For Those Of You Who Have Read Both Hail And , Then You Can Think Of Hail Strike As Kara S Revenge In Just About Every Sense Of The Word, Kara Goes Ballistic Having Left Hail Without Warning, She Tracks Down The Men Who Killed Her Parents, And In Doing So Puts Herself In A No Win Situation Will She Call Hail To Help Her Or Will She Find A Way To Push Through With Nothing Than A Cache Of Weapons And A Truckload Of Guts If You Love A Book That Has Non Stop Action, Then Congrates You Found It Welcome Aboard The Nucleus Your Stateroom Is Waiting, So Dig In, Get Comfy And Prepare Yourself For Another Healthy Does Of HAIL Revenge, Served Up With A Heaping Side Of Kick Ass

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    Hail Strike Brett ArquetteBook three in the series I enjoyed both prior books in this series, but this was the showstopper Hail and Kara, his CIA officer on board one of his ships has gone rogue She s hunting one of the terrorists who blew up the airplane her parents were on Hail also lost his family to a terrorist attack Their is a common bond between them Actually then a bond This is a stupendous action packed read Enjoyed tremendously

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    Such great descriptions that you really feel transported into the storyline This is book 3 in this amazing drone series Recommend to all.

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    The Hail revenge search for the terrorists responsible for the slaughter of his family intensifies in this sequel to Hail Storm The characters become human and the drones aggressive and amazing as the search begins to bear fruit The involvement of US president, CIA, and Marshall Hail the wealthy man all determined to be the the controlling operative in this good read As this book ends with new concerns rising for a CIA agent and Marshall Hail.

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    Hail Yes The latest throughly entertaining book in his series continues the relationship between Hail and a beautiful CIA agent Her quest to avenge the terrorist killing of her parents presents Hail an opportunity to test the effectiveness of his group s latest invention, nonlethal drones Although the reader can anticipate the outcome, the journey is creative.

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    Book three and the best yet I enjoyed it a lot, nicely paced Some nice back story on some of the terrorists that Marshall and Kara are trying to find And some new drone hardware too Nice interaction between the characters with the bond between Marshall and Kara starting to develop nicely A good read.

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    Excellent techno thriller Brett Arquette has delivered an excellent addition to his Hail series.

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    CaptivatingThank you for the interesting read ,Kara with all the tricks up her sleeve Hail with insight to the human physic

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    As I ve said in my reviews of the Hail series, I look UP whenever I go outside Drones scare me as they can do anything But they make for awesome books Kara is determined to find and eliminate the men responsible for the death of her parents in the tragic event referred to as The Five Dropping off the grid, and especially distancing herself from Marshall Hail, Kara is headstrong and is oblivious to anything that doesn t concern her self imposed mission Pick up a copy of Hail Strike Reading the first 2 books would be beneficial, but I seriously recommend reading them first And keep looking up

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    Around 300 sock puppets have added ratings to Hail Storm I ve emailed Support about the abuse of the GR rating system.So here s another 1 for you Brett.Edit the sock puppets are on this book as well Depending where you live, their ratings are dated the 13th or 14th of December.

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    For those of you who have read both Hail 1 and 2, then you can think of Hail Strike as Kara s revenge Clearly, the writing has not improved.