Wyoming Territory, As The Only Doctor In The Frontier Town Of Savage Wells, Gideon MacNamara Knows His Prospects For A Bride Are Limited The Womenfolk In Town Are Either Too Young, Too Old, Or Already Spoken For So, Being A Practical Man, He Decides To Take Advantage Of The Matchmaking Service Of The Day Mail Order Brides And Sends Away For A Woman With Nursing Experience When Miriam Steps Off The Stagecoach In Savage Wells, She Sees A Bright Future In Front Of Her But When The Town And Gideon Meets Her, Ready For A Wedding, Her Excitement Quickly Turns To Horror Somehow Dr MacNamara S Message Had Gotten Turned Around He Didn T Want A Nurse, He Wanted A Wife When She Refuses To Marry Him, She Finds Herself Stranded In Savage Wells With Some Very Unhappy Townspeople But Gideon Is Not Like The Other Men Miriam Has Met Embarrassed By The Misunderstanding, He Offers Her A Job, And The Two Begin An Awkward And Often Humorous Dance Of Getting To Know Each Other As They Work To Care For The People Of Their Town Romance Blossoms Between The Two, But When A Former Medical Associate Of Miriam S Arrives In Town, Gideon And The Other Townsfolk Must Rally Around Miriam To Protect Her From A Dangerous Fate Gideon And Miriam Must Decide If They Are Willing To Risk Their Hearts For Each Other Even As Buried Secrets Are Brought To Light

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    When I saw this takes place in Savage Wells I had to grab it I really enjoyed The Sheriffs of Savage Wells and was eager to return to this charming western town As always, Ms Eden has created memorable characters, a fun and unique plot and a well developed story This has such a fun start, Miriam arrives in Savage Wells, Wyoming thinking she has found a safe place to hide and is stunned when she is ushered into a church and supposed to marry the town doctor I felt bad for Miriam, but equally bad for Gideon who once again found himself jilted Miriam and Gideon were both likable characters, they have their own demons to deal with, but are so good for each other Miriam s history is pretty sad and realistic for the time period I don t want to give any spoilers, I know I kept turning the pages to figure out what Miriam s secret was I thought this was well written, the pacing was good It s a tad serious than I like I am a mood reader, which for me means what I read can affect my mood so that s why I typically like to read lighter stories While this does deal with serious topics, I appreciate that it never got too heavy Overall, a really enjoyable read I loved the town of Savage Wells and the people there They were a little too hard on Miriam at first, but they definitely come around in a great way The romance was sweet and realistic and you can t help rooting for things to work out I stayed up waaaay to late to see how everything plays out, but I just couldn t put it down I m sure the lack of sleep with catch up with me later, but it was worth it ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence Mild, nothing graphic or detailed but talk of death and abuse physical, phycological Series Savage Wells, Book Two can stand well on its ownSource Netgalley

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    I liked the twist to this story It is a unique one, especially to this time period I wasn t sure how it would end There were a couple of ways to go and of course my mind took the morbid route to fixing the problem I also am partial to stories with medicine, since I am a nurse I really liked both of these main characters Gideon is a very caring doctor who loves his work and works himself to the bone in caring for the people in his area Miriam is very caring and really knows how to connect with people She is an observer She also carries secrets She is closed off to giving people information about herself She doesn t feel she is of any worth She has seen horrible things But to find out what her secrets are and on what has happened to her, you will have to read the story It s a good one Gideon and Miriam begin to enjoy each other s company and have quite the banter at times They work easily with each other and Gideon sees her worth Even though Miriam ran when she was supposed to marry Gideon, she wants to be his nurse and he needs her and well She didn t know that she was supposed to marry him when she was told about the job I would run too It was all sudden and sort of funny too The two definitely have chemistry and at times some jealousy I haven t read the first book and now I need to rectify that because I want to know about that couple A woman law person in that time Definitely intriguing If you like stories about medicine, children and diseases, uncovering secrets, women law persons, finding someone that compliments you, finding someone that loves you, finding your worth, books with questions to think about at the end, bad doctors vs good doctors, and the early 1800 s this might be for you

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    It was wonderful to return to the setting of the isolated Western town of Savage Wells I quickly grew to love Miriam and Gideon, and enjoyed how they worked so well together as doctor and nurse Miriam has major trust issues because of her past rejection from her family and the doctors that took advantage of her vulnerable circumstances It was eye opening to learn some of the history of asylums and made me thankful for the brave individuals who sacrificed and risked to expose the abuse Gideon has been unlucky in love, but proves himself throughout the book that he is reliable and worthy of Miram s trust and affection There are still several obstacles for them to overcome, especially when Miriam s secret come to light and an unwelcome visitor comes to town I loved the loyalty the town had to Miriam and they way her new friends supported her during her trials It was fun to have Paisley, Cade, and Hawk from the first book play significant roles in this second book, and I m looking forward to Fingers crossed I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own

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    Whew, a little bit of suspense in this one Ora lot Sarah Eden does a good job of tormenting her characters in general, but I think these go through some of the most impossible situations I literally couldn t put this down as Gideon meets the woman he d thought was coming out to marry him and instead is coming out for employment he desperately needs to provide as a doctor without a nurse and treating an entire region but doesn t have much in the way of money to achieve that with But that s just the first of their troubles Miriam s secret can t be kept for long, and soon it s clear how much danger she really is running from Okay, I didn t think it was going to be quite that tenacious But Eden quickly convinced me of how desperate Miriam s situation actually is And then sickness strikes the town and makes it even dangerous I loved how much character development took place during that crisis, especially with Gideon s folks.A delight of a story Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy to read A favorable review was not required.

