TRANSFIGURATION I Would Expect Nothing Less Carry Your Sword, My Prophetess Obstinate Contumacy Training Find The Objective That Is Draining More Strenuous Tasks Will Make You Grow Pain Upon You I Bestow I Ll Take It All And Nothing Less I Claim It Back I Repossess Tip The Scale Turn It Over Mark The Unused What S Leftover The Main Part No Longer Exists Despite The Reduction, It Persists Continued Movement A Quest For Traction An Opposite And Negative Reaction Hex Induced Metamorphosis Reoccur Once Again For Us Physically And Internally Changing The Process Of Rearranging The Alteration Was So Fitting Now They Re Pausing They Re Intermitting In Reaffirming The Causation Keep Kempt, And Maintain Your Original Explanation Wear Our Serpent, Prophetess Prior To You Was Profitless The Soil Was Sown With No Reaping Tear Our Hearts Out For Your Keeping Beyond The Boundaries Of What Is Permitted Reward Me For The Sins I Ve Committed My Acts Were Bold Caress My Flesh I Give It All And Nothing Less The Facsimile Will Shudder Express What It Is I Utter Amidst Psychos And Others Among Psychos And Others Live With Vigor Efficiently Transfigure Disfigure Change His Figure Make It So Mark The Torso Undergo Nock The Torso Let It Grow Open The Torso Let Him Know Carve The Torso Poetry, Contemporary This is the pinnacle of contemporary, American poetry I decided to buy this book because I liked the featured poem in the description It didn t disappoint overall I liked nearly every poem in the book The elements of the poetry thematically are both realistic and surreal at the same time I give it 4.5 stars.