotted, holing unforeseen depths I m utterly glad I explored The prologue introduces us to an Ethan, completely different from the Ethan we came to know in his brothers books Ten years ago he was a drunken, whoring libertineWhose destiny is completely changed by a chance encounter in a country inn And it is the punishment for the act he didn t commit that sets the grounds for the true story that picks up ten years later I could easily say that Ethan MacCarrick was one of the best developped male characters I ve ever read about In the course of this book he goes through so many changes it could easily make your head spin, not being able to tell top from bottom, yet the author did a splendid job of keeping him and the reader or less grounded, despite all the upheavals he and the story went through We first meet him as a good for nothing, handsome bastard intent on bedding yet another married woman, then everything comes tumbling down around him, transforming him into the surly bear we know, until he meets the one woman that could break his family curse , yet the discovering of her true identity embitters him even It is only after learning the truth about her, and accepting his involvement in what happened to Maddy, that Ethan finally accepts the possibility of his feelings toward her and slowly starts to change But ten years of bitter anger and striving for revenge, deceit and lies cannot be buried, and instead of revealing the truth, hoping for forgiveness, he decides to lie and deceive further, almost bringing about his own downfall The only chink in my appreciation of Ethan was his tender feelings toward Maddy that as even she noted , bordered on obsession I know that he felt strongly for her, the woman who saw beyond his scar, and wanted to make some kind of amends for what she s been through, but this almost sudden reversal from cold and distant blackguard, to obsessed, besotted fool came off as a little unrealisticAlthough it was a great excuse for his impromptu trip to cholera infested Paris in the end Maddy quite paled in comparison with this larger than life Highlander I liked her for her dogged determination and resilience, the environment in which she grew up shaped her into a strong woman who knew her worth and far from the replica of her mother which was her worst fear All of which made her rash decision toward the end so much out of character As he friend said, one should know when to run and when to stick around and wait for an explanation For the strong female character Ms Cole created with Maddy, her flight from Ethan was oddAnd stupid Instead of creating some suspenseful plot, Ms Cole decided to stick on the simple dynamic between two completely opposite not so strangers, and explore the romance that evolved between then despite having to constantly struggle underneath deceit and lies, stubbornness, pride, and waning revenge The author made the right choice and this reader readily recommends this book to all lovers of historical romance, Scottish brogue and superstition , nicely timed humor, and a pinch of a little star crossed love A very satisfying read. 4.5 starsThis series got better with each book, Ethan s and Maddy s story is definitely the best out of the three This was a different kinda beauty and the beast story with an interesting plot and character background My ranking 1 If You Deceive 4.5 stars 2 If You Desire 4 stars 3 If You Dare 3 stars If You Deceive is the third and last book in the MacCarrick Brothers trilogy about the oldest of the brothers,the most dangerous and brooding warrior,the blackhearted Ethan MacCarrick A man who believed himself to be a man whose heart would never get stolen finds himself trashed on his knees by the most brave and spirited woman of all,Madeleine van Rowenthe daughter of his enemy.I never once put this book down since i opened it,and finished reading it after two hours.Now i know that this series will stay true to my heart forever like never before.Yeah,damn how i love this book.If you want a tortured Anti hero then Ethan is the right one,damn how BAD he washihi and how SMEXY i found him,such a guilty pleasure The curse no longer takes a huge part into the story as the other two brothers have found their happiness with their woman.What they thought was a curse was never about them hurting the ones they love,but it was a blessing in the told way that they would find their soulmates.That is what the brothers never expected.That their hearts would be stolen by the ONLY woman for THEM Fate is a peculiar thing,and it made Ethan glance at Maddy,and instantly get captured,how i love it After his deadly mission he sets out to get her,as his mistress.But fate takes another punch on him when he gets to know that she is the daugter of the man who let him get tortured and scarred at his face,and the daughter of the woman whose fault everything was.After that he sets out to a plan of vengeance,planning to dump Maddie after he used her BASTARD..but instead he gets caught up in her spirit,strength, wickedness,intelligence and humor.Being a pickpocket thief and survivor from the poor slums of Paris,i found Maddie hell of a exciting heroine.Life had done her no good ever since she lost her father as a child,and she have never given up since then.I love the way she never let herself be intimidated by Ethan,and always answered back with witty comebacks that even made Ethan grin and he who NEVER smiles and yes,also sometimes made him frustrated with rage,haha He never could keep up with her A man who had been so sure of his heart,it had been very hard for Ethan to realize that he can t live without Maddie.He longed and craved for her affection,caring,desire and love.He may have been a infuriating bastard all the way through,but ONCE he knew that Maddie is the one for him,that he loves her,he chooses to FIGHT for her.Damn the consequences,damn the world but he loves her.That was a strength to his character i came to admire.The most fearless and brutal man in other peoples eyes,he teased Maddie,pleasured her,clung himself to her,adored her,spoiled her,protected her.With a fierce passion he was a very possessive man to the core and couldn t stand when he hadn t her attention Just Awwww how i love him They both accepted everything about each other,and loved each other for that.The angst are very high and the last pages made me very emotional The romantic quotes from Ethan made my heart burn and i have actually forgotten how many times i have sighed with a dreamy look on my face The rain scene near the end is my FAVOURITE scene in this book, you should read itits soooooo Epic and Romantic Now i have finished this trilogy, and i am so in love with all of the MacCarrick brothers All of the books are Big Fat 5 STARS and a must read for all fans of historical romance You will get EVERYTHING in these books True smitten Alpha Heroes that are all warriors, strong beautiful Heroines, Great Action, Exciting Adventure full of Danger and Extraordinary Love Story full of Passion Don t miss these books, or you will regret it