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    Another great book by Sarah M Eden Thankfully, I d read The Sheriffs of Savage Wells just a month before starting this one, so all the town s colorful and quirky characters were still fresh in my mind It was fun being back in the small faraway town of Savage Wells, Wyoming again.Poor Miriam arrives in town thinking she s going to be the nurse for the town doctor, but everyone in town knows that Gideon the town s doctor sent for a mail order bride and they re ready for a wedding The truth is, the mail order bride service was less than truthful with her and Miriam didn t know anything about being someone s bride Let s just say the townspeople are NOT happy that Miriam left Gideon at the altar Gideon, although jilted again, offers Miriam a job as his nurse so someone with medical knowledge will be in town when he has to travel to the smaller outlying areas The residents of Savage Wells don t trust Miriam after what she did to Gideon, but she can t afford to fail at this job opportunity and her kindness slowly starts to win some of them over.Gideon and Miriam both have things in their past to overcome Gideon has had his heart broken before, and Miriam has a very difficult past people that should have stood by her and protected her failed to do so, and she suffered greatly because of it Because of all Miriam has gone through she s kind to those others may see as less than These two are so good for each other The romance between Miriam and Gideon builds slowly through them working together I loved how the town stood up for her when her past came to light and she was threatened once again There are so many great parts in this story, it had me feeling all kinds of emotions as I read it I m glad it all worked out for everyone in the end, and Gideon and Miriam got their happily ever after.Thanks to Shadow Mountain and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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    This book made my heart feel good Sarah M Eden has a way of writing an intelligent story with humor and emotion I will never tire of reading her novels.Miriam has endured some horrific trials I am grateful that we live in a time where the body is better understood that it was in 1876 Miriam has a medical condition that leads to her institutionalization After two years of living a nightmare, she escapes to a small town in Wyoming to be a nurse for a local Doctor This should be a safe place to leave her past behind, but she does not know that she is there to marry the Dr as well as be his nurse The awkwardness of the beginning of the book is cringe worthy I could see it coming and I had the inclination to run and hide to avoid reading it The book keeps on going from the beginning There are many awkward situations to overcome I love how once Miriam was accepted by the town, she became one of them and they did what they could to protect her.Dr Gideon MacNamara is a man of compassion and able to do what is best for others, rather than feel sorry for his wounded pride He is the perfect love interest for Miriam.Once again, I have been taught while being entertained.Source I received a complimentary copy of the book All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    Every time I pick up a book by Sarah Eden I am reminded just why I love her books so much They always feel so good to me like wrapping up in the coziest blanket Gentle, warm, inviting The characters feel real and the story envelopes me Poor Gideon All he wants is someone to love and support him He is lonely and tired Little does he realize at first, but Miriam feels and longs for the exact same thing but where Gideon probably harbors some slight hope that one day that can still happen for him, I think Miriam has given up all hope I can t even imagine the life she has lived, the terrible scenes she has witnessed or the poor treatment she has endured My heart broke for her I can t tell you how much I wanted all good things for both Gideon and Miriam I was firmly invested in their stories and their happiness.This story was definitely of a serious nature There weren t many moments of lightness and joy but the story felt full, well developed and definitely held my interest and emotions It was so good to return to Savage Wells and see some old friends from the first book I really hope there will be stories to come Content mental illness, some mild peril, kissing I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions expressed are my own.

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    I really love it when historical fiction includes research into problems in our countries past I won t say and spoil the story for anyone, but this book handles it well.I also truly enjoyed this love story It felt a little natural than fiction sometimes does Still a little fast, but not so fast that it detracted from enjoyment.

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    Healing Hearts is a gem of a book It was wonderful being in Savage Wells again It was like coming home to an old friend The characters are well written and as charming as I remember them from the first book Miriam is a lovely addition She is full of mystery at first and I loved how she entered the heart of the town The pacing is written perfectly Gideon was, of course, wonderful Hawk, Paisley, Cade, essentially the whole town made this book what it was An absolute joy.

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    I love reading these stories of the Old West, where females play prominent parts and hold important positions in society, where men normally do Miriam has had a tough past and I can t image dealing with what she s gone through Needless to say, she has secrets to hide Miriam is very strong and not afraid to stand her ground A misunderstanding right at the beginning of this book forces her to make a quick and difficult decision, but she knows her mind and won t back down I love this characteristic about her and as she grows confident in her nursing skills and in her friendship with Gideon, I grew to like her even As for Gideon, this good doctor is a very capable, caring, and personable man He has his own demons to deal with, but the common thread of loneliness forges a bond with his new nurse, Miriam This is a serious Western that captures the flavor of some of the hardships of the wild, wild west well I love Savage Wells and loved catching glimpses of beloved characters I m hoping for in the future Content mild romance I received a complimentary copy All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.