Wren is caught in the clutches of three dangerous Alphas each with their own selfish designs One wants pleasures only an Omega can offer Another desires affection yet gives only cruelty in return And the last—and by far most dangerous—he craves love but has no idea how to return it Silent Captive Wren’s Song Book 2 is a dark sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys Complete power exchange dominates these pages as do THREE smoking hot Alpha antiheroes

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    Uuuuurgh So this is my first review HiSo why the 1 star review you might ask Well I think most of Addison Cain's readers enjoy really dark romance but this wasn't romance At all A good counter argument to that would be that the book is filed under dark fantasy on and called a dark sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys in the book description So there's that Calling the three alphas bad boys is a stretch though The beginning of the book also comes with this warning This book is intended for adults only and contains scenes featuring total power exchange which may make some readers uncomfortable So no mention of any romance truth be toldBut I digress SILENT CAPTIVE WREN'S SONG #2 doesn't contain any severe or detailed warnings than any of her other books so here I'll add a list of the sexual content and some plot details you might find of interestview spoilerAll the sex stuff Vaginal intercourse Anal fingers and penis Fisting Intercourse by forcing a knot through the vaginal opening Cunnilingus Fellatio male on male and female on male Dirty talk Forced orgasmfeeling shamed for induced pleasure Slut calling cum slut fucking slut dirty slut Overall some true sexual sadism that would have made Maruis de Sade smileI might have forgotten some stuff but that's basically itAll the plot stuff Cheating Well they never said they were monogamous in the first place soooo Male on male sexual acts Rape and dubious consent Violence against Wren excluding the sexual violence Kieran por ejemplo slaps her so her lip bursts later she loses finger nails and breaks bones from a fight she technically started hide spoiler

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    Oh how much further down this depraved rabbit hole can poor wren even fall as she is taken and used for these selfish alphas pleasureAll with there own personal agendas and this one is even dirtier than its predecessor I definitely need to scrub my eyeballs clean with some bleach after immersing myself in this purely decadent filth and oh my the language used here by our alphas it was so shockingly disgusting but also so hot horny and heavy tooThis one was definitely not easy reading it really went above and beyond and at times pushed the boundaries of what I am comfortable withA real mental undertaking where to accept this in its entirety you kind of have to throw your own morality compass far out of the windowI will say it again this series is so not a romance in any shape or formThis is pure exploitation of an omega who will do anything to protect her boys even at the expense of her own self respectYou will most certainly despise Caspian Kieran and Toby I know I didOut of the three Toby despite his strange perversions is the one that I am warming to slightly he just seems that touch kinder than the rest of his pack also if sharing and indulging in than one female is an issue then be warned this story wallows in its filthy mire of sexuality and there is absolutely no shame when it comes to these boys indulging in their baser instinctsSilent Captive smashed and obliterated my walls dragging me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone this is dark dubious consent with a side serving of humiliation and this author just does this so darn wellReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    Honestly I don't even know what to rate this so I've gone for a 3If we were going just off pure technical ability Addison's writing is first class My heart tore for Wren rage pity jealousy betrayal I felt everything on her behalf This book is extremely not a romance There are OW galore and Caspian and Kieran are distinctly not very attached to Wren As someone who got used to Shepherd and Jules's possessiveness this was an unpleasant shock I really could not have pictured deciding that Toby was my favourite But now he is inasmuch as any of the three can be a favourite I wish Wren had a bit backbone even as much as Claire or Brenna is that her name? but that's just not her style I'm going to have to read the next undoubtedly super short instalment because I have GOT to know what happens next but weirdly I don't seem to be deriving actual pleasure from what I'm reading Blog Bookstagram

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    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOkay these guys are still fucking douche bags I seriously hope that their dicks fall off by the third book because they obviously weren't taught on how to treat a fucking lady Silent Captive picks up where Branded Captive ended I'm still very annoyed with the guys in this book which shouldn't be a surprise Other than that I'm liking the smut but I hate how they are treating her I feel so bad for Wren that I can't wait for her to become some type of bad ass and walk away from these guys They need to realize that they are treating woman like shit Lower than shit really I have nothing else to say about this book I'm obviously going to wait for the next one to come out but I'm really hoping and praying that the these guys will become human and realize that she's still not an object god I will hate everyone if that doesn't happen

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    Yeah I didn’t like this one I’ve enjoyed a bunch of her other stuff It’s all way out there but those others even though the guys were assholes they weren’t like these guys They are horrible evil men There was no light in this book no indication that the men did or ever would care for her It was just bleak and sad and there was not one moment where you thought that any of the guys had even one speck of caring in them There was nothing to root for in any of them No well he’s not a good guy but he’s soft for her Nope I hope they all die fiery deaths

