Some good reminders from the book about what drives success in teams 1 Build a system that allows for flexible decision making based on the situation at hand I.e if they do this, then you choose between x,y, or z based on your intuition 2 obsessively and repetitively practice your decision making progressions until they become reflexes3 focus on details,especially tactical details, and demand a standard from the team to get these details right4 build a team using a complimentary cast of skillsets, look for the talent that best fits the role at hand5 Build a team with folks who are doers and those that seek to hit goals without fear of making a mistake6 ultimately you can t teach talent, and that includes confidence, ingenuity and decisivenessUltimately though, the second half of the book had very little value He got too into the specifics of the teams he coachedI m sure that would have been very exciting to a 1970 UCLA fan, but it means the book does not stand the test of time. They Call Me Coach by John Wooden is about a hall of fame coach and player that talks about his life and the teams he coached In this book John explains why he wanted to create a special bond with his players and how he saw them as his sons John also explains how he taught the game of basketball and how his ideas were the first of its kind He takes you through some of his most important games and what he was thinking at that time I thought that this book was a great piece of writing that inspires people to work hard no matter what The writing is powerful because of the words and connections that John uses The strengths of this book are that John writes what he is thinking not someone else trying to explain what he is thinking The weaknesses of this book are that he doesn t talk about him playing basketball rather than coaching that much I would recommend this book to a classmate if the like basketball and if they want to be inspired If this book was part of a series I would read the next book. The Legendary Coach Talks About His Life, His Players, And His Winning Philosophies In This Bestselling AutobiographyJohn Wooden S Dedication And Inspiration Made Him America S Winningest Coach His Beliefs In Hard Work And Preparedness Brought The UCLA Bruins An Unparalleled NCAA Basketball Championships Now In This Bestselling Autobiography With A Foreword By Hall Of Famer Bill Walton The College Basketball Legend Reflects On His Record Breaking Career, His Life Behind The Scenes, And How His Top Players Went On To Shape And Change The NBAFrom The Everyday Basics To Important Life Lessons It S Not How Tall You Are, But How Tall You Play , Wooden Shares His Worldly Wisdom On And Off The Court To Offer A Personal History Of An Unforgettable Time In College Basketball, Answering The Most Asked Questions About His Life, His Career, And The Players Who Made His Teams Unbeatable They Call Me Coach Is Grass Roots Americana, A Story Bigger Than Basketball One Of Those Rare Sports Books That Is Must Reading For Everyone Chicago Tribune What Knute Rockne Was To Football, Connie Mack To Baseball, And Wilbur And Orville Wright To Flying, John Wooden Is To Basketball This Book Captures The Full Flavor Of The Man, The Philosophies That Work In Life, And The Philosophies That Work On The Court I Commend It To People Who Want To Succeed At Either Or Both Los Angeles Times This book taught me sooooo much One main theme is that hard work really pays off in the long run Another theme is that teamwork is key and that you have to keep your eye on the prize in this case the NCAA championship Interestingly, this book was recommended via a parenting podcast Not that it had a ton of parenting advice, but it s a very interesting book to read about basketball and how this talented and smart coach developed his boys into fine men and basketball players He basically didn t tolerate any crap We could use like him nowadays I finished this book two days before author John Wooden departed, and I just couldn t bring myself then to write this review until now, almost two months later They Call Me Coach is a book about life and basketball, written by the Hall of Fame player and coach John Wooden The book covers his playing years and mostly the coaching career, especially with the UCLA Bruins The strict yet kind life philosophy of John Wooden is impressed in almost every line, and served him well in completing thirty years on the bench, creating a ten championships four undefeated seasons legacy at UCLA, and coaching Lewis Alcindor Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bill Walton The book also describes his Pyramid of Success, Wooden s philosophical take on how to be successful Overall, a nice book by a good man. There is only one word to describe this book inspirational They Call Me Coach is the story of John Wooden, the best NCAA Basketball coach of all time, winning 10 national championship with UCLA, including 7 in a row The book tells most of his life, from his first coaching job to his last national championship It also emphasizes John Wooden s principles of hard work and practice over winning, and not only focusing on getting to the top but staying at the top They Call Me Coach also shows a full, two page picture of John Wooden s famous Pyramid of Success Overall this book is amazing and really inspirational for any upcoming athlete or coach and I d recommend it to anyone. John Wooden is recognized as one of the greatest basketball coaches in the history of the game He won an amazing 10 NCAA National Championships A truly great leader. John Wooden is the winningest coach in NCAA history, and a legend in the world of basketball I spotted his autobiography on a friend s bookshelf and asked to borrow it She also insisted that I take The Zookeeper s Wife Suffice it to say that I thought this book was the better of the two.There were three big things that I was left with at the end of the book One of the things that really struck me about this book was the way in which he described his former players He speaks of them with genuine affection and care, and years after they ve struck out on their own, you can tell that he still thinks about them and loves them Wooden wasn t shy about using the word love in regard to his players.Another thing that stuck out to me was his devotion to his wife He absolutely doted on her, and the way he talked about her was beautiful to see Nellie Wooden passed away in 1985, but Wooden remained faithful to her memory for the rest of his life That s a rare love.The last thing about Wooden that really made an impression on me was his love for God He talks about his beliefs with not only conviction and passion, but with much love and affection for his Lord as well He doesn t make any apologies for his faith, and he also doesn t try to make it the focus of the book But it s as much a part of the book as it was a part of him.My only criticism of the book was that it seemed a little disorganized at times It was written with Jack Tobin, who writes for Sports Illustrated, so I was a little surprised that Tobin didn t rein in his subject a little.But as far as sports books go, this is a great one, and a must read for all fans of basketball, sportsmanship, and heroes. In typical Wooden fashion, this book is chock full of good stuff Not only from a coach or employer looking to gain insight but from a personal vantage as well If we all approached everything we do with the Wooden principles, the world could be a much better place.