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    I finished this in an afternoon all the while wishing I was in Addison's head and kinda glad I wasn't This is an incredible view into madness desire jealousy rage All the feels except happiness and peace It's stupendous and a bit shattering to readFirst off DON'T read this if you're sueamish Or averse to than the average dose of dubious consent in your books Don't read this if you're expecting a happy ending because there isn't one A wise reader will check reviews before they read a book Be a wise reader instead of an idiot who reads books they won't like then rates them poorly when they should have known better I'm putting this on top in the hope that some of the sensitive readers will see itWren is and remains the strongest female character Addison has ever written While she is bound to some degree by her biology and instincts she still possesses enough strength to take tiny bits of pleasure when they come her way grasping them with both hands lest they escape And when she finally explodes the damage she inflicts is tremendous One fault in this is that I would have loved to see that scene from one of the alpha's POVs I'm not going to spoil it but Ms Cain if you read this we want to SEE the alphas hurt love Throw us a bone and let us see her clock Caspian and break something important For this reason alone I give it four stars instead of fiveToby Well I revise my opinion I thought he was insane but he's not While he is sociopathic he has a goal and a clearly set plan to achieve his wants I almost admire him Sort of he still suicks me out Kieran develops a much well fleshed personality in this book and it's horrifying And Caspian? Confused tortured Caspian He doesn't know what he wants any than Wren does I'd like to see him develop He's a bit of a 'whiplash' character one never knows what he'll do in any given scene and it's impossible to predict for Wren and the reader

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    I’m not sure how to accurately describe why I didn’t enjoy this when I enjoyed the previous book to a point I suppose first and foremost it was the lack of character development I learned essentially nothing about Wren and one or two tidbits about the Alphas Given how sadistic they seem it would help to have some sort of foundation for their choices The series has devolved from “plot with a side of torture porn” to “torture porn with a heaping helping of snuff film” Will I pick up the next one? I don’t know I might just pretend there will be a “Wren goes psycho murders them in revenge and takes over the sewers” ending and let the series go

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    Wren is caught in the clutches of three dangerous Alphas each with their own selfish designs One wants pleasures only an Omega can offer Another desires affection yet gives only cruelty in return And the last—and by far most dangerous—he craves love but has no idea how to return it Wren being the mute heroine in this twistedly dark sexual power exchanging dominating game of three alpha anti heroes is all you need to know to hold on to by following the unfortunate present condition of the mentioned heroineand still be mesmerized by the described pulsating needBlime meI shall say NO

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    4 StarsI wanted to give it 3 stars because the book ends at 84% which really pissed me off It’s already a short book and then to have it end at 84% so the author could sell other books well that makes my head shakeAnyhow this one was a lot darker than the first one and yeah I’m a bit confused on some parts The author has problems with transitioning between one scene to the next and at times it’s a little choppy and it leaves you kind of confused BUT you read it for the taboo steamAnd oh boy do you get taboo steamI’m not sure if I want to like the guys or not So far not so much I guess I wanted endearing uality or maybe have ONE that is nice but all of them have their faults and it’s still hard to claim even one that is decentI’m not sure if the 3rd book can redeem any of them even if they all give her flowers and the world I guess I read it for the kink right?

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    2nd installment of a continuing story “Not a speck of trust was in those violet eyes There couldn’t be when something so vulnerable had been used so callously A man who watched everything who could read a person with a single look saw how lonely she was How even surrounded by three of the most powerful Alphas in Dale City she felt unsafe“This is one of those times rating a book is completely pointless I don’t even know how to rate what is only a piece of something All the sex acts and there were many are rape in this book It was difficult to read through Any pleasure Wren achieved from what happened to her was biological and pure manipulation Manipulation due to Wren’s natural biological responses Manipulation because their alpha bodies are able to purr and cajole her body into a different state of feeling Manipulation because the only reason she acuiesced was out of fear for “her boys’” life And her own I think this second installment is a perfect example of why splitting up what is a singular story doesn’t work It’s the middle We’re at the arc when everything goes to hell and everyone is at their worst When any possibility of redemption seems unattainable In a complete story we would read past this dourness to see hope on the horizon and from hope to some sort of forward progress for WrenInstead down to the last awful line of this book we’re left with the very worst of Caspian Kieran and Toby Wren’s predicament is at its lowest And I’m left feeling disgusted and angry by all the rape hoping the three men reap what they’ve sown